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 Want babies? Avoid being a night owl

Want babies? Avoid being a night owl

17 Jul 2014

New York: For women who want to conceive, stop staying up late at night as every time you turn on the light, it slows down the production of the fertility hormone.

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Bikini diet dominate women: Survey

Bikini diet dominate women: Survey

26 Jul 2014

London: Summer holidays prove to be a powerful motivation for several women to lose weight or get in shape, according to research by health and fitness brand Fitbit.

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Don’t miss to watch the video to know <strong>how</strong> the poor is rich by his generosity

Don’t miss to watch the video to know how the poor is rich by his generosity

22 Jul 2014

After going through this video footage you can feel sorry about cold, insensitive and arrogant attitude of people who enjoy comfy life but they could stoop so low, snubbing a needy person.

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Loew reveals <strong>how</strong> he inspired 'miracle boy' Goetze

Loew reveals how he inspired 'miracle boy' Goetze

14 Jul 2014

Rio De Janeiro: Joachim Loew revealed he told Mario Goetze to "prove he's better than Lionel Messi" before Germany's "miracle boy" hit the extra-time goal to win Sunday's World Cup final.

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I don't care about <strong>how</strong> I sing: Salman Khan

I don't care about how I sing: Salman Khan

08 Jul 2014

Mumbai: Superstar Salman Khan, who has sung the song ‘Hangover’ for his upcoming film Kick’, says he is a bad singer but that does not stop him from singing.

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<strong>How</strong> brain maintains activity balance

How brain maintains activity balance

24 Jun 2014

New York: Ever wondered how we constantly adjust and adapt our social behaviour in response to external stimuli? A mechanism in the brain automatically does that for us.

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<strong>How</strong> organs coordinate their development with body

How organs coordinate their development with body

23 Jun 2014

London: Believe it or not but the fact is that our organs do not develop synchronously with the body's development during growth. Instead, the organs' growth is coordinated with the whole body at distinct 'milestones'.

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<strong>How</strong> fatherhood reshapes your brain?

How fatherhood reshapes your brain?

16 Jun 2014

New York: Even as men draw flak for not doing enough of parenting as mothers generally do, researchers have discovered that taking care of his kids may not only enforce hormonal changes in fathers but also reshape their brains.

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<strong>How</strong> keeping cool could help you stay fit!

How keeping cool could help you stay fit!

24 Jun 2014

Melbourne: Staying in a cool environment may help you stay fit as researchers have discovered that such environment stimulates growth of brown fat that burns energy to generate heat and may protect people from diabetes and obesity.

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Kareena taught me <strong>how</strong> to pout for 'Humshakals': Saif

Kareena taught me how to pout for 'Humshakals': Saif

16 Jun 2014

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan credits his actress wife Kareena Kapoor for all the talked about affairs of his female avatar in upcoming film 'Humshakals'.

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