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Russia launches campaign for safe selfies after 10-<strong>death</strong>

Russia launches campaign for safe selfies after 10-death

08 Jul 2015

Moscow: Russia has launched a campaign urging people to take safe selfies, which uses mock road signs to warn against dangerous poses, after a number of people were killed or injured while clicking photos of themselves.

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All you need to know about deadly 'Swine flu'

All you need to know about deadly 'Swine flu'

20 Feb 2015

New Delhi: Deadly disease 'swine flu' is back in the country claiming over 700 lives across India so far. Besides that more than 11,000 people were tested positive for the H1N1 virus.

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  30 minutes for exercise daily lowers <strong>death</strong> risk

30 minutes for exercise daily lowers death risk

16 May 2015

London: Just 30 minutes of physical activity six days a week is linked to a 40 percent lower risk of death from any cause among the elderly, a new research shows.

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Facebook updates feature for <strong>suicide</strong> prevention

Facebook updates feature for suicide prevention

26 Feb 2015

New York: Now you can more easily help save the lives of friends who might appear distressed, through a new updated Facebook feature.

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NASA's Mercury probe set for <strong>death</strong> plunge

NASA's Mercury probe set for death plunge

17 Apr 2015

Washington: Two weeks from now, the first-ever NASA spacecraft to orbit Mercury will take a dramatic death plunge into the innermost planet of the solar system.Nearly out of fuel, the Messenger probe will hit Mercury's surface at 14,080 km per hour, creating a crater about 52 feet across.

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Low BP before surgery could be deadly

Low BP before surgery could be deadly

01 Jun 2015

London: Patients with low blood pressure before an operation are at increased risk of death during or after the surgery than those with preoperative high blood pressure, say researchers, including Indian-origin scientists.

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Even quitting smoking at age 60 can cut <strong>death</strong> risk

Even quitting smoking at age 60 can cut death risk

23 Apr 2015

London: Even if you quit smoking at the age of 60, you can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke within the first five years, say German researchers.After a person quits smoking, this risk continues to decrease.

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Whole grain diets reduce premature <strong>death</strong> risk

Whole grain diets reduce premature death risk

24 Mar 2015

New York: Eating every day a diet high in whole grains and cereal fibres may reduce your risk of premature death, suggests a new study.

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Parental <strong>suicide</strong> attempt ups <strong>suicide</strong> risk in kids: Study

Parental suicide attempt ups suicide risk in kids: Study

31 Dec 2014

New York: A child is five times more likely to attempt suicide if he/she has a parent who has attempted suicide in the past, research has found.The researchers found a direct effect of a parent's suicide attempt on a child, even after they took into account a history of previous suicide attempt by the offspring and a familial transmission of mood disorder.

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Poor air quality puts men at higher <strong>suicide</strong> risk

Poor air quality puts men at higher suicide risk

13 Feb 2015

New York: Even short-term exposure to air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter may increase the risk for suicide, especially among men between 36 to 64 years of age, says a new study.

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