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Here's <strong>how</strong> Moon affects rainfall on Earth

Here's how Moon affects rainfall on Earth

01 Feb 2016

Washington: Changing phases of the Moon affect the amount of rainfall on Earth, though very slightly, scientists have found for the first time.

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World Cancer Day: Stay strong, fight cancer!

World Cancer Day: Stay strong, fight cancer!

04 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Being one of the most deadliest disease, February 4 has been dedicated to spread the awareness about Cancer. Though one cannot really tell what all these cancer-struck people are going through, spreading awareness about it would be a little help on their part.

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SC allows Maharashtra government to hold '<strong>Make</strong> in India' event at Girgaum Chowpatty beach

SC allows Maharashtra government to hold 'Make in India' event at Girgaum Chowpatty beach

03 Feb 2016

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today stayed a Bombay High Court order and allowed the Maharashtra government to hold an event at Girgaum Chowpatty beach in Mumbai to kickstart the 'Make in India Week' programme, which will be attended by the Prime Minister.

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This is <strong>how</strong> you <strong>make</strong> your New Year's resolutions work

This is how you make your New Year's resolutions work

05 Jan 2016

Sydney: New Year resolutions are not as hard to stick to as people generally assume if you follow a few simple methods, says a psychology lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

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Yash Chopra taught me <strong>how</strong> to love: Rekha

Yash Chopra taught me how to love: Rekha

27 Jan 2016

Mumbai: Actress Rekha, who was honoured with the Yash Chopra Memorial Award, says that the filmmaker taught her how to love and inspired her to write 'shayri'.

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Exposure to passive smoking may <strong>make</strong> kids obese!

Exposure to passive smoking may make kids obese!

30 Jan 2016

Washington: Exposure to second-hand smoking may make children obese and amplify their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, a new study has warned. Researchers looked at passive smoke exposure in 220 overweight or obese boys and girls aged between 7 and 11 years.

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US Presidential aspirants <strong>make</strong> final push before first vote

US Presidential aspirants make final push before first vote

01 Feb 2016

Washington: US Presidential aspirants are making a final push before today's first nominating contest in Iowa where Donald Trump leads the Republican side while Bernie Sanders poses a top challenge to Hillary Clinton among Democrats.

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 <strong>How</strong> rising sea-levels <strong>make</strong> days longer

How rising sea-levels make days longer

12 Dec 2015

Toronto: The rotation of the Earth's core holds a clue to understanding global sea-level rise, scientists believe.

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Stay hush-hush to <strong>make</strong> your New Year's resolution last longer

Stay hush-hush to make your New Year's resolution last longer

30 Dec 2015

New York: All geared up for the New Year bash and ready to declare your  resolution? Just hold on. New research has found that the secret to a successful New Year's resolution may lie in, well, keeping it a secret or at best asking yourself a question.

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Anti-depressants can <strong>make</strong> your kids aggressive!

Anti-depressants can make your kids aggressive!

28 Jan 2016

London: Giving common anti-depressants to children and young adults may put them at a greater risk of developing aggression and even suicidal tendencies, warns a study.

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