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Indonesia resumes search for missing Aviastar <strong>plane</strong>

Indonesia resumes search for missing Aviastar plane

03 Oct 2015

Jakarta: A search was underway for a small passenger plane that went missing with 10 people on board during a domestic flight in eastern Indonesia.

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11 killed in US C-130 <strong>plane</strong> <strong>crash</strong> in Afghanistan

11 killed in US C-130 plane crash in Afghanistan

02 Oct 2015

Washington: An American C-130J military transport plane crashed at the Jalalabad airport in Afghanistan early today, killing all on board, including six US service members and five civilian passengers, the Pentagon said.

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Passenger airplane with 10 aboard missing in east Indonesia

Passenger airplane with 10 aboard missing in east Indonesia

02 Oct 2015

Jakarta: A passenger plane carrying 10 people on a domestic flight is missing in eastern Indonesia, an official said today.

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12 killed as bus crashes into Ankara bus stop

12 killed as bus crashes into Ankara bus stop

02 Oct 2015

Ankara:Twelve people were killed today in the Turkish capital Ankara when a bus ploughed into commuters waiting at a bus stop, Turkish media and officials said.

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Four students dead in Seattle 'duck boat' <strong>crash</strong>

Four students dead in Seattle 'duck boat' crash

25 Sep 2015

Seattle: A 'duck boat' tour vehicle and a charter bus carrying foreign college students have collided on a busy Seattle bridge, killing four people and sending dozens to hospitals. The collision happened yesterday on the Aurora Avenue bridge, which carries one of the city's main north-south highways over a lake.

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Bangkok blast: <strong>Malaysia</strong> arrests eight suspects

Bangkok blast: Malaysia arrests eight suspects

23 Sep 2015

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian police have arrested eight people with suspected links to the deadly blast at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine, the police said today.

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Indonesian <strong>plane</strong> <strong>crash</strong>: All bodies recovered

Indonesian plane crash: All bodies recovered

18 Aug 2015

Jakarta: All the bodies of the 54 people aboard an ATR42-300 of Trigana Air Service that crashed have been found, an official said.

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Netaji <strong>plane</strong> <strong>crash</strong>: An enigma that continues to haunt

Netaji plane crash: An enigma that continues to haunt

17 Aug 2015

Kolkata: Did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose die of third-degree burns on August 18, 1945, after his plane crashed in Formosa (now Taiwan) or did he survive and escape to Siberia? Or was the "'crash"'a mere hoax to help him flee to safety? The questions have been haunting, agitating and engaging Indians, in particular Bengalis, for 70 years, but the mystery endures even today.

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Barack Obama blames Russia-backed separatists for <strong>plane</strong> tragedy

Barack Obama blames Russia-backed separatists for plane tragedy

18 Jul 2014

Washington: President Barack Obama on Friday said US believes that a Malaysian jetliner was shot down by surface-to-air missiles from an area inside Ukraine that is controlled by Russia-backed separatists and sought a credible international probe into the global tragedy that claimed 298 lives.

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<strong>Malaysia</strong> dispatches team to verify <strong>plane</strong> wreckage

Malaysia dispatches team to verify plane wreckage

30 Jul 2015

United Nations: Malaysia has sent a team to verify whether a mysterious piece of plane debris washed up on a French island in the Indian Ocean belonged to the ill-fated MH370 that disappeared without a trace March last year with 239 people on board.

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