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<strong>FDI</strong> in multi-brand <strong>retail</strong> to help farmers: Pawar

FDI in multi-brand retail to help farmers: Pawar

13 Oct 2012

Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on Saturday said FDI in multi-brand retail will cut down post-harvest losses to farmers and bring investment in cold-chain facilities.

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Centre and states should be cautious in implementation of <strong>FDI</strong>

Centre and states should be cautious in implementation of FDI

29 Jun 2013

What is this FDI, which can bring the Parliament of India to a grinding halt, why it has become a political debate that a coalition partner had to withdraw its support from the government at the outset of this issue and the opposition took it to the streets to oppose with tooth and nail. Why would a country seek FDI, an acronym for Foreign Direct Investment, if it had actually managed without it till the conception and relevance of FDI in India ?

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<strong>Retail</strong> inflation hits 16-month high in January

Retail inflation hits 16-month high in January

13 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Rising for the the sixth straight month, retail inflation touched a 16-month high of 5.69 percent in January, mainly due to costlier food prices.

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India to go ahead with <strong>FDI</strong> in multibrand <strong>retail</strong>: Anand Sharma

India to go ahead with FDI in multibrand retail: Anand Sharma

25 Jun 2012

India has assured global investors that the country will move forward with its decision to open multi-brand retail to foreign investment and it has not pressed the "reverse button" on the proposal.

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 India Inc welcomes nod to <strong>FDI</strong> in multi-brand <strong>retail</strong>

India Inc welcomes nod to FDI in multi-brand retail

07 Dec 2012

Welcoming the nod accorded by Parliament to FDI in multi-brand retail, India Inc today said this will send positive signals to foreign investors which will encourage investments and boost the economic growth.

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Decisive victory on <strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong> in Rajya Sabha: Anand Sharma

Decisive victory on FDI in retail in Rajya Sabha: Anand Sharma

07 Dec 2012

Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma on Friday said government had achieved a "decisive victory" in Rajya Sabha on FDI in retail issue and alleged BJP is adopting "double standard" now as it had taken several executive decisions unilaterally when in power.

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Left, Right join hands to protest <strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong>

Left, Right join hands to protest FDI in retail

15 Jan 2013

BJP, CPI and JD(U) on Monday come together to launch a national campaign against FDI in retail and sought support from the people to make the movement against the government's "anti-people" policy a success.

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Clinton pitches for <strong>FDI</strong> in multibrand <strong>retail</strong>

Clinton pitches for FDI in multibrand retail

07 May 2012

Making a strong pitch for further opening up of the Indian economy, especially with regard to foreign direct investment (FDI) in multibrand retail, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday said it would raise the standard of living in India."I come with certainly a belief that India can compete with anybody, anywhere.

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I voted as per my conscience on <strong>FDI</strong> motion: JMM MP

I voted as per my conscience on FDI motion: JMM MP

12 Dec 2012

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Lok Sabha member Kameswar Baitha on Tuesday said he went by his "conscience" while voting along with UPA against the Opposition motion on FDI in multi-brand retail.

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Opposition accuses government of foul play during <strong>FDI</strong> vote

Opposition accuses government of foul play during FDI vote

07 Dec 2012

Opposition parties today cried foul after their motion against FDI in multi-brand retail was defeated in Rajya Sabha, accusing government of "manoeuvring" votes by "colluding" with BSP and SP.

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