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Software to hold alerts when busy

Software to hold alerts when busy

12 Aug 2015

New York: A New York based start-up called Triggerhood has built software that can decide when it is a good time to send you a cell phone notification. Research has shown that untimely notifications can pull our attention away from the task at hand, such as driving.

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<strong>Cell</strong>-<strong>phone</strong> novels: The next thing for book lovers

Cell-phone novels: The next thing for book lovers

16 Feb 2016

New Delhi: In today's digital age books are begun to be read on Kindle and desktop computers, but another installment to it could be the cell phone novel, where books can be delivered on cell-phones on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

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Experiencing unreal <strong>cell</strong> <strong>phone</strong> vibrations? You may have 'ringxiety'

Experiencing unreal cell phone vibrations? You may have 'ringxiety'

06 Feb 2016

Washington: Do you hear your cell phone ringing or feel it vibrating even when there no call or message? You may have 'ringxiety' and be psychologically primed to detect such signals, a new study suggests.

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An app that lets you choose <strong>notifications</strong> on smartphone

An app that lets you choose notifications on smartphone

29 Sep 2014

New York: The developers of Secret - the app that lets you share secrets anonymously with friends - have created a new app that lets you choose what kinds of notifications you want to receive on your smartphone.

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Separation from iPhone can lead to anxiety

Separation from iPhone can lead to anxiety

09 Jan 2015

Washington: Researchers from the University of Missouri (MU) have found that separation from cell phone can have serious psychological and physiological effects on iPhone users, including poor performance on cognitive tests.

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Soon <strong>cell</strong> <strong>phone</strong> with triple battery life

Soon cell phone with triple battery life

28 Jul 2014

New York: You may soon be able to have a cell phone with double or triple the battery life as researchers have taken a big step towards accomplishing what battery designers have been trying to do for decades design a pure lithium anode.

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No health risk from <strong>cell</strong> <strong>phone</strong> radiation: experts

No health risk from cell phone radiation: experts

20 Jun 2014

New Delhi: Radiations emitted by mobile phones and towers do not cause any health hazard, experts said here on Thursday.

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'Mobile <strong>phone</strong> data could help power developing world'

'Mobile phone data could help power developing world'

08 May 2015

Washington: Cell phone data can be used to help developing countries plan electrical infrastructure based on population distribution and projected energy consumption, researchers said.

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Snowden leak: NSA helped British steal <strong>cell</strong> <strong>phone</strong> codes

Snowden leak: NSA helped British steal cell phone codes

20 Feb 2015

Washington: Britain's electronic spying agency, working with the US National Security Agency, hacked into the networks of a Dutch company to steal codes that allow both governments to seamlessly eavesdrop on mobile phones worldwide, according to the documents given to journalists by Edward Snowden.

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<strong>Cell</strong> <strong>phone</strong> radiation may lead to impotency

Cell phone radiation may lead to impotency

05 Apr 2014

New York: Do you eat, sleep and drink with your mobile phone, literally? Limit your WhatsApp or Facebook urge as men using cell phones for over four hours a day are at a greater risk of impotency than those who use it for less than two hours, an alarming research has indicated.

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