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Why some people are prone to drinking

Why some people are prone to drinking

01 May 2016

Helsinki: A team of Finnish scientists has decoded changes in the brain that make people prone to excessive drinking -- a discovery that can lead to new drug therapies to treat alcoholism.

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PIL filed in Patna High Court challenging total ban on <strong>alcohol</strong>

PIL filed in Patna High Court challenging total ban on alcohol

06 Apr 2016

Patna: A public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed today in the Patna High Court challenging the Bihar government's decision to clamp total ban on sale and consumption of alcohol in the state.

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Here's why you should stay away from smell of <strong>alcohol</strong>

Here's why you should stay away from smell of alcohol

18 Mar 2016

London: Are you trying to cut out on alcohol? Stay away even from its smell as, according to a new study, the very smell of alcohol is likely to make it harder for individuals to control their craving.

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Moderate <strong>alcohol</strong> consumption good for heart: Study

Moderate alcohol consumption good for heart: Study

23 Feb 2016

London: Alcohol may be good for your heart when consumed in moderation, claims a new research which found that people drinking wine, liquor or beer regularly are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than those who rarely or never drink.

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Meet this man who lived 107 years by drinking <strong>alcohol</strong> only!

Meet this man who lived 107 years by drinking alcohol only!

10 Feb 2016

New Delhi: We all know about the side-effects of consuming alcohol as it leads to various deadly diseases. But you will be shocked to know about this 107 years old Spanish man who used to consume alcohol instead of water and attributed his longevity to his drinking habits.

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Amazing health benefits of <strong>alcohol</strong>

Amazing health benefits of alcohol

03 Dec 2015

New Delhi: People generally count on harmful effects of alcohol, but they are not as much harmful as they think. One need not to feel guilty of having a glass of wine or shot of vodka because moderate consumption is considered good for you.

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Avoid <strong>alcohol</strong> while taking certain medicines

Avoid alcohol while taking certain medicines

28 Jul 2012

Scientists have reported yet another reason, besides possible liver damage, stomach bleeding and other side effects, to avoid drinking alcohol while taking certain medicines. The new report describes laboratory experiments in which alcohol made several medications up to three times more available to the body, effectively tripling the original dose.

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Cheers! Enjoy liquor with 22 carat gold flakes

Cheers! Enjoy liquor with 22 carat gold flakes

06 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Drinking expensive and vintage liquor is the dream of every alcoholic, but drinking alcohol that has suspended gold flakes is it is something one might not have even thought of. Yes! You have heard it right. Its liquor with 'real' gold flakes floating in it.

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<strong>Alcohol</strong> can trigger dangerous palpitations

Alcohol can trigger dangerous palpitations

04 Jun 2012

"Holiday heart syndrome," first coined in 1978, refers to patients who experience a potentially dangerous form of palpitation after excessive drinking, especially during winter holidays.

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Sole authority of CM to ban <strong>alcohol</strong> in state: Odisha Minister

Sole authority of CM to ban alcohol in state: Odisha Minister

28 Nov 2015

Bhubaneswar: Faced with demands to ban alcohol in Odisha on the lines of Bihar, the state's Excise Minister Damodar Rout today said such a decision can only be taken by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

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