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Music with <strong>alcohol</strong> references driving teens to binge drinking

Music with alcohol references driving teens to binge drinking

09 Apr 2014

New York: A significant research reveals that binge drinking among teenagers and young adults is strongly associated with liking and identifying music that references alcohol by brand name.

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Heavy women drinkers at greater mortality risk: Study

Heavy women drinkers at greater mortality risk: Study

11 Apr 2014

Beijing: Read this carefully if you cannot imagine your evenings without wine or vodka, and especially if you are a woman.

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Drinking <strong>alcohol</strong> frequently increases stroke risk

Drinking alcohol frequently increases stroke risk

20 Mar 2014

London: Consuming alcohol more frequently than twice a week may increase the risk of stroke mortality in men, an alarming study has indicated. The effects of alcohol are not limited to the amount consumed but also the frequency of drinking matters, the researchers at University of Eastern Finland said.

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Decoded: How do you become an alcoholic!

Decoded: How do you become an alcoholic!

03 Apr 2014

New York: Men who are less sensitive to the negative effects of alcohol drink more heavily and are more likely to become problem drinkers later in life and part of a brain plays a crucial role in deciding this.

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Kids may inherit drug, <strong>alcohol</strong> habits from parents

Kids may inherit drug, alcohol habits from parents

22 Mar 2014

Washington: Parents who use alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs may run the risk of their children picking up their habits, a new study has warned.

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Avoid <strong>alcohol</strong> while taking certain medicines

Avoid alcohol while taking certain medicines

28 Jul 2012

Scientists have reported yet another reason, besides possible liver damage, stomach bleeding and other side effects, to avoid drinking alcohol while taking certain medicines. The new report describes laboratory experiments in which alcohol made several medications up to three times more available to the body, effectively tripling the original dose.

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<strong>Alcohol</strong> use linked to domestic violence

Alcohol use linked to domestic violence

29 Jan 2014

Washington: Alcohol use is more likely than marijuana use to lead to violence between partners, a new study has found.

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Teens' energy drink habit linked to booze, drug abuse

Teens' energy drink habit linked to booze, drug abuse

07 Mar 2014

Toronto: Teens who drink high-caffeine energy beverages are more likely to use alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, a new study has warned.

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<strong>Alcohol</strong> can trigger dangerous palpitations

Alcohol can trigger dangerous palpitations

04 Jun 2012

"Holiday heart syndrome," first coined in 1978, refers to patients who experience a potentially dangerous form of palpitation after excessive drinking, especially during winter holidays.

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I just don't like <strong>alcohol</strong>: Sidharth Malhotra

I just don't like alcohol: Sidharth Malhotra

31 Jan 2014

New Delhi: Actor Sidharth Malhotra, who is seen on the cover of men’s magazine GQ India’s February 2014 issue, says alcohol is a stress buster for many but he likes to stay away from it.

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