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Autistic <strong>kids</strong> more likely to wander, disappear

Autistic kids more likely to wander, disappear

05 Feb 2016

New York: Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more likely to wander away from adult supervision than children with cognitive impairment but no ASD, a new study says.

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Bilingual <strong>kids</strong> are better problem-solvers: Study

Bilingual kids are better problem-solvers: Study

05 Feb 2016

Toronto: Kids who can speak in two or more languages have a better command on routine functioning, reveals a study.

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Olympics give Rio slum <strong>kids</strong> hope for survival

Olympics give Rio slum kids hope for survival

04 Feb 2016

Rio de Janeiro: For kids in one of Rio's toughest slums, the childhood dream of Olympic glory comes with extra motivation: A better chance to stay alive.

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Cricketers join Yuvraj Singh's campaign against cancer

Cricketers join Yuvraj Singh's campaign against cancer

05 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Zaheer Khan joined Yuvraj Singh's campaign to educate 100 cancer-affected kids on the World Cancer Day.

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Never believed in 'dumping off children and going for work': <strong>Kajol</strong>

Never believed in 'dumping off children and going for work': Kajol

02 Jan 2016

New Delhi: She reduced her film appearances out of choice when motherhood happened as she never believed in 'dumping off my children and going off to work'.

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There is certain insensitivity in India, says <strong>Kajol</strong>

There is certain insensitivity in India, says Kajol

23 Jan 2016

Jaipur: Actress Kajol on Saturday said there was 'insensitivity' in the country and that people were turning oversensitive on certain issues.

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Exposure to passive smoking may make <strong>kids</strong> obese!

Exposure to passive smoking may make kids obese!

30 Jan 2016

Washington: Exposure to second-hand smoking may make children obese and amplify their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, a new study has warned. Researchers looked at passive smoke exposure in 220 overweight or obese boys and girls aged between 7 and 11 years.

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Here is why <strong>kids</strong> develop food allergies

Here is why kids develop food allergies

30 Jan 2016

New York: Many children suffer from food allergies that are significant and their ignorance can cause skin rash to a potentially lethal anaphylactic shock - life threatening allergic reaction.

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Anti-depressants can make your <strong>kids</strong> aggressive!

Anti-depressants can make your kids aggressive!

28 Jan 2016

London: Giving common anti-depressants to children and young adults may put them at a greater risk of developing aggression and even suicidal tendencies, warns a study.

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Students with learning disability to get writers for SSC, HSC exams: Maharashtra to HC

Students with learning disability to get writers for SSC, HSC exams: Maharashtra to HC

02 Feb 2016

Mumbai: Maharashtra government informed the Bombay High Court that it has recently come out with a resolution allowing student writers for slow learners or those suffering from learning disability in the forthcoming SSC and HSC Board examinations in the state.

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