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The Reflection of Love on <strong>Your</strong> Palms

The Reflection of Love on Your Palms

29 Jul 2016

New Delhi: “Marriages are made in heaven” – Well, it is said for a reason, and the reason is the way a wedding ceremony is celebrated with enthusiasm, leaving a trail of memories for lifetime. No wonder, everyone wants his/her wedding day to be remembered on a scale of feelings, experience, and flamboyance.

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<strong>How</strong> mobile applications are feeding the poor

How mobile applications are feeding the poor

11 Jul 2016

New Delhi: Advent of technology is not only enriching communication and unfolding many scientific mysteries, but also playing a key role in checking social issues. It will surprise you that your one touch on the mobile screen can feed a hungry person.  Isn’t it a noble initiative by the mobile app developers?

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<strong>Take</strong> Note! Low Birth-Weight Kids Less Active In Adulthood

Take Note! Low Birth-Weight Kids Less Active In Adulthood

03 Sep 2016

London: Children born with a low birth weight are less likely to be good at sports at school, or to engage in exercise later in life, a study has found.

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Opt aromatherapy to beautify <strong>your</strong> skin

Opt aromatherapy to beautify your skin

07 Jan 2016

New Delhi: With the changing time and beauty concepts, people are now going beyond instant beautification and are heading towards natural and rejuvenating solutions. Topping the list in the same is Aromatherapy as the use of essential oils is trending as a slow and steady way to beautify.

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Know <strong>how</strong> healthy is <strong>your</strong> preserved food

Know how healthy is your preserved food

12 Dec 2015

New Delhi: 'Junk food' has surely become an addiction among the youngsters and especially children are more prone to this. With the hurry scurry these days, most of us are dependent on preserved or packaged foods. Snacks including chips, cookies and instant food have taken a heavy toll on the people's health. But are we aware of what we eat?

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Exercise doesn't affect <strong>your</strong> memory!

Exercise doesn't affect your memory!

05 Aug 2016

New York: Exercise causes the formation of new neurons in a critical brain region which does not erases old memories, according to a study conducted by an Indian-origin researchers.

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Tips to wear <strong>your</strong> pencil skirt right

Tips to wear your pencil skirt right

23 Feb 2016

New Delhi: While other skirts may fall in and out of fashion, you can always rely on pencil skirts for creating a silhouette that is tasteful and timeless. One can pair it with an oversized T-shirt or with a striped blouse and a structured blazer to look stylish, says an expert.

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Daughters will <strong>take</strong> <strong>care</strong> of you in <strong>your</strong> golden years

Daughters will take care of you in your golden years

19 Aug 2014

New York: If you are blessed with a daughter, take heart because in your golden years, they are the ones - and not sons - who are going to care for you.

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Here’s <strong>How</strong> Hrithik Helped Tiger Shroff To Prepare For 'A Flying Jatt'

Here’s How Hrithik Helped Tiger Shroff To Prepare For 'A Flying Jatt'

05 Aug 2016

Mumbai: Tiger Shroff says he watched actor Hrithik Roshan's mannerisms in ‘Krrish’ in a bid to get into the skin of his character of a superhero in the upcoming film ‘A Flying Jatt’.

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Interesting! Birds Can Sleep While Flying..Check Out <strong>How</strong>?

Interesting! Birds Can Sleep While Flying..Check Out How?

04 Aug 2016

London: Researchers have discovered that birds can sleep in flight without colliding with obstacles or falling from the sky.

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