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Congress workers urge Priyanka Gandhi to join <strong>active</strong> politics

Congress workers urge Priyanka Gandhi to join active politics

19 Oct 2014

New Delhi: With trends projecting a defeat for Congress in both Maharashtra and Haryana, a group of party workers gathered outside the AICC office here demanding that Priyanka Gandhi join active politics.

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Fresh lava spews out of Philippine volcano

Fresh lava spews out of Philippine volcano

12 Oct 2014

Manila: Lava is again flowing out of Mayon, the Philippines' most active volcano, raising fears an eruption could be imminent, authorities said on Sunday.

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Understanding parents have healthy kids

Understanding parents have healthy kids

15 Oct 2014

New York: How well parents understand the daily experiences of their teenagers is linked to the latter's physical and mental well-being, new research suggests.

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CPI feels MNREGA is <strong>being</strong> diluted; warns government

CPI feels MNREGA is being diluted; warns government

13 Oct 2014

New Delhi: Seeing "indications" of dilution of MNREGA, CPI on Monday warned the government against any move to water down the rural employment guarantee scheme, saying such an "irrational and retrograde" step would lead to social unrest and revolt.

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North Korea says remains of US troops <strong>being</strong> washed away

North Korea says remains of US troops being washed away

13 Oct 2014

Seoul: North Korea warned on Monday that the untended remains of US servicemen killed in the Korean War were being 'carried away' by giant infrastructure projects and blamed Washington for suspending efforts for their recovery.

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Approaching cyclone <strong>being</strong> monitered: Rajnath Singh

Approaching cyclone being monitered: Rajnath Singh

10 Oct 2014

New Delhi: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said that the government is constantly monitoring the progress of a cyclonic storm that is likely to hit Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

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Eat wild tomatoes for better health

Eat wild tomatoes for better health

10 Oct 2014

London: Scientists are looking at ways to develop tomatoes that have higher antioxidant traits, just like wild tomatoes that have such properties in abundance.

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Know how laziness can destroy you

Know how laziness can destroy you

22 Oct 2012

In a new study, researchers have tried to tease out the precise role of inactivity in causing ill health.People who are inactive can eat poorly, be obese, smoke and have other lifestyle issues. The researchers from the University of Missouri in the US devised a novel approach - they stopped a group of very active people from exercising as usual.

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Idea offers data <strong>benefits</strong> bundled with 3G smartphones

Idea offers data benefits bundled with 3G smartphones

25 Sep 2014

New Delhi: In a bid to foster growth of mobile Internet in country, Idea Cellular on Thursday said all new buyers of its 3G smartphones will get 16 GB of 3G data worth Rs 3,200 for a recharge of Rs 261.

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I am <strong>being</strong> targeted as I am an outsider, says Shashi Tharoor

I am being targeted as I am an outsider, says Shashi Tharoor

07 Oct 2014

New Delhi/Thiruvananthapuram: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday said he is being targeted as he is an outsider and decried criticism of his response to Narendra Modi's call to support the clean India campaign.

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