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Try these devices to make <strong>your</strong> TV smarter

Try these devices to make your TV smarter

21 Oct 2015

Mumbai: If you have been eyeing those smart TVs in the market, perhaps you should pause and read about the iBall Splendo and Panache Air PC, based on Intel’s Compute Stick platform

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Why Facebook use drains <strong>your</strong> iPhone battery

Why Facebook use drains your iPhone battery

18 Oct 2015

New York: Have you ever wondered as to why using Facebook drains your iPhone's battery like no other app? It is because social networking platform has been constantly tracking your location using your iPhone's GPS.

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Spotlight on Sehwag as Haryana <strong>take</strong> on Karnataka in Ranji

Spotlight on Sehwag as Haryana take on Karnataka in Ranji

21 Oct 2015

Mysuru: Swashbuckling batsman Virender Sehwag, who has announced his retirement from international cricket, will be the star attraction as Haryana takes on Karnataka in a Group A Ranji Trophy match in Mysuru on Thursday.

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<strong>Your</strong> new clothes may retain harmful chemicals: Study

Your new clothes may retain harmful chemicals: Study

24 Oct 2015

London: The clothes that we wear, even those made from organic cotton, may retain chemicals that could potentially harm our health and environment, suggests new research.

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AIIMS doctors to <strong>take</strong> Geeta's DNA samples to identify parents

AIIMS doctors to take Geeta's DNA samples to identify parents

26 Oct 2015

New Delhi: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has deputed two doctors to collect the DNA samples of 23-year-old Geeta, who has returned to India from Karachi almost after 15 years, to determine her parentage and the results will be known 'after 15-20 days'.

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Daughters will <strong>take</strong> <strong>care</strong> of you in <strong>your</strong> golden years

Daughters will take care of you in your golden years

19 Aug 2014

New York: If you are blessed with a daughter, take heart because in your golden years, they are the ones - and not sons - who are going to care for you.

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Diversity is India's beauty, <strong>take</strong> forward unity mantra: PM Modi

Diversity is India's beauty, take forward unity mantra: PM Modi

25 Oct 2015

New Delhi: Against the backdrop of incidents of violence with communal and casteist overtones, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said diversity of religions and castes is the beauty of India and that the 'mantra' of unity should be carried forward through thinking and expressions.

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<strong>How</strong> to choose right educational app for <strong>your</strong> kid?

How to choose right educational app for your kid?

07 May 2015

New York: Despite claims made by the so-called "educational" apps that turn out to be nothing more than just digital candies, researchers have identified features that parents should seek out while selecting the right apps for their kids.

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India's arms build-up will force Pakistan to <strong>take</strong> deterrence: Nawaz Sharif

India's arms build-up will force Pakistan to take deterrence: Nawaz Sharif

24 Oct 2015

Washington: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday kept up his attack on India and warned that Pakistan will have to take 'credible deterrent' measures in the face of Indian 'arms build-up' and 'dangerous military doctrines'.

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 Snakes' ancestors had four <strong>legs</strong>, reveals study

Snakes' ancestors had four legs, reveals study

24 Jul 2015

New York: The discovery of a four-legged fossil of a snake in Brazil's Crato Formation suggests that this suborder may have evolved from burrowing, rather than marine, ancestors. The unique four-legged specimen found gives more insight into how these creatures evolved into the sleek reptiles that we are familiar with today.

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