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<strong>iBerry</strong> <strong>launches</strong> new smartphone, <strong>Auxus</strong> <strong>Nuclea</strong> <strong>N1</strong>

iBerry launches new smartphone, Auxus Nuclea N1

10 Jul 2013

Hong Kong-based electronics manufacturer iBerry, better known for its tablet computers, on Tuesday announced the launch of its first smartphone, Auxus Nuclea N1

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Weekly tech roundup: New <strong>launches</strong>, leaks and much more

Weekly tech roundup: New launches, leaks and much more

19 Apr 2014

New Delhi: Global tech arena never stops buzzing. The week witnessed some amazing launches in terms of smartphones and other related apps. Gaming console sales also reached new milestones with Sony as well as Microsoft releasing statements on their device sales. Internet and electronic majors reached out to tech enthusiasts with various new apps, including their updates.

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<strong>iberry</strong> <strong>Auxus</strong> <strong>Nuclea</strong> N2 with 5.7-inch full HD display launched at Rs 23,990 in India

iberry Auxus Nuclea N2 with 5.7-inch full HD display launched at Rs 23,990 in India

13 Jan 2014

New Delhi: Extending it Android smartphone range in the country, iberry has launched Auxus Nuclea N2 at Rs 23,990 in India. Though, in a limited-period introductory offer, the device can be purchased from company’s official website at a discounted price of Rs 19,990.

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Facebook <strong>launches</strong> location-sharing feature ‘Nearby Friends’

Facebook launches location-sharing feature ‘Nearby Friends’

18 Apr 2014

New York: Facebook users in US will soon be able to see which of their friends are nearby using a new feature launched by the company.

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ICICI Prudential MF <strong>launches</strong> 'Dividend Yield Equity Fund'

ICICI Prudential MF launches 'Dividend Yield Equity Fund'

18 Apr 2014

Mumbai: ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is planning to launch a new open-ended 'ICICI Prudential Dividend Yield Equity Fund'.

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PepsiCo <strong>launches</strong> free talk time offer in Twenty20 cricket season

PepsiCo launches free talk time offer in Twenty20 cricket season

18 Apr 2014

New Delhi: PepsiCo on Friday announced an exciting free talk time offer this Twenty20 cricket season, wherein they will be able to stay connected with their friends.

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Robotic submarine <strong>launches</strong> 5th mission to locate missing Malaysian plane

Robotic submarine launches 5th mission to locate missing Malaysian plane

18 Apr 2014

Perth: A remote-controlled mini-submarine deployed to find the crashed Malaysia Airlines plane embarked on a fifth mission on Friday with still no sign of wreckage, as Malaysia vowed not to back down from searching for the jet.

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Tata Docomo <strong>launches</strong> ‘stretch recharges’ for prepaid GSM customers

Tata Docomo launches ‘stretch recharges’ for prepaid GSM customers

18 Apr 2014

New Delhi: Tata Docomo on Wednesday announced data plans for prepaid GSM customers, offering an extended validity period for the price of a monthly recharge.

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Microsoft <strong>launches</strong> All-In-One Media keyboard

Microsoft launches All-In-One Media keyboard

17 Apr 2014

New Delhi: Microsoft has launched an All-In-One Media keyboard, which is a full-size wireless keyboard with an integrated multi-touch trackpad. This means that it can be used both as a mouse and keyboard at the same time. It is priced at USD 39.95 (roughly Rs 2,400).

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Google <strong>launches</strong> Lens Blur for Android in new camera app

Google launches Lens Blur for Android in new camera app

17 Apr 2014

New Delhi: Google has introduced Lens Blur, a new mode in Google Camera app, which produces SLR-like shallow depth-of-field results.

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