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<strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong> will help India, says Praful Patel

FDI in retail will help India, says Praful Patel

05 Dec 2012

NCP leader Praful Patel on Wednesday said that FDI in retail trade will help India to progress.

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<strong>FDI</strong>, Wal-Mart & controversies: An eventful year for <strong>retail</strong>

FDI, Wal-Mart & controversies: An eventful year for retail

24 Dec 2012

The retail sector, where the government permitted foreign direct investment in multi-brand, courted controversies during the year with several opposition parties making it a political issue in Parliament.

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Paswan backs <strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong>, says it will help farmers

Paswan backs FDI in retail, says it will help farmers

07 Dec 2012

Foreign equity in retail will benefit farmers, Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) leader Ram Vilas Paswan said on Friday.

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CPI to vote against <strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong> in Parlaiment

CPI to vote against FDI in retail in Parlaiment

27 Nov 2012

The Communist Party of India (CPI) on Tuesday said that it will continue its opposition against FDI in retail. "We will continue our opposition against FDI in retail. If the voting takes place on FDI in Parliament, then we will vote against it," Gurudas Dasgupta told reporters here.

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Consulted stakeholders on <strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong>:, says Anand Sharma

Consulted stakeholders on FDI in retail:, says Anand Sharma

26 Nov 2012

Amid logjam in Parliament over FDI in multi-brand retail, the government on Monday said it held consultations with "stakeholders" including traders' associations on the issue and the decision to implement the policy is left to the states.

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Centre and states should be cautious in implementation of <strong>FDI</strong>

Centre and states should be cautious in implementation of FDI

29 Jun 2013

What is this FDI, which can bring the Parliament of India to a grinding halt, why it has become a political debate that a coalition partner had to withdraw its support from the government at the outset of this issue and the opposition took it to the streets to oppose with tooth and nail. Why would a country seek FDI, an acronym for Foreign Direct Investment, if it had actually managed without it till the conception and relevance of FDI in India ?

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Walmart resumes lobbying with US lawmakers on <strong>FDI</strong> in India

Walmart resumes lobbying with US lawmakers on FDI in India

27 Oct 2013

Washington/New Delhi: Global retail giant Walmart has resumed its lobbying with the US lawmakers on matters related to FDI in India and it spent USD 1.5 million on about 50 specific issues, including those related to Indian market during the last quarter.

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Mass protests if <strong>retail</strong> <strong>FDI</strong> decision not reversed: AITUC

Mass protests if retail FDI decision not reversed: AITUC

30 Nov 2012

The All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) on Thursday demanded that the government reverse its decision on FDI in retail and threatened to launch mass protests against it.

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FEMA amendments to <strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong> tabled in Rajya Sabha

FEMA amendments to FDI in retail tabled in Rajya Sabha

13 Dec 2012

The government on Thursday tabled in the Rajya Sabha amendments to the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, enabling Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail.

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Opposition vows to continue to oppose <strong>FDI</strong> in <strong>retail</strong>

Opposition vows to continue to oppose FDI in retail

12 Dec 2012

Taking its protest against FDI to the streets, opposition parties on Wednesday said their fight will go on till they ensure that it is scrapped altogether.

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