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Saudi King to visit <strong>White</strong> House in September

Saudi King to visit White House in September

28 Aug 2015

Washington: Saudi King Salman will meet with President Barack Obama early next month during his first visit to the United States since acceding the throne, the White House said today.

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 Watch video: Daredevil man's heroic act

Watch video: Daredevil man's heroic act

28 Aug 2015

New Delhi: In the following video, a running bike some how falls over a snake. Unfortunately the snake gets struck under the bike. In few seconds, inquisitive crowd gathers around the bike and snake but nobody has really the  guts to pull out the snake.  Amid all this, a daredevil man arrives on an Enfield bullet and without any fear lifts the bike and let the snake go off.

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Obama expresses concern over gun culture in US

Obama expresses concern over gun culture in US

27 Aug 2015

Washington: A day after the Virginia shooting incident, President Barack Obama today expressed concern over the gun culture in the US, saying, the number of people who die from gun related incidents around this country 'dwarfs' any deaths that happen through terrorism.

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Mountain <strong>Man</strong> family watches film on him

Mountain Man family watches film on him

22 Aug 2015

Mumbai: The members of Dashrath Manjhi's family were happy like never before after watching 'Manjhi-The Mountain Man', a biopic based on Manjhi's life, at a cinema hall in Bihar's Gaya district.

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Delhi <strong>man</strong> gets 10 years in jail for raping woman on false marriage promise

Delhi man gets 10 years in jail for raping woman on false marriage promise

24 Aug 2015

New Delhi: A man has been awarded ten years in jail for raping a woman on false promise of marriage by a Delhi court, which refused to take a lenient view saying the crime committed by him was very serious as he has ruined the victim 'physically, psychologically and financially.'

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IS second-in-command killed in US air strike: <strong>White</strong> House

IS second-in-command killed in US air strike: White House

22 Aug 2015

Washington: The second-in-command of the dreaded Islamic State (IS) militant group has been killed in a US air strike in Northern Iraq, the White House has said.

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 Chinese <strong>Man</strong> Gets 62,500 US Dollars for Panda Bite

Chinese Man Gets 62,500 US Dollars for Panda Bite

22 Aug 2015

Beijing:  A villager in Northwest China has been compensated 400,000 yuan (about USD 62,500) after being bitten by a giant panda, a protected wild animal.

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  'Manjhi - The Mountain <strong>Man</strong>' - Movie Review

'Manjhi - The Mountain Man' - Movie Review

21 Aug 2015

Mumbai: Dashrath Manjhi's is an extremely inspiring tale but surely not an easy one to narrate. Manjhi (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui) , a fiercely determined man, spends years breaking the mountain's back, because that's where his beloved wife slipped and fell to her death. Twenty two years (1960-1982) later, he manages to do what he sets out to.  

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112-year-old Japanese is world's oldest <strong>man</strong>!

112-year-old Japanese is world's oldest man!

22 Aug 2015

Tokyo: Yasutaro Koide, a 112-year-old Japanese has been recognized as the world's oldest man by the Guinness World Records. The officials from the Guinness World Records visited Koide at a care facility near his home in Nagoya city in central Japan yesterday and congratulate him on his longevity.

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  Watch video: This 'Rubber' <strong>man</strong> can do something unbelievable

Watch video: This 'Rubber' man can do something unbelievable

19 Aug 2015

New Delhi: This man in the video is probably a rubber man, who can bend, twist and move his body in every bizarre position. The level of flexibility he is loaded with is truly commendable.

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