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Job loss ups <strong>suicide</strong> risk among teenagers

Job loss ups suicide risk among teenagers

15 Aug 2014

New York: Mass layoffs can push some teenagers, especially girls, towards suicide and other suicide-related behaviour, says an alarming study.

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Bad sleep may increase <strong>suicide</strong> risk in older adults

Bad sleep may increase suicide risk in older adults

14 Aug 2014

Washington: Older adults who complain of poor sleep quality, independent of a depressed mood, are at increased risk for suicide, say a study.

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High sodium diets kill 1.6 mn people a year globally

High sodium diets kill 1.6 mn people a year globally

14 Aug 2014

Washington: In a global analysis spanning across 187 countries, researchers have found that more than 1.6 million cardiovascular-related deaths per year are owing to high sodium consumption above the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommendation of two gram (2,000mg) per day.

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Simple blood test may even predict <strong>suicide</strong>

Simple blood test may even predict suicide

30 Jul 2014

Washington: A simple blood test can soon reliably predict a person's risk of attempting suicide, significant research reveals. This may be possible because researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered a chemical alteration in a single human gene linked to stress reactions.

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Five daily portions of fruit, vegetables lower <strong>death</strong> risk

Five daily portions of fruit, vegetables lower death risk

30 Jul 2014

New York: To live your life disease free, add a substantial amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet at least five portions. According to a new study, higher consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of mortality from all causes, particularly from cardiovascular diseases.

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Chinese woman attempts <strong>suicide</strong> as husband rejects dancing

Chinese woman attempts suicide as husband rejects dancing

12 Jul 2014

Beijing: A Chinese woman tried to kill herself after her husband turned down her invitation to a group square dance. The 53-year-old woman underwent emergency treatment after she consumed insecticide mixed with alcohol, says the report.

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Watching too much TV may increase risk of early <strong>death</strong>: Study

Watching too much TV may increase risk of early death: Study

26 Jun 2014

Washington: The adults, who watch TV three hours or more a day, may double their risk of premature death from any cause, a new study has warned.

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Childhood nightmares may lead to <strong>suicide</strong>: Study

Childhood nightmares may lead to suicide: Study

05 May 2014

Toronto: Children who are bullied suffer in silence and the trauma may lead to anxiety, depression, psychotic episodes and even suicide, an alarming study has indicated.

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Texting while driving increasing <strong>death</strong> <strong>toll</strong> on the roads

Texting while driving increasing death toll on the roads

24 Jun 2013

A new survey has found that trivial text messages sent or read by drivers at the wheel have claimed the lives of many on the roads and left many more injured.

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Low vitamin D may double premature <strong>death</strong> risk

Low vitamin D may double premature death risk

14 Jun 2014

Washington: Exposing your skin to the Sun may help you live long as people with lower blood levels of vitamin D are twice as likely to die prematurely as compared to people with higher blood levels of vitamin D, research suggests.

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