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<strong>How</strong> To Take Care Of Your Footwear?

How To Take Care Of Your Footwear?

17 Sep 2016

New Delhi: If you want to ensure longevity of your favourite footwear, make sure you store them right and use the best ways to keep them clean, suggests an expert.

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 <strong>How</strong> to achieve perfect eyebrows?

How to achieve perfect eyebrows?

24 Jan 2015

Los Angeles: Transform your face by shaping your eyebrows in the right way. A website suggests how:

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This Is <strong>How</strong> Your Perfume Is Polluting Environment

This Is How Your Perfume Is Polluting Environment

06 Sep 2016

London: Love to wear designer perfumes? Be careful, as certain molecules produced in these man-made fragrances act as potential contaminants of the environment, and may also impact our ecosystem in the long run, said a study conducted in the canals of Venice, also known as the city without sewers.

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<strong>How</strong> Twitter Lands Celebrities In A Soup

How Twitter Lands Celebrities In A Soup

29 Aug 2016

New Delhi: If you are a celebrity and don’t stir up a controversy then most probably you are not giving 100 per cent to your job. But, if you are a star who  lost charm with the passage of time and doesn’t stir up a controversy to make your presence felt then, definitely you are committing a crime.

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Changing Weather: Here's <strong>How</strong> You Can Take Care Of Your Health

Changing Weather: Here's How You Can Take Care Of Your Health

04 Nov 2016

It’s time to finally say goodbye to uncomfortable days of summers, and take delight in the refreshing cold breeze. Though winters bring with it the fun of basking in the sunshine, some feel dreaded by the chances of reduced immunity. Well, you can look stylish in hoodies and overcoats, while at the same time, stay healthy from inside.

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Know <strong>how</strong> to <strong>make</strong> the best choice

Know how to make the best choice

04 Feb 2015

New York: Cannot decide which cell phone or car to buy just because there are too many choices? Following a four-step formula can help you make the best decision, says a study.

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Serious video games may help increase fruit, <strong>vegetable</strong> intake

Serious video games may help increase fruit, vegetable intake

10 May 2016

Washington: Parents, take note! Playing a serious video game online may help increase fruit and vegetable intake in your children, a new study has claimed.

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Stay hush-hush to <strong>make</strong> your New Year's resolution last longer

Stay hush-hush to make your New Year's resolution last longer

30 Dec 2015

New York: All geared up for the New Year bash and ready to declare your  resolution? Just hold on. New research has found that the secret to a successful New Year's resolution may lie in, well, keeping it a secret or at best asking yourself a question.

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Here's <strong>How</strong> These Bollywood Celebs Spent Their First Salaries

Here's How These Bollywood Celebs Spent Their First Salaries

22 Sep 2016

New Delhi: Remember getting the feel of your very first salary? Notwithstanding the amount, the feeling of achieving something big and meaningful after toiling for days and nights, as if we have conquered the world.

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<strong>How</strong> much it costs to <strong>make</strong> an Apple Watch!

How much it costs to make an Apple Watch!

01 May 2015

New Delhi: Apple Watch Sport worth USD 350 may burn a hole in your pocket, but it costs only USD 83.70 in terms of hardware and manufacturing.

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