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Farah Khan gets 'warmth, <strong>love</strong>' from Mamata Banerjee

Farah Khan gets 'warmth, love' from Mamata Banerjee

30 Oct 2014

Kolkata: Filmmaker Farah Khan was delighted to meet Mamata Banerjee here, and said the West Bengal Chief Minister met her with warmth and love.

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When Shah Rukh Khan asked HNY team to 'feel the <strong>love</strong>' in Kolkata

When Shah Rukh Khan asked HNY team to 'feel the love' in Kolkata

30 Oct 2014

Kolkata: Witty answers, anecdotes, flying kisses and lots of jhatkas and matkas by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan punctuated a starry Wednesday evening as he toasted the success of "Happy New Year" with the film team and audience at the St. Xavier's College here.

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Beetroot boosts athletes' performance

Beetroot boosts athletes' performance

24 Oct 2014

New York: Forget energy drinks, athletes may now rely on a more organic drink to enhance their performance beetroot juice. In addition to improving athletic performance, research also found that beetroot juice can improve the quality of life for heart patients.

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'Yeh Dil Sun...' an exceptional <strong>love</strong> <strong>story</strong>: Ekta Kapoor

'Yeh Dil Sun...' an exceptional love story: Ekta Kapoor

08 Oct 2014

Mumbai: Ekta Kapoor's latest offering to the telly world is "Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai", a Patna-based love story between a daughter of a senior government employee and a son of the local coal mafia. The TV tsarina believes the show will strike the right chords.

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Mayank Gandhi, Scarlett Rose win 'Splitsvilla 7'

Mayank Gandhi, Scarlett Rose win 'Splitsvilla 7'

27 Oct 2014

Mumbai: Actor Mayank Gandhi and Goa-based bikini model Scarlett Rose have emerged as the winning couple of dating show 'Splitsvilla 7', beating Abhishek Malik and Khushi Bhatt in the finale.

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'Dr Cabbie' is an underdog <strong>story</strong>: Vinay Virmani

'Dr Cabbie' is an underdog story: Vinay Virmani

18 Oct 2014

New Delhi: A qualified Indian doctor forced to drive a cab in Canada is the premise of actor Vinay Virmani's latest release 'Dr Cabbie', which he says is a story of an underdog finding his way against all odds.

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Marijuana-infused soda bottles explode in <strong>shop</strong>

Marijuana-infused soda bottles explode in shop

13 Oct 2014

New Delhi: A store in Washington encountered unusual problem when the legal bottles of marijuana-infused soda started exploding on the store shelf.

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Chand-Fiza <strong>love</strong> saga started at a <strong>juice</strong> corner in 2004

Chand-Fiza love saga started at a juice corner in 2004

07 Aug 2012

The flamboyant love story of ex-Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Chandra Mohan and Deputy Advocate General of the state Anuradha Bali might have become public after their marriage in 2008 but their love affair had started way back in 2004.

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Grapefruit <strong>juice</strong> might help in weight loss

Grapefruit juice might help in weight loss

10 Oct 2014

Washington: A research study has found that grapefruit juice not only helps in losing weight but also lowers glucose level.

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Mirror power! Try on clothes even when <strong>shop</strong> is closed

Mirror power! Try on clothes even when shop is closed

07 Oct 2014

London: How about trying on clothes via shop windows even when the shutters are down? This could soon be a reality thanks to new research led by an Indian-origin scientist that uses semi-transparent mirrors in interactive systems.

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