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Do you know these surprising benefits of <strong>lemon</strong> water?

Do you know these surprising benefits of lemon water?

18 Feb 2016

Mumbai: If you have been hopeful of looking at a slim frame of yourself on the mirror, you must have been recommended by a lot of people to religiously consume lemon water every morning. But, did you know that apart from playing a significant role in weight reduction, having lemon water every morning also saves you from a lot of diseases and health related troubles?

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<strong>Fish</strong> can distinguish between human faces: Study

Fish can distinguish between human faces: Study

08 Jun 2016

London: Despite having a much simpler and smaller brain than that of primates, fish have the remarkable ability to distinguish between human faces, new research has found.

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Lenovo may launch <strong>Lemon</strong> 3 Plus at MWC event

Lenovo may launch Lemon 3 Plus at MWC event

15 Feb 2016

New Delhi: The Chinese technology giant Lenovo is expected to launch its much awaited smartphone Lemon 3 Plus at Mobile World Congress 2016. The smartphone manufacturer has teased a new smartphone via its social media platforms with a caption, “#KnockOut Coming Soon MWC 2016.”

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Know truth behind hanging lemons and chillies outside shops

Know truth behind hanging lemons and chillies outside shops

15 Jan 2016

New Delhi: If your are born and brought up in India, then pseudoscience overpowers your mind at some point in such a way that you unconsciously start following it. In contrast to modern Indian ideologies, people blindly follow this superstitious belief or practice to ward off evil eye. Moreover, we all know there's no scientific reason behind them. Still, we follow them instinctively.

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When Question On Pakistan <strong>Made</strong> Kapil Dev Angry!

When Question On Pakistan Made Kapil Dev Angry!

21 Sep 2016

Mumbai: Cricket legend Kapil Dev on Tuesday lost his cool here at the Kabaddi World Cup media conference, where he was the chief guest, when a scribe asked why Pakistan had not been invited to take part in the tournament to be held from October 7 in Ahmedabad.

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Tom Cruise's 'Mena' Gets New Name, Release Date

Tom Cruise's 'Mena' Gets New Name, Release Date

09 Aug 2016

Los Angeles: Hollywood star Tom Cruise's "Mena" is now titled "American Made". Its release date has also been changed from January 6, 2017, to September 29, 2017, Universal Pictures announced on Monday, reports

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What <strong>Made</strong> Karan Johar Cry?

What Made Karan Johar Cry?

03 Aug 2016

Mumbai: Filmmaker Karan Johar says his eyes welled up when actor-friend Shah Rukh Khan praised the music of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ as the superstar's opinion matters to him the most.

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 Watch video: 'Bindass' Punjabi guy's hilarious style of selling <strong>lemon</strong> soda

Watch video: 'Bindass' Punjabi guy's hilarious style of selling lemon soda

27 Jul 2015

New Delhi: To beat the heat in the summer, many a times a tempting glass of lemon soda comes to your rescue. To quench your thirst, you would have opt for lemon soda option several times, but have you ever seen such 'bindass' Punjabi guy selling lemon soda in this creative and funny manner.

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Home-<strong>made</strong> foods for infants not always a healthy choice: Study

Home-made foods for infants not always a healthy choice: Study

20 Jul 2016

London: Home-cooked meals specifically made for infants and young children, are not always healthier than commercially available baby foods, new research suggests.

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Yes, these magnificent buildings are <strong>Made</strong> in India

Yes, these magnificent buildings are Made in India

15 Jul 2016

New Delhi: When it comes to grand buildings in India, the first picture that strikes in mind is of Taj Mahal, palaces, and other historical forts, but in the modern time, the modern architecture has led to the erection of such buildings whose beauty and amazing designs will take you by surprise. The astonishing shapes and amazing planning place these buildings among some of the most wonderful buildings in India.

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