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  Watch video: This adorable <strong>baby</strong> starts crying at the end of every book

Watch video: This adorable baby starts crying at the end of every book

03 Sep 2015

New Delhi: Amid  your life's journey, you would  have surely come across many bookworms. But, have you ever seen such cute little bookworm who cries everytime after his book ends.

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App to decode what <strong>baby</strong> is crying for

App to decode what baby is crying for

02 Jan 2016

London: For new mothers who can't always make a sense of baby's cries, help is at hand. A team of researchers has developed a smartphone app that can decode what the baby's crying for.

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Watch: How this cute <strong>baby</strong> reacts to song sung by his mother

Watch: How this cute baby reacts to song sung by his mother

30 Dec 2015

New Delhi: It is true that babies can understand your feelings much better than adults. Many parents sing to their kids for fun or to make them sleep or sometimes only to see a smile on their face. This baby has reached another level of parent-baby interaction and can literally feel the pain of the song.

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Viral video: 10-month old <strong>baby</strong> <strong>cries</strong> with emotion when mother sings

Viral video: 10-month old baby cries with emotion when mother sings

10 Sep 2015

New Delhi: Have you ever seen an emotional infant weeping when his mother sings to him?

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Delhi Government <strong>Cries</strong> Foul Over Health Secretary Leave

Delhi Government Cries Foul Over Health Secretary Leave

13 Sep 2016

New Delhi: The Delhi government on Tuesday claimed it was at the receiving end of a ‘criminal conspiracy’ as part of which Lt Governor Najeeb Jung ‘deliberately sent’ the health secretary on a 12-day leave.

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<strong>Baby</strong> Afreen dies, <strong>cries</strong> for punishing father turns hoarse

Baby Afreen dies, cries for punishing father turns hoarse

11 Apr 2012

Three-month-old Afreen, battling for life after being battered by her father who wanted a baby boy, died of cardiac arrest on Wednesday sparking an outrage over the brutality she was subjected to.

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Brexit will have transient <strong>effect</strong> on India: Arun Jaitley

Brexit will have transient effect on India: Arun Jaitley

24 Jun 2016

Beijing: Britain's decision to opt out of the European Union will have a passing effect on India as the emerging economy has strong economic fundamentals and the resources to counter any eventuality, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.

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Pollen exposure may harm <strong>baby</strong> in womb

Pollen exposure may harm baby in womb

09 Jan 2013

Exposure to high pollen levels in late pregnancy significantly increases the risk of early asthma in the child, Swedish researchers have warned. A number of studies have previously shown that there is an association with being born during a pollen season and an increased risk of allergies.

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Saudi diplomat charged with rape; Embassy <strong>cries</strong> foul

Saudi diplomat charged with rape; Embassy cries foul

09 Sep 2015

Gurgaon: A diplomat at the Saudi Arabia Embassy in New Delhi has been booked for rape while his wife and daughter have been booked for torturing domestic helps in this Millennium City, Haryana Police said Tuesday.

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Your <strong>Baby</strong> Pays Close Attention To What Food Is Being Eaten Around!

Your Baby Pays Close Attention To What Food Is Being Eaten Around!

05 Sep 2016

New York: At the dinner table, babies pay close attention to what food is being eaten around them -- and especially who is eating it, suggests an interesting study.

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