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UN warns <strong>states</strong> against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments

UN warns states against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments

17 Nov 2015

Geneva: The United Nations today called on states not to 'backtrack' on pledges made to host migrants and refugees, including from Syria, in the wake of the attacks in Paris.

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Kofi Annan appoited UN-<strong>Arab</strong> <strong>League</strong> envoy to Syria

Kofi Annan appoited UN-Arab League envoy to Syria

24 Feb 2012

Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan has been appointed as the joint United Nations-Arab League envoy to Syria tasked with engaging with all relevant interlocutors within and outside the troubled country to end the year-long violence and humanitarian crisis.

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Syria: India supports <strong>Arab</strong> <strong>League</strong>-backed resolution for peaceful end

Syria: India supports Arab League-backed resolution for peaceful end

05 Feb 2012

India's vote in favour of an Arab League-backed resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council was in accordance with its support for a peaceful resolution of the crisis in that country through a Syrian-led inclusive political process.

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Putin names United <strong>States</strong> among threats in new Russian security strategy

Putin names United States among threats in new Russian security strategy

02 Jan 2016

Moscow: A new appraisal names the United States as one of the threats to Russia's national security for the first time, a sign of how relations with the west have deteriorated in recent years.

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US favours Indo-Pak talks for resolving Kashmir issue

US favours Indo-Pak talks for resolving Kashmir issue

14 Jul 2016

Washington: The US today said it wants dialogue between India and Pakistan for resolving Kashmir issue, amid war of words between the two countries over the the unrest in the Valley after the killing of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani.

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Biggest Jewish-<strong>Arab</strong> school set afire in Israel

Biggest Jewish-Arab school set afire in Israel

30 Nov 2014

Jerusalem: One of Israel's largest bilingual schools for Jewish and Arab children was set on fire in a suspected arson attack in southern Jerusalem, worsening the tense situation following the 50-day war with the Hamas.

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India's MTCR entry will boost non-proliferation efforts: US

India's MTCR entry will boost non-proliferation efforts: US

28 Jun 2016

Washington: India's entry into the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) "substantially bolsters" its effectiveness and would strengthen global non-proliferation efforts, the US has said, citing the country's "excellent" export control credentials.

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Syria responds 'positively' to <strong>Arab</strong> plan: Spokesman

Syria responds 'positively' to Arab plan: Spokesman

05 Dec 2011

Syria has "responded positively" to an Arab League proposal designed to end months of deadly unrest, paving the way for its signature, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Jihad Makdesi said on Monday.

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Assailant opens fire at bus station, kills Israeli soldier

Assailant opens fire at bus station, kills Israeli soldier

19 Oct 2015

Jerusalem: An Arab attacker armed with a gun and a knife opened fire in a southern Israel bus station, police said, killing an Israeli soldier and wounding 10 people in one of the boldest attacks yet in a month-long wave of violence.

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Syria peace talks will continue, says Brahimi

Syria peace talks will continue, says Brahimi

28 Jan 2014

Geneva: Representatives of the Syrian government and opposition will continue talks on Tuesday, said UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi on Monday.

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