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Chinese herbal <strong>medicine</strong> for <strong>treating</strong> <strong>cancer</strong> launched

Chinese herbal medicine for treating cancer launched

19 Feb 2013

Netherlands based RegPak Bio-pharma today announced a tie up with a Taiwan based company Meriyana International Biotechnology to sell Chinese herbal medicine for cancer treatment in India through its Indian subsidiary Cancure (P) Ltd based here.

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 New options found for <strong>treating</strong> pancreatic <strong>cancer</strong>

New options found for treating pancreatic cancer

27 Feb 2015

Melbourne: Sufferers of pancreatic cancer, a disease hard to find and even harder to treat, will have new medical options thanks to genomic sequencing, Australian researchers announced on Friday.

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Actor Rajasekar <strong>treating</strong> <strong>cancer</strong>-stricken producer

Actor Rajasekar treating cancer-stricken producer

03 Feb 2015

Chennai: Popular Telugu actor Rajasekar, who is also a doctor by profession, has been attending to producer D Ramanaidu, who has been suffering from prostate cancer, over the last few months.

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Bacteria in saliva may help diagnose pancreatic <strong>cancer</strong>

Bacteria in saliva may help diagnose pancreatic cancer

19 May 2014

New York: Even bacteria present in a person's saliva can help doctors identify pancreatic cancer and other pancreatic diseases, a promising study indicates.

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 HPV vaccination in boys can save cost of <strong>treating</strong> throat <strong>cancer</strong>

HPV vaccination in boys can save cost of treating throat cancer

13 Apr 2015

Washington:  Vaccinating 12-year-old boys against the humanpapilloma virus (HPV) may be a cost-effective strategy for preventing oropharyngeal cancer -- a cancer that starts at the back of the throat and mouth and involves the tonsils and base of the tongue.The study provides important information about HPV vaccination which has proven effective against HPV-related disease in both sexes but remains controversial, especially in males.

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Breakthrough in lung <strong>cancer</strong> therapy

Breakthrough in lung cancer therapy

01 Feb 2014

Washington: A new study shows that a combination of drugs can be used in targeted therapy against a common type of lung cancer.

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High BP <strong>medicine</strong> may help treat migraine

High BP medicine may help treat migraine

14 Jan 2014

London: A medication originally used to treat high blood pressure may help you from migraine pain attacks. Candesartan - a drug used to treat high blood pressure - is just as effective as the commonly prescribed propranolol for migraine sufferers, according to a study.

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Cheap drug boon for <strong>treating</strong> heart-attack patients

Cheap drug boon for treating heart-attack patients

31 Mar 2014

London: An early treatment of heart-attack patients with a cheap drug holds promise to reduce health care expenditure to a great extent, researchers hope.

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Personalised medicines on way for prostate <strong>cancer</strong> patients?

Personalised medicines on way for prostate cancer patients?

28 Mar 2015

Kolkata: Paving the way for personalised medicine, Indian scientists have identified for the first time various genetic alterations found in prostate cancer patients in the country, a development that could aid clinicians diagnose, decide and select the most effective and precise therapy for the person.

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Many challenges remain to treat childhood <strong>cancer</strong>

Many challenges remain to treat childhood cancer

04 Feb 2014

Washington: In a most comprehensive study to date, scientists have found that despite advances in the treatment of childhood cancer, there has been less progress made in understanding the causes and prevention of childhood cancer.

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