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Expert tips to get back <strong>your</strong> bridal glow

Expert tips to get back your bridal glow

24 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Long hours of festivities, erratic schedules, food binges and loads of heavy make-up - all this can take a toll on the bride's skin. From sticking to the right food, regular skincare and work-out, you can regain the bridal glow in no time, says an expert.

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Expert tips to protect <strong>your</strong> skin this summer

Expert tips to protect your skin this summer

16 Feb 2016

New Delhi: As summer approaches, exposure to the sun can lead to suntan, sunburn and many other effects. Apart from tanning, the skin is also exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which has several long-term effects, like early formation of lines and wrinkles on the skin.

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Will <strong>take</strong> <strong>care</strong> of officials not complying with orders: Delhi High Court

Will take care of officials not complying with orders: Delhi High Court

14 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Delhi High Court yesterday told the AAP government to bring to its notice any official who was not complying with court orders on the issue of air pollution and said it will 'take care of it'.

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Learn from 'Candy Brush' app <strong>how</strong> to brush <strong>your</strong> teeth

Learn from 'Candy Brush' app how to brush your teeth

25 Feb 2016

New York: While you are busy bursting candies on Candy Crush game on your smartphones, Oral-B has introduced a new 'smart' toothbrush which works in tandem with a special app 'Candy Brush' to help you correctly brush your teeth.

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<strong>How</strong> to rock <strong>your</strong> office outfits

How to rock your office outfits

28 Nov 2015

New Delhi: We are well conversant with the office blues, sub-conscious mind screaming for a coffee and even then trying hard to deal with the piles of files and to achieve set targets. But you know what? It does feel good to be in office only when you manage to look best everyday ignoring all the chaos in the workplace. This can be easily done with a perfect outfit.

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Nawazuddin Is A One-<strong>Take</strong> Actor: Salman Khan

Nawazuddin Is A One-Take Actor: Salman Khan

09 Aug 2016

Mumbai: Superstar Salman Khan feels Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays the role of a golfer in his upcoming film ‘Freaky Ali’, is a one-take actor.

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Priyanka Chopra tricks mommy’s <strong>how</strong>

Priyanka Chopra tricks mommy’s how

15 Jul 2016

New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra, who is currently busy shooting for the second season of Quantico could not believe that how similar she and her doppelganger Navpreet Banga look.

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Fancy Of Walking Across Glass Bridge? <strong>Take</strong> A Stroll This Weekend In China

Fancy Of Walking Across Glass Bridge? Take A Stroll This Weekend In China

17 Aug 2016

Beijing: The world's longest and highest glass bridge will open to visitors on Saturday in Hunan province of China, the management committee said.

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<strong>Take</strong> Note! Work Productivity Can Predict Recovery From Depression

Take Note! Work Productivity Can Predict Recovery From Depression

17 Aug 2016

New York:  How well a depressed patient is responding to treatments and recovering can be gauged by monitoring his or her work productivity, say researchers including one of Indian-origin.

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<strong>How</strong> to keep <strong>your</strong> smartphone safe during Holi!

How to keep your smartphone safe during Holi!

05 Mar 2015

New Delhi: While Holi is just around the corner, most of the people have already decided on what are they going to wear, where they will party, what they will cook in the kitchen. But  no one would have given a thought about one of their dearest property--smartphone. Here are some tips on how can you keep your world-in-a-device thing safe this Holi!

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