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 BCCI's actions motivated by greed: Pakistani <strong>daily</strong>

BCCI's actions motivated by greed: Pakistani daily

18 Nov 2015

Islamabad: The BCCI's actions are 'malicious and motivated by greed', said a Pakistani daily today. It asked authorities here to 'resist this dishonest blackmail by the Indian board'

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Overweight men too face <strong>daily</strong> discrimination

Overweight men too face daily discrimination

18 Nov 2015

New York: Overweight men are just as likely as overweight women to experience subtle forms of discrimination when applying for a job or shopping at retail stores, says new research.

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Standing for six hours <strong>daily</strong> may lower obesity risk: Study

Standing for six hours daily may lower obesity risk: Study

04 Nov 2015

Houston: People who stand for at least one-quarter of their day may have a significantly lower likelihood of obesity, a new study has claimed.

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Veteran CPI leader Bani Dasgupta passes away at 88

Veteran CPI leader Bani Dasgupta passes away at 88

04 Aug 2012

Veteran CPI leader and champion of women's rights Bani Dasgupta died on Saturday, family sources said. She was 88.

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 <strong>Daily</strong> 30 minute walk reduces death risk from heart diseases

Daily 30 minute walk reduces death risk from heart diseases

15 Oct 2015

London: Just half an hour of brisk walking five days a week can reduce risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, especially in women and those younger than 70 years of age, says a new study.

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   <strong>Daily</strong> glass of red wine can improve heart health

Daily glass of red wine can improve heart health

14 Oct 2015

New York: A glass of red wine every night may help people with  Type-2 diabetes manage their cholesterol and cardiac health, suggests new research.

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   Just 30 minutes of <strong>daily</strong> exercise reduces asthma symptoms

Just 30 minutes of daily exercise reduces asthma symptoms

09 Oct 2015

Toronto: Just 30 minutes of non-strenuous exercise such as walking or doing yoga can result in significant reduction of asthma symptoms, says a new study.

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Female students spend 10 hours <strong>daily</strong> on cellphone!

Female students spend 10 hours daily on cellphone!

21 Sep 2015

New York: Female college students spend an average of 10 hours a day on their cellphones and male college students spend nearly eight, reveals new research from a US university.

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An hour of video game <strong>daily</strong> can make girls fat

An hour of video game daily can make girls fat

25 Sep 2015

London: Young women who play computer games for an hour every day are at increased risk of gaining unhealthy weight, warns new research.

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 Eat hot chillies <strong>daily</strong> to stay in shape

Eat hot chillies daily to stay in shape

19 Aug 2015

Sydney: If you love to include chillies in your diet, you have another healthy reason to do so. According to a study, consumption of hot chillies can prevent overeating via an action on nerves in the stomach, thus curbing obesity in chilli lovers.

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