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In <strong>pics</strong>: World's precious diamonds

In pics: World's precious diamonds

30 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Diamond has always been the first choice of jewellery lovers. Not only women but men also  aspire to wear the precious stone.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Mom-to-be Arpita Khan looks adorable at her baby shower

In pics: Mom-to-be Arpita Khan looks adorable at her baby shower

29 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Salman Khan's baby sister Arpita Khan has shared some adorable pictures of her baby shower party on her Instagram account. This not only confirms the news that she is pregnant, but also shows that how much the 'Khaan-daan' cares about Arpita.

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Sidharth Malhotra crosses 1 million Instagram followers

Sidharth Malhotra crosses 1 million Instagram followers

29 Jan 2016

Mumbai: After amassing one million followers on Instagram, Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra has joined the list of celebrities who have a huge fan base on the social media.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Best customized vehicles in world

In pics: Best customized vehicles in world

20 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Though automobile companies have been launching variety of vehicles with latest technologies and finest designs, car lovers demand customised vehicles. Despite being expensive, the customised cars are in good demand.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Most luminous stars

In pics: Most luminous stars

16 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Despite knowing that the myth and the science do not go hand in hand, we believe in saying that after death, humans become luminous stars. We emotionally stare at the stars as if our beloved departed soul sees us in guise of celestial body.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Car, plane, boat on rooftop of Punjab houses!

In pics: Car, plane, boat on rooftop of Punjab houses!

21 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Gone are the days when rich emperors like Akbar and Shah Jahan used to hog the limelight in building artistic edifices. Now common people from Punjab create buzz in media for their unique architectures. Though the buildings are artistically not as rich as Taj Mahal or other historical monuments, they show their unique creativity by giving a shape of different objects such as aeroplanes, birds, cars and boats to water tanks.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Ten most popular Indian politicians on Facebook

In pics: Ten most popular Indian politicians on Facebook

19 Jan 2016

New Delhi: As social networking site Facebook became an easy platform to reach out to a large number of people, politicians from across the globe have been utilising it to connect with them. Indian politicians are also not lagging behind to use Facebook. A recent study has showed that after US President who has 46 million likes on his 'Barack Obama campaign page', Prime Minister Narendra Modi stands second on list of most popular politicians on Facebook with over one million fans.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Some super humanoid robots that will amaze you!

In pics: Some super humanoid robots that will amaze you!

18 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Have you ever wondered what will happen if Rajnikanth's 'Chitti' walks with you or you get a chance to play boxing with Real Steel's 'Atom'?

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In <strong>pics</strong>: World's top police departments

In pics: World's top police departments

13 Jan 2016

New Delhi: The perception about state police may be murkier because of rising corruption. However, this is not a complete picture and in some cases, officers do marvellous jobs. They are the people who ensure our protection. Police departments in various countries set benchmark by their intelligence and instant action against criminals.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Modern spying devices

In pics: Modern spying devices

08 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Premier intelligence agencies of different countries such as Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia and  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of USA use modern technologies to snoop information from rivalry countries mainly relates to defence sector.

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