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<strong>Stress</strong>-related ailments in Indian employees due to <strong>job</strong> fears: Survey

Stress-related ailments in Indian employees due to job fears: Survey

19 Dec 2013

New Delhi: Job uncertainty has increased pressure on Indian employees with 71 percent saying they are experiencing more stress-related illness ever since the economic downturn, according to a survey by Regus.

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Women lag behind men on <strong>job</strong> quality: Study

Women lag behind men on job quality: Study

05 Mar 2014

London: A recent study finds that jobs of women are less flexible, more stressful and offer fewer promotion opportunities than men.

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 <strong>Stress</strong> won't give you cancer: Study

Stress won't give you cancer: Study

15 Aug 2015

New York: Stressful events are not associated with cancer, researchers have said, adding that people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are not at the risk of developing the deadly disease.

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Shah doing wonderful <strong>job</strong> as BJP president: Venkaiah Naidu

Shah doing wonderful job as BJP president: Venkaiah Naidu

03 Nov 2015

New Delhi: After senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh's assertion that Amit Shah will get fresh term as its president, party veteran Venkaiah Naidu too gave his approval to Shah's stewardship, saying he is doing a 'wonderful job and providing effective leadership'.

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Karisma Kapoor advises women to take care of <strong>stress</strong>

Karisma Kapoor advises women to take care of stress

21 Aug 2015

Mumbai: Actress Karisma Kapoor, a mother of two, says stress is the 'toughest' aspect that women need to deal with, and she believes it's important that they control it from a young age.

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Go abroad for jobs only through recognised agents: VK Singh

Go abroad for jobs only through recognised agents: VK Singh

09 Oct 2015

Mumbai: Amid outrage over the Saudi incident where an Indian woman's hand was chopped off by her employer, Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh today urged people to go abroad for employment only through recognised agents to prevent instances of exploitation.

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 <strong>Stress</strong> can weaken self-control: Study

Stress can weaken self-control: Study

11 Aug 2015

London: Even moderate levels of stress can impair self-control, a new study has revealed. "Our findings provide an important step towards understanding the interactions between stress and self-control in the human brain, with the effects of stress operating through multiple neural pathways," said lead author Silvia Maier from University of Zurich, Switzerland.

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  New doctors at high risk of depression: Study

New doctors at high risk of depression: Study

09 Dec 2015

Washington: More than one in four doctors in the early stages of their careers have signs of depression, said a study.

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  Childhood <strong>stress</strong> may make women gain weight

Childhood stress may make women gain weight

09 Jul 2015

New York: Childhood stress may have a bigger influence on weight gain by women than stress during adulthood, says a study. Interestingly, the study that appeared online in the journal Social Science & Medicine found that neither childhood nor adult stress was associated with weight gain for men.

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AAP government to organise <strong>job</strong> summit

AAP government to organise job summit

17 Jul 2015

New Delhi: The AAP government plans to organise next month a job summit for affording employment in certain trades with 25 private companies participating in the venture.

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