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<strong>How</strong> to manage <strong>your</strong> cholesterol

How to manage your cholesterol

08 Mar 2014

London: Excess bad cholesterol can lead to heart disease or stroke, so take into account a few steps to manage your cholesterol levels.

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Discover these eight organic cleaning methods for <strong>your</strong> home

Discover these eight organic cleaning methods for your home

06 May 2015

New Delhi: As per a famous proverb, cleanliness is next to godliness, here are eight organic cleaning methods which will help you keep your surrounding squeaky clean.

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Tips to protect <strong>your</strong> furniture this monsoon

Tips to protect your furniture this monsoon

21 Jul 2011

Monsoons may conjure up images of creaking furniture, smelly cupboards or damp sofas in your mind. But there is little to be worried about if you take simple measures to monsoon-proof your house.

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 Some tips to let <strong>your</strong> skin glow this Diwali

Some tips to let your skin glow this Diwali

09 Nov 2012

While you spruce up your home and shop till you drop in these hectic days before Diwali, do spend some time on yourself too. Remember to drink water to keep your skin hydrated and stay away from heavy food for that flawless and glowing skin, say experts.

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Keep a healthy check on <strong>your</strong> hair this season

Keep a healthy check on your hair this season

07 Jan 2015

New Delhi: The winter is one of the most damaging and challenging seasons for your hair. In this season, your hair may get damaged due to freezing temperature and dry air.

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I don't <strong>care</strong> about <strong>how</strong> I sing: Salman Khan

I don't care about how I sing: Salman Khan

08 Jul 2014

Mumbai: Superstar Salman Khan, who has sung the song ‘Hangover’ for his upcoming film Kick’, says he is a bad singer but that does not stop him from singing.

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<strong>How</strong> fatherhood reshapes <strong>your</strong> brain?

How fatherhood reshapes your brain?

16 Jun 2014

New York: Even as men draw flak for not doing enough of parenting as mothers generally do, researchers have discovered that taking care of his kids may not only enforce hormonal changes in fathers but also reshape their brains.

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<strong>How</strong> Twitter Lands Celebrities In A Soup

How Twitter Lands Celebrities In A Soup

29 Aug 2016

New Delhi: If you are a celebrity and don’t stir up a controversy then most probably you are not giving 100 per cent to your job. But, if you are a star who  lost charm with the passage of time and doesn’t stir up a controversy to make your presence felt then, definitely you are committing a crime.

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Callers For dollars: Here's <strong>How</strong> Indian Call Centres Scam US Aged

Callers For dollars: Here's How Indian Call Centres Scam US Aged

30 Nov 2016

Panicking, she rang the number and told a man who said he was from the IRS: ‘I can pay $500,’ half the sum demanded. "I could do a payment plan. I just can't pay all of it at once." "Ma'am, you can pay $500 today itself. You can do that?" the man asked, adding that lawyers would look at her accounts and work out a monthly payment plan, but she had to pay half now.

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Know <strong>how</strong> to keep hair problems away in summer

Know how to keep hair problems away in summer

20 May 2014

New Delhi: Colouring your locks or taking a cool dip in the pool may be a problem for your hair during summer. Know how to protect your precious locks.

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