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Avoid excess <strong>alcohol</strong>, heavy workout during winter

Avoid excess alcohol, heavy workout during winter

22 Jan 2015

New Delhi: Following the drop in temperature during winter, health experts have urged people to avoid excess alcohol intake and heavy physical activity to keep the body warm, as it can lead to heart attack.

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Poor sleep leads to <strong>alcohol</strong> and drug addiction: Study

Poor sleep leads to alcohol and drug addiction: Study

19 Jan 2015

Washington: Sleep difficulties and hours of sleep can predict a number of specific problems, including binge drinking, driving under the influence and risky sexual behaviour, shows a study. The association between poor sleep and substance use has also been found in younger population.

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<strong>Alcohol</strong> intake before bedtime disrupts sleep patterns

Alcohol intake before bedtime disrupts sleep patterns

19 Jan 2015

Melbourne: A study has found that drinking before sleep results in an increase in frontal alpha power in the brain, a development which is associated with disturbed sleep.

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A drink a day may reduce heart failure risk, reveals study

A drink a day may reduce heart failure risk, reveals study

20 Jan 2015

Washington: A large study of nearly 15,000 men and women has found that having up to seven drinks a week is associated with a 20 percent lower risk of men developing heart failure and 16 percent reduced risk for women.

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Long working hours can lead to risky <strong>alcohol</strong> use

Long working hours can lead to risky alcohol use

14 Jan 2015

London: People who work more than 48 hours per week are more likely to engage in risky alcohol consumption than those who work normal weeks worldwide, finds a global study spanning across 14 countries.

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New drug may curb excess drinking

New drug may curb excess drinking

04 Jan 2015

London: Researchers have patented a drug that could produce some of ecstasy's euphoric effects and at the same time limit the amount of alcohol people drink.

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Hooch tragedy: Death toll climbs to 27 in Uttar Pradesh

Hooch tragedy: Death toll climbs to 27 in Uttar Pradesh

13 Jan 2015

Lucknow: The death toll in the hooch tragedy in Lucknow and Unnao districts climbed to 27 on Tuesday with 13 more people losing their lives.

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Liver cirrhosis more common than thought: Study

Liver cirrhosis more common than thought: Study

05 Jan 2015

Washington: Cirrhosis of the liver is more common than previously thought, affecting more than 633,000 adults yearly in US, according to a new study. Surprisingly, 69 percent of the adults identified as possibly having cirrhosis may not know they have this disease,researchers said.

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<strong>Alcohol</strong>-induced blackouts not a joke: Research

Alcohol-induced blackouts not a joke: Research

17 Dec 2014

New York: Some people think that alcohol-related blackouts, bad hangovers and outrageous behaviour at parties are funny. It is actually not. According to new research, blackouts are likely to occur when the drinker is vulnerable to a range of additional dangerous consequences. Blackouts occur when a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is likely significantly above what is considered "legal intoxication".The higher one's alcohol levels are, the greater the chance of a blackout.

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Smoking hampers <strong>alcohol</strong> abuse treatment: Study

Smoking hampers alcohol abuse treatment: Study

09 Dec 2014

New York: Smoking can inhibit the success of treatment for alcohol abuse, says a study, adding that it puts people who are addicted to both tobacco and alcohol in a double bind.

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