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New app to know if <strong>your</strong> beer is fresh!

New app to know if your beer is fresh!

21 May 2016

London: Beer lovers, rejoice! Researchers have developed a simple, low-cost method to measure if your beverage has gone stale by using a sensor and a smartphone app.

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Know <strong>how</strong> healthy is <strong>your</strong> preserved food

Know how healthy is your preserved food

12 Dec 2015

New Delhi: 'Junk food' has surely become an addiction among the youngsters and especially children are more prone to this. With the hurry scurry these days, most of us are dependent on preserved or packaged foods. Snacks including chips, cookies and instant food have taken a heavy toll on the people's health. But are we aware of what we eat?

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Coach appointment will <strong>take</strong> another couple of months: Ganguly

Coach appointment will take another couple of months: Ganguly

22 May 2016

Mumbai: The Indian team is unlikely to get a new coach anytime soon with the BCCI's Cricket Advisory Committee member Sourav Ganguly today saying it will take another couple of months to find a suitable candidate for the high-profile position.

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Tips to keep <strong>your</strong> woollens in top form

Tips to keep your woollens in top form

02 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Winter is here and your woollens are your best companions during this season. It require extra care as the fibers are more delicate and are prone to being damaged very easily. Avoid washing machines to clean your sweaters and avoid hanging your sweaters for drying, says an expert.

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Revealed! <strong>How</strong> the moon got its mysterious 'tattoos'

Revealed! How the moon got its mysterious 'tattoos'

30 Apr 2016

Washington: New NASA research has given new clues to how the moon got its mysterious 'tattoos' –  swirling patterns of light and dark found at over a hundred locations across the lunar surface.

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This is <strong>how</strong> you make <strong>your</strong> New Year's resolutions work

This is how you make your New Year's resolutions work

05 Jan 2016

Sydney: New Year resolutions are not as hard to stick to as people generally assume if you follow a few simple methods, says a psychology lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

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<strong>Take</strong> a note! Weight gain in teens linked to low hormone levels

Take a note! Weight gain in teens linked to low hormone levels

27 May 2016

New York: Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have discovered that lower levels of a hormone may make teenagers vulnerable to gaining unhealthy weight.

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<strong>How</strong> smartphones are diminishing people's privacy?

How smartphones are diminishing people's privacy?

19 Apr 2016

Jerusalem: The use of 'location-aware' smartphones and voluntary sharing of information is diminishing people's privacy, say researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel.

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Beware! Baby's cry can alter <strong>your</strong> brain functions

Beware! Baby's cry can alter your brain functions

24 May 2016

Toronto: A constantly crying baby can not only hamper your peace, it can also rattle your brain functions and alter the way you think and act to make daily decisions, a study has found.

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Running barefoot can help boost <strong>your</strong> memory

Running barefoot can help boost your memory

16 May 2016

New York: Running barefoot is better than running with shoes for your working memory which refers to our ability to recall and process information, according to a study.

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