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Know how laziness can destroy you

Know how laziness can destroy you

22 Oct 2012

In a new study, researchers have tried to tease out the precise role of inactivity in causing ill health.People who are inactive can eat poorly, be obese, smoke and have other lifestyle issues. The researchers from the University of Missouri in the US devised a novel approach - they stopped a group of very active people from exercising as usual.

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Eating breakfast may make you more <strong>active</strong>: Study

Eating breakfast may make you more active: Study

13 Feb 2016

London: Eating breakfast may not only make people, especially obese, lose weight but can also make them more physically active and reduce food intake later in the day, reveals a study.

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Take note! Spend time with nature to shun depression

Take note! Spend time with nature to shun depression

27 Jun 2016

Sydney: A 30-minute walk in the woods each week can help reduce depression and high blood pressure while enhancing mental health, a study has found.

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Why <strong>being</strong> single in your 20's is amazing!

Why being single in your 20's is amazing!

08 Dec 2015

New Delhi: Youth is obsessed with the culture that believes singles' future is doomed to a life without love, support and compassion. Being single in our 20s is challenging but it is truly amazing as long as you enjoy it to the core of your heart.

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Perks of <strong>being</strong> a vegetarian

Perks of being a vegetarian

26 Sep 2015

New Delhi: Vegetarians have been debating over the health benefits of vegetables over meat. Many turn into vegetarians to avoid animal killing and other cultural reasons but we now have scientific reasons for being a vegetarian.

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Join social groups for better health post-retirement

Join social groups for better health post-retirement

17 Feb 2016

Melbourne: Membership of social groups such as book clubs or church groups after retirement is linked to a longer life, with the impact on health and well-being similar to that of regular exercise, a new study has claimed.

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Advantages of <strong>being</strong> single child in family

Advantages of being single child in family

13 Jan 2015

New Delhi: If you are single child at your home, you earn more clout and are treated as prince or princess that brings many royalties your way. You have no point to regard yourself as a lone child in this big world rather you should enjoy the perks of being one. Here, we are listing the advantages of being an only child of your parents.

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Know About The Tax <strong>Benefits</strong> Of Health Insurance Policy

Know About The Tax Benefits Of Health Insurance Policy

20 Jan 2017

Health insurance policy holders have considerable tax benefits. Your expense incurred for health insurance plans is eligible for tax deductions over and above the deduction of Rs. 1,50,000 available under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. That means the Medical insurance premium amount you pay canincreaseyour tax savingsup to Rs. 60,000under section 80D of IT Act.

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Revealed: Why <strong>being</strong> single is better than <strong>being</strong> in a relationship

Revealed: Why being single is better than being in a relationship

01 May 2014

London: Being single is not that bad and many singletons on Twitter have given reasons on why that is with the help of a gripping new hashtag #whybeinarelationsipwhen.

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‘<strong>Active</strong> video’ game leads to exercise

Active video’ game leads to exercise

10 Aug 2012

Active video games, also known as "exergames," are not the perfect solution to the nation's sedentary ways, but they can play a role in getting some people to be more active, a new study has revealed.

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