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<strong>Cocaine</strong> <strong>users</strong> <strong>enjoy</strong> <strong>social</strong> interactions less

Cocaine users enjoy social interactions less

25 Jan 2014

London: Regular cocaine users have difficulties in feeling empathy for others and exhibit less prosocial behaviour, scientists say. Researchers at the Psychiatric Hospital of University of Zurich in Switzerland found that cocaine users have social deficits because social contacts are less rewarding for them.

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Why people with anger problems poor at <strong>social</strong> interactions?

Why people with anger problems poor at social interactions?

07 Jul 2016

New York: People with anger issues tend to misunderstand the intentions of other people and they also do not take in all the data from a social interaction, such as body language, because of decreased connectivity between regions of the brain that process a social situation, a study says.

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Facebook creates virtual reality team to focus on <strong>social</strong> <strong>interaction</strong>

Facebook creates virtual reality team to focus on social interaction

22 Feb 2016

New York: In its bid to further explore immersive new virtual reality (VR) experiences that will help people connect and share, Facebook has created a social VR team focused entirely on exploring the future of social interaction in VR.

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<strong>Cocaine</strong> <strong>users</strong> more at suicide risk: Research

Cocaine users more at suicide risk: Research

17 Dec 2014

Montreal: People injecting drugs like cocaine are at a double-fold risk of developing suicidal behaviour, say researchers. By studying the substance's use among over 1,200 people who inject drugs, researchers from the University of Montreal, Canada, and its Hospital Research Centre (CHUM) found a definite link between substance abuse and suicide.

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Android Smartphone <strong>Users</strong> Score Heavily On Personality Traits Over iPhone <strong>Users</strong>

Android Smartphone Users Score Heavily On Personality Traits Over iPhone Users

02 Sep 2016

London: Believe it or not, but Android smartphone users have greater levels of honesty and humility, agreeableness and openness personality traits, but are seen as less extroverted than Apple iPhone users, an interesting study has revealed.

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Now, <strong>enjoy</strong> sports in real time on Facebook

Now, enjoy sports in real time on Facebook

22 Jan 2016

New York: Social networking giant Facebook has launched Sports Stadium -- a dedicated place to experience sports in real time with your friends and the world.

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Twitter <strong>users</strong> applaud new search function

Twitter users applaud new search function

18 Feb 2016

NEW YORK: Twitter Inc's  introduction of a search function for moving images commonly used on social media prompted users of the website, to tweet their own pictures expressing enthusiasm over the feature.

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Twitter may help brands through <strong>users</strong>' tweets

Twitter may help brands through users' tweets

12 Jan 2016

New York: Social media platform Twitter is said to be developing a way to give brands an access to mentions about their products in everyday users' tweets that they could use into promotional campaigns.

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Talk therapy best to treat <strong>social</strong> anxiety disorder

Talk therapy best to treat social anxiety disorder

26 Sep 2014

New York: For treating social anxiety disorder, the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is more effective and can have lasting effects long after treatment has stopped, research suggests.

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Facebook claims 69 million daily <strong>users</strong> in India

Facebook claims 69 million daily users in India

03 Mar 2016

Bengaluru: Social media network Facebook yesterday claimed it had 69 million daily active users (DAU) in India, including 64 million accessing its website on mobile.

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