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 Even moderate drinkers are at high cancer risk: Report

Even moderate drinkers are at high cancer risk: Report

19 Aug 2015

New York: Even light to moderate drinking -  up to one a day for women and up to two a day for men - may increase your risk of contracting cancer, especially if you are a smoker, says a new study.

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Indian restaurant owner attacked for not serving drinks

Indian restaurant owner attacked for not serving drinks

18 Aug 2015

Dublin: An Indian restaurant owner in Ireland was attacked by a drunk man after he was informed that the restaurant had stopped serving alcohol, a media report said yesterday.

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 Now a smartphone app to check your daily <strong>alcohol</strong> intake limit

Now a smartphone app to check your daily alcohol intake limit

07 Jul 2015

Singapore: If you are not sure about how to curb excess drinking, then download this app that will warn you the moment you exceed your daily alcohol limit. The app 'The Alcohol Tracker,' enables users to log the number of beers, shots or glasses of wine they are either prescribed or can handle daily or weekly.

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Not <strong>alcohol</strong>, food gets this man drunk

Not alcohol, food gets this man drunk

17 Jun 2015

New Delhi: Mathew Hogg, the British resident, suffers from a very unusual problem called 'auto-brewery syndrome'. In this no matter what he drinks or eat gets converted into alcohol, keeping him in a tipsy condition the whole time. According to him, it's not a very good feeling.

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Avoid <strong>alcohol</strong> while taking certain medicines

Avoid alcohol while taking certain medicines

28 Jul 2012

Scientists have reported yet another reason, besides possible liver damage, stomach bleeding and other side effects, to avoid drinking alcohol while taking certain medicines. The new report describes laboratory experiments in which alcohol made several medications up to three times more available to the body, effectively tripling the original dose.

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 Smoking triggers <strong>alcohol</strong> craving in people

Smoking triggers alcohol craving in people

15 Apr 2015

New York: Smokers will not believe this but nicotine exposure actually promotes alcohol dependence, says a research.In lab experiments, the researchers also found that the combination of nicotine and alcohol activated a unique group of neurons, giving positive reinforcement to continue alcohol and nicotine use."It is a vicious cycle.

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<strong>Alcohol</strong> can trigger dangerous palpitations

Alcohol can trigger dangerous palpitations

04 Jun 2012

"Holiday heart syndrome," first coined in 1978, refers to patients who experience a potentially dangerous form of palpitation after excessive drinking, especially during winter holidays.

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 Five natural hangover remedies

Five natural hangover remedies

02 Jun 2015

London: Eat ginger and stay hydrated to get over your hangover naturally. A nutritionist doles out tips on how one can remain fine after a few drinks:

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HIV-infected men more sensitive to <strong>alcohol</strong>

HIV-infected men more sensitive to alcohol

21 Apr 2015

New York:  Men infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS need fewer drinks to feel the effects of alcohol than uninfected men, says a new study.

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Muslim-majority Indonesia cracks down on <strong>alcohol</strong> sales

Muslim-majority Indonesia cracks down on alcohol sales

16 Apr 2015

Jakarta: Indonesia on Thursday banned small retailers from selling beer, despite an outcry from the booze industry and in tourism hotspots over the Muslim-majority country's latest offensive against drinking.

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