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<strong>Texting</strong> in class hampers students' learning

Texting in class hampers students' learning

09 Apr 2012

College students who often text message during class find it difficult to pay attention to classroom lectures and consequently risk having poor learning outcomes, according to a new study.

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<strong>Texting</strong> can change rhythm of brain waves: Study

Texting can change rhythm of brain waves: Study

28 Jun 2016

Washington: Texting can change your brain waves, according to a new study that found a unique 'texting rhythm' in people who used their smartphone to text message.

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Relax! <strong>Texting</strong> or phone calls at dinner time is 'OK'

Relax! Texting or phone calls at dinner time is 'OK'

11 May 2016

New York: If you think that using smartphone at the dinner table is killing conversations and ruining relationships, just relax. A quick text or even attending a phone call from your boss may be okay but not playing Candy Crush or chatting on Facebook.

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Late-night <strong>texting</strong> may affect health and grades

Late-night texting may affect health and grades

28 Jan 2016

New York: Messaging in the dark affects sleep, health and performance in school, says a study. Students who text for longer duration in the dark sleep only for a few hours and thus remain sleepier during the day than those who stopped messaging when they went to bed, the researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey, US, said.

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<strong>Disadvantages</strong> of open-plan offices revealed

Disadvantages of open-plan offices revealed

09 Jul 2013

There are advantages and disadvantages to an open-plan office - a single giant room where there is not much to separate you from a co-worker seated next to you.

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Night <strong>texting</strong> may affect academic performance of teenagers!

Night texting may affect academic performance of teenagers!

25 Jan 2016

New York: Parents, take note! Night-time texting habits of teenagers may be to blame for their falling grades and increased yawning in school, a new study has found.

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Sixth sense protects you while driving, except when <strong>texting</strong>

Sixth sense protects you while driving, except when texting

13 May 2016

New York: A sixth sense steadies drivers' hands and helps them stay on track, even when they are absent-minded or emotionally upset, except when they are engaged in texting on their mobile phones, a study says.

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Yahoo launches 'silent' video <strong>texting</strong> app

Yahoo launches 'silent' video texting app

18 Jul 2015

Washington: The next version of Yahoo Messenger app has been launched in the form of a unique video chat facility that promises to make you "feel like your friends are right there with you".

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Avoid <strong>texting</strong> for a balanced walk: Study

Avoid texting for a balanced walk: Study

23 Jan 2014

Sydney: Texting on the cell phone while on the road affects your ability to walk and balance. This may impact the safety of people who text and walk at the same time, shows research.

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<strong>Texting</strong> with Google Glass distracts drivers

Texting with Google Glass distracts drivers

25 Sep 2014

New York: Texting while driving with Google Glass is a clear distraction on the road, says a study.

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