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Poor sleep affects IQ of <strong>kids</strong>

Poor sleep affects IQ of kids

29 May 2015

Toronto: Inadequate and poor sleep quality may adversely affect the performance of children in intelligence tests, suggests a research."This is an important discovery that confirms the major role of sleep in consolidating cognitive abilities," said researcher Roger Godbout, professor at the University of Montreal in Canada.

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Indian-American <strong>kids</strong> sweep Spelling Bee contest

Indian-American kids sweep Spelling Bee contest

29 May 2015

Washington: Indian-American kids today maintained their complete dominance in the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee contest by winning the prestigious competition for the eighth year in a row.

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  If your <strong>kids</strong> throw tantrum, consult a doctor

If your kids throw tantrum, consult a doctor

20 May 2015

Washington: If your child often throws tantrums, consider it as any other medical problem and do consult your doctor, says a new study.

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 Make <strong>kids</strong> grow veggies to encourage healthy eating

Make kids grow veggies to encourage healthy eating

18 May 2015

New York: One simple way to make children eat more healthy is to help them grow vegetables in the gardens, says a new research.

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Afternoon protein snacks may help prevent teenage obesity

Afternoon protein snacks may help prevent teenage obesity

22 May 2015

New York: Are you wondering how to make your adolescent kid avoid eating unhealthy in the evening? Researchers have found that high-protein afternoon snacks, particularly soy foods, reduce unhealthy evening snacking in teenagers, thereby preventing obesity.

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  Use of antibiotics can make <strong>kids</strong> obese in adulthood

Use of antibiotics can make kids obese in adulthood

15 May 2015

New York: The commonly prescribed antibiotics can lead to changes in the gut bacteria of kids and make them vulnerable to infectious diseases, allergies and other autoimmune disorders, and even obesity, later in life, warns a new study.

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 <strong>Kajol</strong> lauds the Nepal relief efforts

Kajol lauds the Nepal relief efforts

30 Apr 2015

Mumbai: Actress Kajol has lauded the efforts to help Nepal cope with the devastation caused by the earthquake, saying such trying times unite the world.

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2,100 <strong>kids</strong> go missing in Delhi so far this year

2,100 kids go missing in Delhi so far this year

17 May 2015

New Delhi: More than 2,100 children have gone missing in the national capital till April 15 this year, continuing the disturbing trend of 20 kids disappearing from the city everyday for the last few years.

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 Bedtime routine makes <strong>kids</strong> sleep better

Bedtime routine makes kids sleep better

08 May 2015

New York: Children going to bed at a fixed time every night have a much better sleep than those who do not follow a bedtime routine, says a study involving over 10,000 mothers from 14 countries.

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Peanut-allergic <strong>kids</strong> safer at school than at home

Peanut-allergic kids safer at school than at home

28 Apr 2015

Toronto: Despite the best efforts of parents, children who are allergic to peanuts are far more likely to be exposed to them in their own homes that at school, say a study.

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