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Mysterious warm layer <strong>found</strong> in Venus' atmosphere

Mysterious warm layer found in Venus' atmosphere

26 Mar 2015

London: A group of scientists has found a warm layer in Venus' atmosphere, the nature of which is still unknown.The researchers made the discovery when compiling a temperature map of the upper atmosphere on the planet's night side based on the data collected by the European mission Venus Express probe.

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New Ebola vaccine <strong>found</strong> safe in early human trials

New Ebola vaccine found safe in early human trials

26 Mar 2015

Beijing: A new Ebola vaccine has been found to be safe in the first phase one trial based on the 2014 strain of the virus.

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Vyapam scam accused son of MP Governor <strong>found</strong> dead

Vyapam scam accused son of MP Governor found dead

25 Mar 2015

Lucknow: Madhya Pradesh Governor Ram Naresh Yadav's son Shailesh, who was named as an accused in the multi-crore Vyapam scam, was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his father's official residence here on Wednesday.

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History of Bihar, Patna to come <strong>alive</strong> with new laser show at Golghar

History of Bihar, Patna to come alive with new laser show at Golghar

22 Mar 2015

Patna: History of Bihar will soon come alive at the historic Golghar here as the nearly 230-year -old granary is all set to host a day-time laser show for the first time on the inside walls of its iconic structure.

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500,000-year-old man's Swiss Army knife <strong>found</strong>

500,000-year-old man's Swiss Army knife found

21 Mar 2015

London: Researchers have found prehistoric flint tools that resemble "Swiss Army knife" and were used to butcher animal carcasses.Among elephant remains some 500,000 years old at a Lower Palaeolithic site in Revadim, Israel, professor Ran Barkai of the Tel Aviv University and colleagues recently analysed 'hand axes' and 'scrapers', replete with animal residue.

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Confidential US FTC report <strong>found</strong> Google anti-competitive tactics: Report

Confidential US FTC report found Google anti-competitive tactics: Report

20 Mar 2015

SAN FRANCISCO: Key staff members at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission were in favor of suing Google Inc for violating antitrust rules before the agency settled its investigation in 2013, according a confidential report cited by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

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IAS officer <strong>found</strong> dead in Bengaluru, suicide suspected

IAS officer found dead in Bengaluru, suicide suspected

17 Mar 2015

Bengaluru: An IAS officer, who had taken on the sand mafia in Kolar district of Karnataka, allegedly committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in his room at his official flat here on Sunday.

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Natural protection against Alzheimer's <strong>found</strong>

Natural protection against Alzheimer's found

13 Mar 2015

Washington: Researchers have identified a gene variant that may be used to predict people most likely to respond to an investigational therapy under development for Alzheimer's disease (AD).

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Are <strong>mermaids</strong> for real, maybe yes !

Are mermaids for real, maybe yes !

17 Sep 2012

My first tryst with mermaids was in kindergarten in a fancy dress competition. My aunt had created a fin out of yellow chart paper. When the 2 feet something mermaid in me lost, I remember my aunt saying, “Mermaids are shy of humans, so they don’t accept prizes.”Last week, I watched Mermaid, The Body Found, a programme that will air on Animal Planet on September 22 at 8 pm. In April 2004, two boys are the first to find whales, in large numbers, washed up on the shore of Washington state. Later, this was discovered to be the largest whale beaching ever witnessed.

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Missing MH370 will be <strong>found</strong>: Malaysia

Missing MH370 will be found: Malaysia

07 Mar 2015

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia has said it is committed to find the MH370 flight which disappeared last year and the countries leading the search will return to the drawing board if they fail to trace the aircraft by May end.

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