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10 most <strong>expensive</strong> <strong>pens</strong> in the <strong>world</strong>

10 most expensive pens in the world

01 Oct 2015

New Delhi: Pens have become a necessity and for those who have taken writing as an occupation, pens mean everything. Apart from the famous pen manufacturing companies like Parker, Cello, Reynolds, not much is known about the other luxury pens that have left people amazed, both by its look and style writing.

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Most <strong>expensive</strong> food prepared around the <strong>world</strong>

Most expensive food prepared around the world

04 Jan 2016

New Delhi: There are two types of person in this world, one is diet conscious, while the other one is foodie. A true foodie will not hesitate to explore different options no matter what it costs when it comes to eating. But, have you ever imagined how costly your food can be?

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Five most <strong>expensive</strong> toilets in the <strong>world</strong>

Five most expensive toilets in the world

05 Oct 2015

New Delhi: The most important part of human hygiene is toilet, a neat and clean toilet is a necessity for all. These days most of the developing countries are emphasising on providing toilets to all their citizens.

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Incredible! World's most <strong>expensive</strong> car tyres sold for Rs 4 crore in UAE

Incredible! World's most expensive car tyres sold for Rs 4 crore in UAE

16 Jun 2016

Dubai: Embedded with 24-carat gold and specially selected diamonds, a set of four tyres made by an NRI-owned firm here was sold for more than Rs 4 crore, setting the Guinness world record for most expensive set of car tyres.

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Serena Williams <strong>Pens</strong> Female-Power Poem For Fashion Show

Serena Williams Pens Female-Power Poem For Fashion Show

13 Sep 2016

New York: "She turns her disappointment into triumph. Her grief into joy. Her rejections into approvals. If no one believes in her it does not matter. She believes in herself. Nothing stops her. No one can touch her. She is woman."

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Seven most <strong>expensive</strong> homes in the <strong>world</strong>

Seven most expensive homes in the world

25 Aug 2015

New Delhi: Everyone in this world aspires to build a dream home of his/her own. Also, it is one of the most expensive expenditures one makes in lifetime. For many, major part of the savings are put together to build or buy a home. One the other hand, there are many who have built mansion-like houses that have become a dream for others.

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In pics: Most <strong>expensive</strong> bicycles around the <strong>world</strong>

In pics: Most expensive bicycles around the world

24 Sep 2015

New Delhi: They say cycles are ‘aam aadmi ki sawari’, but it’s not true at all. This ‘aam sawari’ has now become more than ‘khaas’ for some people. Yes, there are some people who use cycle to show their high profile status. Keeping this in mind, some of the most luxurious companies in the world have manufactured bicycles, whose looks are enough to flaunt their status.

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 Eight most <strong>expensive</strong> things that exist on earth!

Eight most expensive things that exist on earth!

02 Sep 2015

New Delhi: Have you ever wondered apart from precious diamonds or vehicles worth millions? What are the most precious and expensive things that exist in the world? Well, if not then be ready to know about most expensive things that will turn your head upside down.

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Five most <strong>expensive</strong> pet accessories that will leave you stunned

Five most expensive pet accessories that will leave you stunned

12 Oct 2015

New Delhi: Humans love towards their pets have caught great attention worldwide. Owner-pet relationships are priceless and for one to understand this bond, you need to have a pet. Although we have seen many movies based on such relationships, owners in real life have gone beyond their limits to express their love towards pets.

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Lost treasures of the <strong>world</strong> that are still up for grab

Lost treasures of the world that are still up for grab

29 Dec 2015

New Delhi: Treasures hunt in video games or movie like Pirates of the Carribean set our imagination ablaze. Have you ever wondered that all sorts of gems, gold and many other artefacts buried deep in the sunken vessel or in some secret cities in real life which are left undiscovered?

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