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Vivo launches India-assembled 'Y51L' at Rs 11,980

Vivo launches India-assembled 'Y51L' at Rs 11,980

29 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Chinese smartphone-maker Vivo yesterday launched Y51L – its first major model of 2016 for the Indian market – which is fully assembled in its manufacturing plant in Greater Noida.

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 <strong>Fish</strong> could be the greatest athletes on planet!

Fish could be the greatest athletes on planet!

07 Oct 2015

Sydney: When you think of the world's greatest athletes, names like Usain Bolt generally spring to mind, but scientists have discovered the best athletes could well be found in the water, covered in scales, according to a new study.

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Three Muslims and a Sikh kicked off flight; appearance <strong>made</strong> pilot uneasy

Three Muslims and a Sikh kicked off flight; appearance made pilot uneasy

19 Jan 2016

New York: A Sikh man along with his four friends, who were kicked out from an American Airlines flight because their appearance made the captain uneasy has filed a USD 9 million lawsuit against the airline.

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Secret to lengthen your hair in fortnight

Secret to lengthen your hair in fortnight

21 Jan 2016

New Delhi: The most peculiar personality trait of a lady is her lustrous and long strands. Unfortunately, pollution, hard water and various other elements are an encumbrance to get desired length. We face many hair problems which can be cured at home in 15-20 minutes. If you want long locks in fortnight then masks made out at home will really do wonders to lengthen your hair.

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Home <strong>made</strong> face packs to get fair skin instantly

Home made face packs to get fair skin instantly

18 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Every girl secretly dreams of  fair, glowing and flawless skin tone. In an endeavour to achieve desired skin tone, most of us have tried numerous products or salon treatments that dig too deep into our pockets and end up with unsatisfactory results.

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 Believe it or not: Headless <strong>fish</strong> alive and moving!

Believe it or not: Headless fish alive and moving!

24 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Have you ever seen a headless fish dancing and moving like a spooky and weird  creature? If not then gather all your guts and watch the video where a headless fish is moving like an alive one. Not only this, the mysterious fish is even reacting to every touch.

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Viral video: Cute baby boy playing with <strong>fish</strong>

Viral video: Cute baby boy playing with fish

14 Oct 2015

New Delhi: Gone are the days when babies used to play with toys. These days these little kids are exploring other things for their entertainment, like this baby who is playing with a fish.

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Flashback 2015: When Bollywood <strong>made</strong> it globally huge

Flashback 2015: When Bollywood made it globally huge

22 Dec 2015

New Delhi: It has been a big year for small budget, independent as well as regional films, with stories rooted in Indian culture but with universal appeal, going on a global trail. The growing understanding of Indian cinema beyond Bollywood has been the game-changer, says industry experts, adding that the road ahead will only get 'better' with time.

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Defence procurements to be <strong>made</strong> easy, says Manohar Parrikar

Defence procurements to be made easy, says Manohar Parrikar

21 Dec 2015

New Delhi: A new Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) has been almost finalised and aims to remove procedural difficulties in procurements, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said today.

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India's most heroic mission which <strong>made</strong> world record

India's most heroic mission which made world record

12 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Successful evacuation operations, named  'Raahat', conducted in April 2015 in strife-torn Yemen in which over 4,640 Indian citizens were evacuated along with 960 foreign nationals of 41 countries by Indian Air Force have won  applause from all quarters. But many do not know, it was not the biggest rescue operations conducted by IAF. During the gulf war in 1990, our valour forces made world record to evacuate as many as 1,70,000 people.

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