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Ants, honeybees may hold key to <strong>suicide</strong> in humans

Ants, honeybees may hold key to suicide in humans

28 Jan 2016

New York: Self-sacrificial behaviours like those seen in honeybees and ants may hold the key to find out whether human suicides have evolutionary roots, reveals a study.

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Even after <strong>death</strong>, spouse impacts partner's well-being: Study

Even after death, spouse impacts partner's well-being: Study

01 Feb 2016

Washington: When one spouse passes away, his or her characteristics continue to be linked with the surviving partner's well-being, a new study has claimed.

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Birthmarks reveal causes of <strong>death</strong> in past life

Birthmarks reveal causes of death in past life

19 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Birthmarks that may occur anywhere on the skin are signs of complexities present at the time of birth. They can also develop soon after birth, usually in the first month. Some old wives tales and  few scientists have claimed that birthmarks are roadmap to past lives. They indicate the deeply interwoven relationship of our past and present life.

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Tiny hydra may defeat <strong>death</strong> to live forever

Tiny hydra may defeat death to live forever

28 Dec 2015

New York: Is there a creature that can defeat death? Yes, says new research that confirmed that the tiny hydra - a centimeter-long polyp that inhabits fresh water all over the world - does not age and, if kept in ideal conditions, may just live forever.

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Bird-watchers' paradise Gharana wetland dying a slow <strong>death</strong>

Bird-watchers' paradise Gharana wetland dying a slow death

03 Jan 2016

Jammu: "This wetland is dying a slow death; please help us to preserve it for our future generations," reads a billboard outside the famed Gharana wetland, the winter abode of thousands of migratory birds who throng this marshy land on the India-Pakistan border.

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Saliva can reveal risk of early <strong>death</strong>

Saliva can reveal risk of early death

26 Dec 2015

London: Lower levels of antibodies in saliva are associated with an elevated risk of mortality and could be an early indicator of risk, researchers from University of Birmingham have found.

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  A high 'sense of purpose' in life lowers <strong>death</strong> risk

A high 'sense of purpose' in life lowers death risk

04 Dec 2015

New York: People who have a higher sense of purpose in life are at lower risk of death and cardiovascular disease, says a study.

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  Teenage girls with more tattoos at high-<strong>suicide</strong> risk: Study

Teenage girls with more tattoos at high-suicide risk: Study

23 Nov 2015

New York: Call it an irony but teenage girls with four or more tattoos may show off a higher self-esteem to their friends and relatives but they are also at a high suicide risk, claim researchers.

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 Gunshot survivors face early <strong>death</strong> risk: Study

Gunshot survivors face early death risk: Study

19 Nov 2015

New York: One in 20 survivors of gunshot violence in an urban area with high crime, died within five years, according to the results of a study that tracked patients after they had been discharged from the hospital that treated them.

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Man dies in Japan due to caffeine consumption

Man dies in Japan due to caffeine consumption

22 Dec 2015

Tokyo: A man died of caffeine intoxication in the first such reported case in Japan, the media reported yesterday. According to a study conducted by Fukuoka University, the man in his 20s likely died of consuming too many caffeinated drinks, as media reported.

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