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Major political leaders launch ‘Yatras’ in the electoral season

Major political leaders launch ‘Yatras’ in the electoral season

22 Sep 2011

With non-political yet influential leaders like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev striking a special connect with the masses off late, the political bigheads have been threatened by their increasing popularity. As a course correction measure, the politicians have got into a rat race of launching Yatras in a bid to reconnect with the people.

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BJP calls Rahul 'spoiled child' of <strong>Indian</strong> <strong>politics</strong>

BJP calls Rahul 'spoiled child' of Indian politics

25 Sep 2015

Bengaluru: The BJP today dubbed Rahul Gandhi 'spoiled child' of Indian politics and said the Congress was behaving with 'complete irresponsibility' under his overall leadership.

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Five things that every <strong>Indian</strong> must do this Diwali

Five things that every Indian must do this Diwali

10 Nov 2015

New Delhi: Diwali is the biggest festival of India and no matter which caste or creed one belongs to, one just cannot escape the spirit of the festival of lights. Diwali has now become a global festival with US President Barack Obama announcing Diwali as a holiday in the United States of America.

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MJ Akbar terms Rahul Gandhi as 'principal misleader' of <strong>Indian</strong> <strong>politics</strong>

MJ Akbar terms Rahul Gandhi as 'principal misleader' of Indian politics

16 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Attacking Rahul Gandhi who accused the ruling party of muzzling the youth, BJP today called him a "principal misleader" of Indian politics and said that it showed his "willingness" to "twist" the truth.

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Go in for the <strong>latest</strong> fashion <strong>trends</strong> to celebrate the festive season

Go in for the latest fashion trends to celebrate the festive season

24 Sep 2014

Delhi: Navratri is one of the most beautiful festivals which is celebrated all over India. Women and men dress up in the best of styles for the these nine auspicious nights.

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Update your Twitter app to <strong>latest</strong> version for new 'Tailored <strong>Trends</strong>'

Update your Twitter app to latest version for new 'Tailored Trends'

09 Apr 2015

New Delhi: Social-networking giant Twitter on Wednesday replaced its 'Discover' tab with 'Tailored Trends' but users have to update their app to avail the new feature.

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Recycle old clothes to carve out <strong>latest</strong> <strong>trends</strong>

Recycle old clothes to carve out latest trends

01 Jul 2014

New Delhi: Our wardrobe full of clothes still confused what to wear. We often find ourselves in this dilemma. And we start thinking to renew our closet and get rid of the old stuff. It’s time to recycle your old clothes and carve out trendy ones out of them. Here are simple DIY tips to save you a sharp pocket pinch and keep you up with the latest trends-in-vogue.

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Saketh Myneni Achieves Career-Best Ranking In <strong>Latest</strong> ATP List

Saketh Myneni Achieves Career-Best Ranking In Latest ATP List

12 Sep 2016

New Delhi: Following his maiden appearance at the US Open Saketh Myneni on Monday achieved a career-high rank of 137 in singles in the latest list, issued by the ATP.

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Two models of <strong>politics</strong> emerging in the country: Kejriwal

Two models of politics emerging in the country: Kejriwal

09 Oct 2015

New Delhi: Alluding to the Dadri lynching, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said some political parties 'use' the youth to instigate riots and spread hatred by keeping them unemployed and uneducated.

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E-coupons, apps are new <strong>trends</strong> for Diwali gifts

E-coupons, apps are new trends for Diwali gifts

09 Nov 2015

New Delhi: As Diwali approaches, gifting has got an e-overhaul, with online coupons and mobile apps for choosing gifts of one's own choice becoming popular in place of stereotype gifts like sweets and dry fruit boxes.

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