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Mother Holds Two Year Old Son Above <strong>Water</strong> While She Herself Drowns

Mother Holds Two Year Old Son Above Water While She Herself Drowns

28 Aug 2016

Los Angeles: In a tragic incident in the US, a selfless mother died while saving her two-year-old son from drowning after he fell into a lake as she held the child above water long enough for him to be rescued.

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Farmers Hoist Black Flags In Ten <strong>Villages</strong> In Erode District

Farmers Hoist Black Flags In Ten Villages In Erode District

16 Aug 2016

Erode: Farmers in ten villages in the Lower Bhavani project ayacut area on Monday hoisted black flags protesting non-release of water from the reservoir for irrigation. Water from Lower Bhavani Project reservoir is the lifeline of farmers in Erode district, Tamil Nadu and it irrigates more than 2.50 lakh acres of land.

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Alert! Excessive <strong>drinking</strong> may lead to breathing problems

Alert! Excessive drinking may lead to breathing problems

02 Aug 2016

New York: Drinking too much alcohol may disrupt the healthy balance in the lungs and impact your breathing, a new study warns.

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Air India Confirms Diverting Mumbai-Newark Flight To Kazakhstan

Air India Confirms Diverting Mumbai-Newark Flight To Kazakhstan

25 Aug 2016

Mumbai: A Newark-bound Air India flight, carrying around 300 passengers, from Mumbai was diverted to Kazakhstan due to technical issues on Thursday.

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Revolutionary Invention That Turns Sewage <strong>Water</strong> Into Drinkable One

Revolutionary Invention That Turns Sewage Water Into Drinkable One

17 Aug 2016

New Delhi: This year, almost one-third of the country had suffered from severe drought. The water crisis in metro cities is a big issue as well. In urban areas, untreated water is treated at water treatment plants to make it fit for consumption. But if I say that now you can drink sewage water safely after getting it processed. Surprised?

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No <strong>Water</strong> Provided By Indian Officials At Rio, I Could Have Died There: Marathon Runner Jaisha

No Water Provided By Indian Officials At Rio, I Could Have Died There: Marathon Runner Jaisha

22 Aug 2016

New Delhi: "I could have died there", said a distraught OP Jaisha as she recalled the women's marathon event at Rio Olympics during which she claimed she was not provided any water and energy drinks by the officials despite designated stations were given for India.

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Flood Situation Worsens In Uttar Pradesh

Flood Situation Worsens In Uttar Pradesh

23 Aug 2016

Lucknow: Flood situation on Tuesday worsened in Uttar Pradesh due to release of water from Nepal and adjoining states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttrakhand which led to further rise in water levels of major rivers. According to Central Water Commission (CWC), the Ganga is flowing above the danger marks at Fafamau and Chhatnag (both in Allahabad) besides in Mirzapur, Varanasi, Ghazipur and Ballia.

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Take Note! Replace Sugary Drink With <strong>Water</strong> To Cut Obesity

Take Note! Replace Sugary Drink With Water To Cut Obesity

16 Aug 2016

New York: Replacing one little calorie-laden sugary soda with water may significantly help reduce body weight as well as improve overall health, says a study.

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Alcohol advertising may up <strong>drinking</strong> habit in adolescents

Alcohol advertising may up drinking habit in adolescents

04 Aug 2016

London: Increased exposure to alcohol-related advertisements is raising the amount and frequency of drinking among adolescents, finds a study.

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Center plans solution for <strong>drinking</strong> <strong>water</strong> supply <strong>problem</strong> in <strong>villages</strong>

Center plans solution for drinking water supply problem in villages

27 Sep 2011

Since the installation of hand pumps for drinking water in the villages had given a bad experience to the Central government, it has now decided to find out a permanent solution to the age-old problem.

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