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Revealed! <strong>How</strong> the moon got its mysterious 'tattoos'

Revealed! How the moon got its mysterious 'tattoos'

30 Apr 2016

Washington: New NASA research has given new clues to how the moon got its mysterious 'tattoos' –  swirling patterns of light and dark found at over a hundred locations across the lunar surface.

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AgustaWestland issue: <strong>How</strong> it all started

AgustaWestland issue: How it all started

28 Apr 2016

New Delhi: AgustaWestland chopper deal has been in the national and international news for some time now, soaring the political temperatures to a high in the political corridors of India. Valued at Rs 3600 crore, the VVIP chopper defence deal has put the Congress in the dock. The moment the name of the Congress president Sonia Gandhi sprung, BJP grabbed the opportunity with both hands to target her.

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Here's <strong>how</strong> insects find out diseased plants

Here's how insects find out diseased plants

25 Apr 2016

London: The leaves of virus-infected plants reflect light differently to attract the attention of disease-spreading greenfly, new research suggests.

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<strong>How</strong> baby birds learn to fly early

How baby birds learn to fly early

24 Apr 2016

New York: Despite having extremely underdeveloped muscles and wings, young birds may acquire a mature flight stroke early in life by initially relying more on their legs and wings for power, finds a new study.

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<strong>How</strong> smartphones are diminishing people's privacy?

How smartphones are diminishing people's privacy?

19 Apr 2016

Jerusalem: The use of 'location-aware' smartphones and voluntary sharing of information is diminishing people's privacy, say researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel.

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In pics: Breathtaking sculpture shows <strong>how</strong> mother nature holds the earth

In pics: Breathtaking sculpture shows how mother nature holds the earth

22 Apr 2016

New Delhi: Earth Day is being celebrated across the world today. The earth is passing through a difficult phase as it is facing many tough challenges like global warming, pollution, population, extreme weathers, ozone depletion, and other environmental dangers. Odd-even, droughts, heat waves and unusually high temperatures are forming parts of the news regularly which suggests that the health of our planet is not up to the mark.

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<strong>How</strong> we fall asleep and wake up?

How we fall asleep and wake up?

18 Apr 2016

New York: Scientists have identified a new mechanism in the human brain that plays a major role in regulating the "switch" between sleep and wakefulness.

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<strong>How</strong> deep sleep consolidates recent memories?

How deep sleep consolidates recent memories?

15 Apr 2016

New York: A team of US researchers has for the first time decoded how deep sleep –  also called slow-wave sleep –  is involved in promoting the consolidation of recent memories in our brain.

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This is <strong>how</strong> Manipur celebrates Holi

This is how Manipur celebrates Holi

17 Mar 2016

New Delhi: 'Yousang', as it is famously known, is the festival of colours being celebrated in most joyous and traditional way in the state of Manipur. One of the most anticipated festivals, Holi is being celebrated for five continuous days.

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Secret revealed! Know <strong>how</strong> human body ages

Secret revealed! Know how human body ages

29 Mar 2016

Tokyo: Japanese researchers have discovered metabolites that are specifically related to aging and shed light on how the human body ages.

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