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Explosives <strong>belt</strong> found in Paris suburb

Explosives belt found in Paris suburb

24 Nov 2015

Paris: A 'belt that may resemble an explosive belt' was found today in the southern Paris suburb of Montrouge, sources close to the investigation said, 10 days after attacks in the capital left 130 people dead.

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Suspected case of <strong>Japanese</strong> <strong>encephalitis</strong> detected in Indore

Suspected case of Japanese encephalitis detected in Indore

28 Aug 2015

Indore: A suspected case of Japanese fever (encephalitis) has been reported in the district for the first time, a government health official said here yesterday.

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Passing buck between Centre, UP leaves <strong>Japanese</strong> <strong>Encephalitis</strong> patients in lurch

Passing buck between Centre, UP leaves Japanese Encephalitis patients in lurch

07 Dec 2011

The recurring affliction of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and consequently high death rate has brought to light the ground reality of government vaccination programme in Uttar Pradesh.

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In pics: A cat station master at <strong>Japanese</strong> Railway station

In pics: A cat station master at Japanese Railway station

17 Oct 2015

New Delhi: The human love for pet always makes headlines but you will be shocked to know that Japanese Railway Authorities had appointed a cat as station master of Wakayama Railway station in 2006.

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<strong>Japanese</strong> shot dead in Bangladesh, ISIS claims responsibility

Japanese shot dead in Bangladesh, ISIS claims responsibility

04 Oct 2015

Dhaka: A 66-year-old Japanese man, known for philanthropic work, was today shot dead by the Islamic State militants in Bangladesh, the second foreigner to be gunned down in a week after an Italian aid worker was killed in a near-identical attack by the dreaded outfit.

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Chances of contracting <strong>encephalitis</strong> more in rural area: Doctor

Chances of contracting encephalitis more in rural area: Doctor

07 Aug 2014

Kolkata: As north Bengal grapples with encephalitis and its deadlier variant Japanese encephalitis, residents of Kolkata have little to fear about the infection, according to a senior doctor at the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine.

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<strong>Japanese</strong> whisky heads to space

Japanese whisky heads to space

01 Aug 2015

Tokyo: A Japanese brewing and distilling company is sending samples of its whisky and other alcoholic beverages to the International Space Station next month to study the effect of zero gravity on the flavour of the drinks.

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Wet Suzuka practice leaves questions unanswered

Wet Suzuka practice leaves questions unanswered

25 Sep 2015

Suzuka: A rain soaked first Japanese Grand Prix practice on Friday provided no immediate answers to questions about how Formula One world champions Mercedes would fare after their mysterious Singapore slump last weekend.

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112-year-old <strong>Japanese</strong> is world's oldest man!

112-year-old Japanese is world's oldest man!

22 Aug 2015

Tokyo: Yasutaro Koide, a 112-year-old Japanese has been recognized as the world's oldest man by the Guinness World Records. The officials from the Guinness World Records visited Koide at a care facility near his home in Nagoya city in central Japan yesterday and congratulate him on his longevity.

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Make DDRCs fully functional to tackle JE, AES cases: Nadda to states

Make DDRCs fully functional to tackle JE, AES cases: Nadda to states

07 Jan 2015

New Delhi: Union Health Minister J P Nadda has directed state governments to make District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRCs) fully functional to tackle cases of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES).

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