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Additional spectrum case: CBI to file <strong>response</strong> on firms' pleas

Additional spectrum case: CBI to file response on firms' pleas

04 Mar 2015

New Delhi: CBI on Wednesday sought time to file its reply on the applications of two firms, chargesheeted in the 2002 additional spectrum allocation case, questioning the jurisdiction of the special 2G court to deal with the matter.

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Ebola vaccine safe, generates <strong>immune</strong> <strong>response</strong>, shows trial

Ebola vaccine safe, generates immune response, shows trial

29 Jan 2015

London: The first trial results of Ebola vaccine at Oxford University suggest the vaccine has an acceptable safety profile and is able to generate an immune response."The Ebola vaccine was well tolerated. Its safety profile is pretty much as we had hoped," said professor Adrian Hill of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University who led the trial.

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Skin microbes may boost <strong>immune</strong> <strong>response</strong>: Study

Skin microbes may boost immune response: Study

06 Jan 2015

New York: Various microorganisms that naturally colonize the skin may help protect us from infections as they trigger specific responses in the skin immune system to fight invasion by pathogens, a new research, involving an Indian-origin scientist, has found.

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Budget evokes mixed <strong>response</strong> from global rating agencies

Budget evokes mixed response from global rating agencies

02 Mar 2015

New Delhi: The Budget has received a mixed response from global rating agencies with the US-based S&P saying that the annual financial document seeks to keep the fiscal deficit in check despite subdued revenue growth.

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Children have fewer allergies when families do dishes by hand: Study

Children have fewer allergies when families do dishes by hand: Study

24 Feb 2015

New York: Doing dishes by hand, rather than loading them into the dishwasher, can help ward off childhood allergies, a new study has found. Researchers in Sweden found that children living in families that hand-washed their dishes were about 40 percent less likely to develop allergies compared with kids in homes that used a dishwasher.

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 Gum-disease bacteria may also give cancer a boost

Gum-disease bacteria may also give cancer a boost

16 Feb 2015

London: A bacterium that lives in our mouths, sometimes causing gum disease, can also help cancer develop by inhibiting the immune system, scientists have found.

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Cow <strong>immune</strong> system inspires new therapies for humans

Cow immune system inspires new therapies for humans

07 Feb 2015

New York: Scientists have developed a potential new therapy based on immune molecules from cows to help people with hormone deficiencies.

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 Badlapur gets fantastic <strong>response</strong> and support from critics and industry!

Badlapur gets fantastic response and support from critics and industry!

19 Feb 2015

Mumbai: So called as the “twisted entertainment” which is all set to release tomorrow has bowled the critics over with Varun Dhawan’s one of the most anticipated film Badlapur.

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E-cigarettes may harm <strong>immune</strong> system: Study

E-cigarettes may harm immune system: Study

05 Feb 2015

New York: E-cigarettes compromise the immune system in the lungs and generate some of the same potentially dangerous chemicals found in traditional nicotine cigarettes, says a team of researchers including an Indian-origin scientist.

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Samsung boasts impressive <strong>response</strong> for its first Tizen-based smartphone

Samsung boasts impressive response for its first Tizen-based smartphone

18 Feb 2015

New Delhi: South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung's Z1, first Tizen-based smartphone, has received an impressive response  from the customers in India and Bangladesh. The Z1 is exclusively available only in two countries—India and Bangladesh.

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