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Jagran Forum: Best statements of dignitaries

Jagran Forum: Best statements of dignitaries

10 Dec 2015

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh among other dignitaries graced the occasion of Jagran Forum, an initiative organized by world's largest read newspaper Dainik Jagran at Hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi. The theme of forum was inclusive democracy in contemporary context.

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Newspapers confronting hoards of <strong>challenges</strong>

Newspapers confronting hoards of challenges

28 Feb 2014

On behalf of members of the Indian Newspaper Society and extended community of advertising agencies, I wish to express gratitude to respected Rashtrapatiji for having agreed to embellish our sense of achievement by his gracious presence on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of INS.

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 <strong>Challenges</strong> <strong>before</strong> Finance Minister Jaitley

Challenges before Finance Minister Jaitley

27 May 2014

New Delhi: Amid the sluggish economy and mounting pressure of bad loans on the country’s banking sector, senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun Jaitley has been entrusted with the responsibility of Finance, Corporate Affairs and Defence Ministries in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet.

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India's messy <strong>democracy</strong> impediment in race against China: Article

India's messy democracy impediment in race against China: Article

19 Jan 2015

Beijing: India faces serious developmental challenges including its "messy" democracy before it can think of overtaking China, an article in state-run media here said asking India to shed its "Cold War mindset" to improve ties.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Stresses Need For Participatory <strong>Democracy</strong> In India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Stresses Need For Participatory Democracy In India

07 Aug 2016

New Delhi: Terming "participatory democracy" the need of the hour for India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that governance suffers when people don't do their duty and hold others responsible for their failures.

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 <strong>Democracy</strong>: Inclusive politics in contemporary context

Democracy: Inclusive politics in contemporary context

10 Dec 2015

New Delhi: The political tug of war and blame game continue in and outside Parliament. In democracy, many a times voices of the people and their expectations  go unheard amid this ruckus. Dainik Jagran has always been aware so that the voices of the common people must not be supressed. To strengthen our democracy, 'Jagran Forum' started a decade ago is establishing a wide dimension.

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<strong>Indian</strong> superstitions related to journey and travel

Indian superstitions related to journey and travel

06 Oct 2015

New Delhi: India is the land of superstitions and we definitely have some superstitions related to each and every aspect of our life. Whether it is traveling or a wedding function, a whole set of do's and don'ts are always in place for you to follow.

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#JagranForum: Inclusive structure leads to strengthening <strong>democracy</strong>

#JagranForum: Inclusive structure leads to strengthening democracy

09 Dec 2015

New Delhi: Every daily newspaper is burdened with immense pressure of compiling hundreds of incidents happened in the entire day by the same night. Weeks, months and years pass but the pressure of this daily phenomenon refuses to die down. Long ago, amidst this stormy lifestyle a question  arose that if our far sighted vision is getting blurred due to stress of urgency.

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Emergency: Decoding the darkest period of <strong>Indian</strong> <strong>democracy</strong>

Emergency: Decoding the darkest period of Indian democracy

25 Jun 2015

New Delhi: India boasts of having world’s largest democracy which has the darkest patch in its history when the country reeled under the pang of state of Emergency that was clamped on June 25, 1975. Even after 40 years down the line, the nation cannot afford to forget the trauma of Emergency. All the fundamental rights and civil liberties were suspended. Political leaders of all hues in the Opposition were taken in for preventive detention. Newspapers were shut down. Here are 4 facts that unfold the blot on the face of Independent India.

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Preserving credibility biggest challenge <strong>before</strong> media: Modi

Preserving credibility biggest challenge before media: Modi

03 Jan 2015

Kolhapur: Preserving its credibility is the biggest challenge before the media, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday as he emphasised the importance of criticism in "purifying" democracy but deprecated the practice of levelling accusations.

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