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 New HIV vaccine candidate may generate <strong>immune</strong> <strong>response</strong>: Study

New HIV vaccine candidate may generate immune response: Study

20 Jun 2015

Washington: An experimental vaccine candidate may have the potential to stimulate the immune system to block HIV infection, according to new research.

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Vaccine boosts <strong>immune</strong> <strong>response</strong> in cancer patients

Vaccine boosts immune response in cancer patients

04 Apr 2015

Washington: A new vaccine improves the immune system's response to cancer by using altered forms of proteins from the patient, according to a study published by the journal Science.

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US <strong>response</strong> to Kurdish advances in Syria tempered by caution

US response to Kurdish advances in Syria tempered by caution

24 Jun 2015

Washington: Obama administration on Tuesday touted Kurdish-led advances against Islamic State in Syria as a model for the US-backed effort to retake territory from the jihadist group, but US officials cautioned that the insurgents remained resilient and could strike back.

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Skin microbes may boost <strong>immune</strong> <strong>response</strong>: Study

Skin microbes may boost immune response: Study

06 Jan 2015

New York: Various microorganisms that naturally colonize the skin may help protect us from infections as they trigger specific responses in the skin immune system to fight invasion by pathogens, a new research, involving an Indian-origin scientist, has found.

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Ebola vaccine safe, generates <strong>immune</strong> <strong>response</strong>, shows trial

Ebola vaccine safe, generates immune response, shows trial

29 Jan 2015

London: The first trial results of Ebola vaccine at Oxford University suggest the vaccine has an acceptable safety profile and is able to generate an immune response."The Ebola vaccine was well tolerated. Its safety profile is pretty much as we had hoped," said professor Adrian Hill of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University who led the trial.

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Increase user base, improve direct <strong>response</strong> advertising: Investors to new Twitter CEO

Increase user base, improve direct response advertising: Investors to new Twitter CEO

16 Jun 2015

San Francisco: Twitter Inc's next chief executive officer faces a crucial challenge as the company seeks to appease Wall Street after this week's management shakeup - helping disaffected advertisers connect with users.

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 Halting <strong>immune</strong> <strong>response</strong> could save brain cells after stroke

Halting immune response could save brain cells after stroke

15 Mar 2014

Washington:  Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found that using a compound to block the body's immune response greatly reduces disability after a stroke.  

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Obesity affects males more than females, reveals study

Obesity affects males more than females, reveals study

28 May 2015

New York: Obesity may be tougher on male immune systems than females, suggests a study conducted by an Indian-American researcher. Kanakadurga Singer, Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at the University of Michigan, found that high-fat diets reprogram blood stem cells in male mice, promoting metabolic disease.

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<strong>Immune</strong> system regulates sensitivity to bitter taste

Immune system regulates sensitivity to bitter taste

21 Apr 2015

New York: New research reveals that an immune system regulatory protein that promotes inflammation also helps regulate sensitivity to bitter taste.

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Bandh evokes mixed <strong>response</strong> in Assam

Bandh evokes mixed response in Assam

07 May 2015

Guwahati: The 10-hour Assam Bandh called by the Asom Gana Parishad to protest against the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh evoked mixed response in the state on Thursday.

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