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App turns smartphones into <strong>noise</strong> sensors

App turns smartphones into noise sensors

19 Sep 2014

London: If high levels of sound disturb your sleep at night, you can now turn your smartphone into a noise sensor for further action as researchers have now developed an app that lets you map noise.

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7 years jail, 100 crore fine for wrong depiction of India <strong>map</strong>

7 years jail, 100 crore fine for wrong depiction of India map

06 May 2016

New Delhi: Wrong depiction of the map of India could land the violators in jail with a maximum term of seven years and fine upto Rs 100 crore.

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Google's Kids' <strong>Map</strong> App Lets Them Explore Himalayas In 3D

Google's Kids' Map App Lets Them Explore Himalayas In 3D

04 Aug 2016

New York: Technology giant Google has released a new application specially designed for children to let them explore the Himalayas using maps, 3D imagery and gameplay, a media report said.  

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Chhattisgarh government issues circular seeking action on <strong>noise</strong> pollution

Chhattisgarh government issues circular seeking action on noise pollution

30 Dec 2015

Raipur: In a bid to control noise levels in the state,  Chhattisgarh government has issued necessary directives to prevent sound pollution on roads and other public places.

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Pay attention! Traffic <strong>noise</strong> ups heart attack risk

Pay attention! Traffic noise ups heart attack risk

09 Jul 2016

London: Living near the highway could cost your heart dear as researchers have found that risk of heart attack goes up with the amount of traffic noise to which you are exposed.

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Satellite Images Used To <strong>Map</strong> Poverty

Satellite Images Used To Map Poverty

19 Aug 2016

Washington: Stanford scientists have found a low-cost and more reliable method to map poverty in areas previously void of data - by combining satellite images and making use of machine learning.

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  New receiver detects weak signals from <strong>noise</strong>

New receiver detects weak signals from noise

12 Dec 2015

New York: Engineers have developed a receiver that can detect a weak, fast and randomly occurring signal. The discovery lays the groundwork for a new class of highly sensitive communication receivers and scientific instruments that can extract faint, non-repetitive signals from noise.

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'Free will' may stem from brain <strong>noise</strong>

'Free will' may stem from brain noise

11 Jun 2014

Washington: Our ability to make choices and sometimes mistakes might arise from random fluctuations in the brain's background electrical noise, according to a new study.

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Union Minister Naidu launches 'Swachh <strong>Map</strong>' app

Union Minister Naidu launches 'Swachh Map' app

09 Jun 2016

Rajkot: Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu yesterday launched a 'Swachh Map' mobile application of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) that will enable residents to register complaints of sanitation by sending photos using it.

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Get more decibel meters to ensure no violation of <strong>noise</strong> pollution: Bombay HC

Get more decibel meters to ensure no violation of noise pollution: Bombay HC

05 Jan 2016

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court directed Maharashtra government to take steps to procure 1,843 decibel meters for the police to ensure there is no violation of noise pollution rules during festivals, public addresses, processions and so on.

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