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<strong>Cocaine</strong> users enjoy social interactions less

Cocaine users enjoy social interactions less

25 Jan 2014

London: Regular cocaine users have difficulties in feeling empathy for others and exhibit less prosocial behaviour, scientists say. Researchers at the Psychiatric Hospital of University of Zurich in Switzerland found that cocaine users have social deficits because social contacts are less rewarding for them.

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 How <strong>cocaine</strong> use gives <strong>you</strong> burst of energy

How cocaine use gives you burst of energy

30 Nov 2015

London: The burst of energy that comes with a cocaine high is a rather accurate reflection of what is going on in the brain of users, a study has found.

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Brain may never fully recover from <strong>cocaine</strong> <strong>addiction</strong>

Brain may never fully recover from cocaine addiction

24 Sep 2013

Washington: Brain may never fully recover from the effects of cocaine addiction, even after long-term abstinence from the substance.

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New compound that halts <strong>cocaine</strong> <strong>addiction</strong>, relapse behaviours

New compound that halts cocaine addiction, relapse behaviours

25 Apr 2014

Washington: Researchers have discovered a new compound that can dramatically halt cocaine addiction and prevent relapse behaviour.

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How <strong>cocaine</strong> hijacks memory

How cocaine hijacks memory

11 Mar 2015

Washington: Memories associated with drug use are a leading suspect in driving the impulses behind drug addiction and researchers have now found the mechanism that helps cocaine influence memory.

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Pill to fight <strong>cocaine</strong> <strong>addiction</strong> closer to reality

Pill to fight cocaine addiction closer to reality

27 Dec 2013

Washington: A pill that could help kick cocaine addiction may be closer to reality, scientists say. New research from the University of Pittsburgh suggests that a method of biologically manipulating certain neurocircuits could lead to a pharmacological approach that would weaken post-withdrawal cocaine cravings.

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Molecular mechanism that causes <strong>cocaine</strong> <strong>addiction</strong> found

Molecular mechanism that causes cocaine addiction found

22 Jan 2014

New York: Scientists have identified a new molecular mechanism by which cocaine alters the brain's reward circuits and causes addiction.

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Gene involved in response to <strong>cocaine</strong> identified

Gene involved in response to cocaine identified

23 Dec 2013

Washington: Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have identified a gene that may determine the intensity of our response to cocaine.

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New method to treat <strong>cocaine</strong> <strong>addiction</strong> effectively

New method to treat cocaine addiction effectively

25 Apr 2014

New York: There is hardly any effective medications for cocaine addiction, but researchers have now discovered a new compound that can halt cocaine addiction, raising hope for new treatment for drug addicts.

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App to detox <strong>you</strong> from smart phone <strong>addiction</strong>: Lock n' LoL

App to detox you from smart phone addiction: Lock n' LoL

17 Dec 2015

Seoul: Tired of WhatsApp messages and e-mail pings during a key client meet? Well, here comes an app that will lock the smart phone altogether and keep you from using it while engaged in activities such as meetings, conferences and discussions.

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