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745 million users log on to Facebook <strong>daily</strong> from mobile phones

745 million users log on to Facebook daily from mobile phones

29 Jan 2015

New York: About 745 million people across the world log on to Facebook each day through their mobile devices, the social networking site said on Thursday.

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Unwell Shraddha practises dance <strong>daily</strong>

Unwell Shraddha practises dance daily

27 Jan 2015

New Delhi: Despite her illness, Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor attends her dance rehearsals daily for an upcoming live event.

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Barack Obama's India visit a big development: Pakistani <strong>daily</strong>

Barack Obama's India visit a big development: Pakistani daily

25 Jan 2015

Islamabad: US President Barack Obama's visit to India for the country's Republic Day celebrations is a "big development" and Islamabad must "ensure it does not suffer as a new era of US-India relations gets underway", even though "there is an element of playing to the gallery" involved in such visits, leading Pakistani dailies said on Sunday.

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Eating walnuts <strong>daily</strong> boosts memory

Eating walnuts daily boosts memory

22 Jan 2015

New York: Eating less than a handful of walnuts daily as a snack or as a part of a meal can sharpen your memory, says a study.

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Sikkim government increases <strong>daily</strong> wages by 10 percent

Sikkim government increases daily wages by 10 percent

19 Jan 2015

Gangtok: Sikkim government has effected ten percent increase in daily wages for all category of workers in the state.

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2,000 girls get killed inside wombs <strong>daily</strong>: Maneka Gandhi

2,000 girls get killed inside wombs daily: Maneka Gandhi

22 Jan 2015

Panipat (Har): Expressing concern over the adverse sex ratio in the country, Union minister Maneka Gandhi  on Thursday called for a need to fight the scourge of female foeticide which claims "2000 lives of girls daily."

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Exercise boosts brain health in adults, reveals study

Exercise boosts brain health in adults, reveals study

21 Jan 2015

Wellington: Daily exercise can help youngsters boost their brain performance, finds a study.

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Grab a handful of nuts <strong>daily</strong> for super health

Grab a handful of nuts daily for super health

19 Jan 2015

Washington: A study involving 14,386 young adults has found that the consumption of tree nuts - at least 44 grams per day is associated with better nutrient adequacy in the diet and better diet quality.

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Drinking coffee may reduce skin cancer risk

Drinking coffee may reduce skin cancer risk

21 Jan 2015

New York: Scientists have found that drinking four cups of coffee a day has a protective effect against skin cancer. Although the results are preliminary, lifestyle modifications with even modest protective effects may have a meaningful impact on melanoma morbidity, the researchers said.

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Risk-assessment software to help you plan <strong>daily</strong> schedule

Risk-assessment software to help you plan daily schedule

19 Jan 2015

New York: With the help of a new software, developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), your smartphone planner could help you with your daily schedule by specifying constraints and reliability thresholds.

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