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Office ogling distract women’s <strong>act</strong>

Office ogling distract women’s act

11 Feb 2012

Women who are being ogled by the office lothario are less likely to do well at work, according to a new study. It was found that females who were subjected to an 'objectifying gaze' by men at work scored less well in maths tests than those who were not, a daily reported.

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I can’t <strong>act</strong>: Victoria Bekham

I can’t act: Victoria Bekham

26 Aug 2011

Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is under no illusions about her acting talents and therefore plans to stick to designing. Despite living in Hollywood, the film capital of the world, with her soccer-star husband David Beckham and their three sons, Victoria knows she doesn't have what it takes to make it in the movie business.

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 After Sherlyn’s Playboy <strong>act</strong>, now Poonam turns ‘Playmate’

After Sherlyn’s Playboy act, now Poonam turns ‘Playmate’

30 Aug 2012

Twitterities favourite Poonam Pandey has done enough to get attention. From releasing her semi nude pics to posting raunchy bathing video this girl has scrambled to leapfrog into popularity. In a bid to turn the spotlight from Sherlyn Chopra, who has recently gone nude for ‘Playboy’, Poonam has tried to don a desi ‘Playmate’ avatar for her fans.

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‘Streedhan’ right of every married woman

‘Streedhan’ right of every married woman

26 Nov 2012

In the country like India, where stringent laws have even failed to completely uproot the menace of dowry from the society, ‘Streedhan’ becomes a necessity of every woman.  It is the right of women to claim their wealth any time and use it in whichever way.

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Bobby Deol’s gentlemanly <strong>act</strong> earns him accolades

Bobby Deol’s gentlemanly act earns him accolades

13 Dec 2011

A star in his own way, Bobby Deol, has a huge fan following who were and are in awe of him irrespective of the fate of his films at the box office. His dedicated fans like him not only for his acting skills but for his charming personality as well. A glimpse of this was caught when Bobby Deol went to Noida for the inauguration of a restaurant.

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Wider hips protect <strong>against</strong> diabetes

Wider hips protect against diabetes

25 Jan 2012

Wider hips can reduce chances of premature death by protecting against metabolic disorders such as diabetes."We knew that higher hip circumference was protective against metabolic diseases such as diabetes as well as death," Adrian Cameron from Deakin University, study co-author.

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We have to break the silence: Flavia Agnes

We have to break the silence: Flavia Agnes

19 Jan 2013

Social activist and noted lawyer Flavia Agnes is a woman of substance. For the first time, Agnes has started to do research work on the issues of domestic violence. Agnes, who has already faced the ordeal, has become the voice of domestic violence victims. Agnes, who paved her way through great struggles, shares her thorny journey of her life with ‘Sakhi’.

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Historical decisions in favour of women

Historical decisions in favour of women

26 Aug 2011

The last ten years, on one hand saw the making of many laws in favour of women whereas on the other few laws were amended in favour of the fairer sex. All in all, the last decade can be considered as golden years for women.

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I won a losing battle <strong>against</strong> cancer, says Liza Ray

I won a losing battle against cancer, says Liza Ray

03 Nov 2012

Liza Ray’s 38th birthday celebration this year was a grand affair. It was like she was reborn. Booming with life and new found joy, Liza Ray’s confidence knows no bounds as she has just conquered cancer and been given a new lease of life. In an exclusive interview with Sakhi the Canadian green-eyed beauty shares the experience of her battle against cancer..

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Fat cells protect body <strong>against</strong> diabetes

Fat cells protect body against diabetes

03 Apr 2012

Researchers have shed light on how fat cells protect the body against diabetes - the finding that may lead to a new therapeutic strategy for preventing and treating type 2 diabetes and obesity-related metabolic diseases.

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