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Malaysia recorded <strong>highest</strong> ever dengue deaths last year

Malaysia recorded highest ever dengue deaths last year

06 Jan 2016

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia recorded 336 dengue deaths - the highest ever - last year as it saw a whopping 50 per cent jump in the number of fatalities due to mosquito-borne viral disease compared to 2014, the government said today.

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NATO agrees Turkey air defence <strong>package</strong>; seeks 'predictability'

NATO agrees Turkey air defence package; seeks 'predictability'

19 Dec 2015

Brussels: NATO allies agreed yesterday to send aircraft and ships to Turkey to strengthen Ankara's air defences on its border with Syria, the alliance's chief said, a package that is partly designed to avoid any more shoot-downs of Russian planes.

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Beijing records <strong>highest</strong> smog alert of the year, crosses safety level

Beijing records highest smog alert of the year, crosses safety level

01 Dec 2015

Beijing: Beijing yesterday issued its highest smog alert, upgrading itself from yellow to orange to red level. Shandong province, on the other hand, issued a yellow alert last morning as visibility in parts of the region dropped below 200 meters.

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Brussels terror alert reduced from <strong>highest</strong> level: Official

Brussels terror alert reduced from highest level: Official

27 Nov 2015

Brussels: Belgium reduced the terror alert in Brussels yesterday, five days after it was raised to the highest possible level that saw schools and the metro closed, the government's crisis centre said.

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Brussels to stay at <strong>highest</strong> security alert in wake of Paris attacks

Brussels to stay at highest security alert in wake of Paris attacks

23 Nov 2015

Brussels: Brussels will remain at the highest possible alert level today with schools and metros closed over a 'serious and imminent' security threat in the wake of the Paris attacks, the Belgian Prime Minister said.

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Indian-origin Huma <strong>highest</strong> paid staffer in US Presidential campaign

Indian-origin Huma highest paid staffer in US Presidential campaign

18 Jul 2015

Washington: White House aspirant Hillary Clinton's longtime associate Huma Abedin, whose father is from India and mother from Pakistan, is the highest paid staffer in the US Presidential campaign, taking home an annual salary of more than USD 277,000.

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World's <strong>highest</strong> paid ministers to face <strong>salary</strong> cuts

World's highest paid ministers to face salary cuts

04 Jan 2012

Singapore's politicians, the highest paid in the world, will soon see their unpopular multi-million dollar salary packages cut by at least a third, but in spite of that they would remain as top paid globally.

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<strong>Package</strong> containing cyanide received by White House

Package containing cyanide received by White House

18 Mar 2015

Washington: The White House has received poisonous cyanide packed in an envelope carrying the address of a man who had earlier sent a similar package covered in urine and feces to US President's official residence, informed US Secret Service.

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Chinese President Xi to accord '<strong>highest</strong>-level reception' for PM Modi

Chinese President Xi to accord 'highest-level reception' for PM Modi

14 May 2015

Beijing: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be accorded a rare "highest-level reception" by President Xi Jinping as the two leaders look to deepen their personal ties, Chinese official media said on Thursday.

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India's billionaire population fourth <strong>highest</strong>; US on top

India's billionaire population fourth highest; US on top

03 Mar 2015

New York: India is home to the fourth largest number of billionaires across the world, while the US tops the charts followed by China and Germany.

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