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Blackberry plans <strong>Heartbleed</strong> patches as mobile threat scrutinized

Blackberry plans Heartbleed patches as mobile threat scrutinized

14 Apr 2014

Boston: BlackBerry Ltd said it plans to release security updates for messaging software for Android and iOS devices by Friday to address vulnerabilities in programs related to the "Heartbleed" security threat.

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'<strong>Heartbleed</strong>’ bug puts computers data at risk

'Heartbleed’ bug puts computers data at risk

09 Apr 2014

New Delhi: A major flaw in the Internet security has put at risk many passwords, credit card as well as e-mail information. Heartbleed is a bug in OpenSSL.

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Hackers trying to exploit '<strong>Heartbleed</strong>' bug, says US government

Hackers trying to exploit 'Heartbleed' bug, says US government

12 Apr 2014

Boston: US government warned banks and other businesses on Friday to be on alert for hackers seeking to steal data exposed by the "Heartbleed" bug, as a German programmer took responsibility for the widespread security crisis.

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White House, spy agencies deny exploitation of '<strong>Heartbleed</strong>' bug by NSA

White House, spy agencies deny exploitation of 'Heartbleed' bug by NSA

12 Apr 2014

Washington: White House and US intelligence agencies said on Friday neither the National Security Agency nor any other part of the government were aware before this month of the "Heartbleed" bug, denying a report that the spy agency exploited the glitch in widely used Web encryption technology to gather intelligence.

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Indians Vulnerable To Zika <strong>Virus</strong>: Study

Indians Vulnerable To Zika Virus: Study

02 Sep 2016

New Delhi: India is vulnerable to the risk of zika virus transmissions owing to high travel volumes from the disease affected areas in the Americas, presence of mosquitoes capable of transmitting the virus and limited health resources, a new study on Friday said.

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Zika infection is caused by one <strong>virus</strong> serotype: Study

Zika infection is caused by one virus serotype: Study

01 Aug 2016

New York: Vaccination against a single strain of Zika virus should be sufficient to protect against genetically diverse strains of the virus, a study says.

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Zika <strong>virus</strong> may not cause microcephaly: Study

Zika virus may not cause microcephaly: Study

26 Jun 2016

New York: The number of missing cases of microcephaly epidemic in several countries raises serious questions about the assumed connection between Zika and microcephaly, finds a new study.

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Here's a new tool to predict spread of Zika <strong>virus</strong>

Here's a new tool to predict spread of Zika virus

31 May 2016

Tokyo: Japanese scientists have developed a new tool that can predict the risk of Zika virus importation and local transmission around the world.

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Know more about Zika <strong>virus</strong>

Know more about Zika virus

28 Jan 2016

New Delhi: A new mosquito-borne virus named 'Zika' has become a major issue of concern in recent days due to its impact on pregnant women. This infection can result in underdeveloped brains in new born babies. Many new cases have come up in the USA in last few days. So, it has become essential to know everything about deadly virus.

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Zika <strong>virus</strong> found in Danish tourist

Zika virus found in Danish tourist

27 Jan 2016

Copenhagen: A Danish tourist returning from Latin America has been diagnosed with the Zika virus, which has been blamed for a surge in birth defects in the region, triggering a major health scare.

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