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NTPC 'advised' to <strong>shift</strong> location of proposed power plant in Andhra Pradesh

NTPC 'advised' to shift location of proposed power plant in Andhra Pradesh

14 Jan 2015

Hyderabad: A committee under the Ministry of Environment and Forests has recommended the state-owned NTPC Limited to consider shifting the location of its proposed 4,000 MW power plant from the current site at Vishakhapatnam as the area is "ecologically sensitive".

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Musical <strong>night</strong> to commemorate 50 years of KJ Yesudas

Musical night to commemorate 50 years of KJ Yesudas

22 Jan 2015

Chennai: Popular orchestra troupe Lakshman Sruthi will pay tribute to legendary singer KJ Yesudas, 75, here on Sunday to commemorate his 50 glorious years in the field of music.

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Overcast sky improves <strong>night</strong> temperatures in Kashmir

Overcast sky improves night temperatures in Kashmir

03 Jan 2015

Srinagar: Despite remaining below freezing point, night temperatures throughout Jammu and Kashmir improved on Saturday. "There has been an overall improvement in minimum temperatures across the state because of cloud cover during the night," an official of the local Met department told media here.

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Tumours grow faster at <strong>night</strong>

Tumours grow faster at night

07 Oct 2014

Jerusalem: Night is the right time for cancer to grow and spread in the body, according to a new study which suggests that administering certain treatments in time with the body's day-night cycle may boost their efficiency.

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Long term <strong>shift</strong> work hampers memory

Long term shift work hampers memory

04 Nov 2014

London: Long term shift work can help you earn more but it could adversely affect your brain functions, such as memory and processing speed, says a research. Disruption of the body clock as a result of shift work could generate physiological stressors, which may in turn affect the functioning of the brain, the researchers suggested.

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Aditya Pancholi arrested after brawl at <strong>night</strong> club, gets bail

Aditya Pancholi arrested after brawl at night club, gets bail

08 Mar 2015

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Aditya Pancholi was on Sunday arrested for allegedly assaulting and abusing a bouncer of a night club at a five-star hotel in suburban Juhu, police said.  

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Early risers happier than <strong>night</strong> owls

Early risers happier than night owls

13 Jun 2012

Morning people are happier and more satisfied with life overall, while evening people may be more prone to social jet lag, a new study has found. Early riser also tended to be healthier than night owls. The study also suggested older adults are more likely morning-type people and they report greater positive emotion than younger adults, according to the Discovery News.

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Blueberries don't improve <strong>night</strong> vision

Blueberries don't improve night vision

20 Nov 2014

Toronto: Contrary to claims by health food advocates, researchers have found a reason to doubt that the blueberries help most healthy people see better in the dark.

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FLASHBACK 2014: Bengal experienced paradigm <strong>shift</strong> in political scenario

FLASHBACK 2014: Bengal experienced paradigm shift in political scenario

25 Dec 2014

Kolkata: West Bengal's political scene experienced a paradigm shift in 2014 with BJP, powered by a good show in the Lok Sabha polls and capitalising on the Saradha chit fund scam and Burdwan blast, emerging as a strong force and putting ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) on the backfoot.

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Rotating <strong>night</strong> shifts can be hazardous to health: Study

Rotating night shifts can be hazardous to health: Study

05 Jan 2015

Washington: Working in rotating night shifts may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer, a new study has warned. Night shift work has been consistently associated with higher risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer.

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