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In pics: How <strong>birds</strong> beat the heat

In pics: How birds beat the heat

20 May 2016

New Delhi: A major part of India is reeling under sweltering conditions with mercury touching the higher notches, up to the tune of 43-47 degrees at many places. In fact Phalodi in Rajsthan has registered 51 degrees which is the highest temperature recorded in the country since 1956. The unprecedented heat wave has made life very difficult not only for people but for other life forms as well, especially the birds that require water bodies to stay happy and in good health.

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Bird-watchers' paradise Gharana wetland dying a slow death

Bird-watchers' paradise Gharana wetland dying a slow death

03 Jan 2016

Jammu: "This wetland is dying a slow death; please help us to preserve it for our future generations," reads a billboard outside the famed Gharana wetland, the winter abode of thousands of migratory birds who throng this marshy land on the India-Pakistan border.

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Seeing red! Why is Neha Dhupia angry?

Seeing red! Why is Neha Dhupia angry?

20 May 2016

Mumbai: After Sonakshi Sinha, The Angry Birds Movie toon has announced Neha Dhupia as the next recipient of The Angries award.

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Sonakshi Sinha gets 'Angry Award'

Sonakshi Sinha gets 'Angry Award'

17 May 2016

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, who has never shied away from expressing her anger towards internet trolls, was awarded with The Angries - a special award by the team of forthcoming film 'The Angry Birds Movie'.

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Early arrival of painted storks brings cheer to Delhi zoo

Early arrival of painted storks brings cheer to Delhi zoo

18 Aug 2015

New Delhi: Much to the delight of bird-watchers, painted storks have descended on the Delhi zoo this Monsoon, a month ahead of the expected arrival of these large wading migratory birds.

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How baby <strong>birds</strong> learn to fly early

How baby birds learn to fly early

24 Apr 2016

New York: Despite having extremely underdeveloped muscles and wings, young birds may acquire a mature flight stroke early in life by initially relying more on their legs and wings for power, finds a new study.

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City <strong>birds</strong> smarter than rural <strong>birds</strong>: study

City birds smarter than rural birds: study

23 Mar 2016

Toronto: Birds living in urban environments are smarter than those from rural locations, according to a new study that found life in the city changes cognition, behaviour and physiology of birds to their advantage.

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People in Rajasthan village protect ponds for <strong>birds</strong>

People in Rajasthan village protect ponds for birds

20 Nov 2014

Udaipur: A village in southern Rajasthan has scripted a heart warming conservation story by refusing to allow fishing or any other activity in two ponds, leaving them exclusively for birds, including migratory ones.

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<strong>Birds</strong> in remote Antarctica can recognise individual people

Birds in remote Antarctica can recognise individual people

28 Mar 2016

Seoul: While it is only natural for birds living among people to learn to differentiate individual humans, researchers have found that skuas living in remote Antarctica too can recognise people who had previously accessed the nests to measure their eggs and nestlings.

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Naveen Patnaik dubs Congress, BJP as <strong>migratory</strong> <strong>birds</strong>

Naveen Patnaik dubs Congress, BJP as migratory birds

28 Mar 2014

Aska (Odisha): Dubbing Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as 'migratory birds' who visit Odisha only during elections, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) chief Naveen Patnaik said that both parties has all along ignored the interests of the state.

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