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Indonesian plane's engine may have failed before crash: Air force

Indonesian plane's engine may have failed before crash: Air force

02 Jul 2015

Medan (Indonesia): The Indonesian military plane that crashed into a residential neighbourhood and killed 142 people likely suffered an engine failure, the Indonesian Air Force said today, but denied the aircraft was overloaded after claims civilians had paid to get on board.

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NASA unveils first <strong>plane</strong> to fly on Mars

NASA unveils first plane to fly on Mars

02 Jul 2015

Washington: NASA has unveiled a boomerang-shaped aircraft that could be the first to take flight on Mars to look for potential landing sites for future manned mission to the red planet.

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36 dead, 19 <strong>missing</strong> in Philippines boat capsize

36 dead, 19 missing in Philippines boat capsize

02 Jul 2015

Manila: At least 36 people died and 19 others were reported missing when a passenger banca -- a type of outrigger boat -- capsized in the waters off Ormoc city in Central Philippines' Leyte province on Thursday afternoon, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said.

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When Farooq shouted at RAW Chief during Kandahar hijack

When Farooq shouted at RAW Chief during Kandahar hijack

03 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah shouted at the then RAW Chief AS Dulat for 'hours together' during their meeting after a decision was taken to release three hardcore militants in exchange for the freedom of the passengers of the hijacked Indian Airlines plane in 1999, it was recalled today.

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Dozens feared dead in Indonesian military <strong>plane</strong> crash

Dozens feared dead in Indonesian military plane crash

30 Jun 2015

Medan(Indonesia): At least 49 people were reported dead after a military transport plane crashed into a residential area shortly after take-off in northern Indonesia on Tuesday, but the toll looked set to rise after it emerged that more than 100 people had been on board.

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Death toll rises to 142 in Indonesia military <strong>plane</strong> crash

Death toll rises to 142 in Indonesia military plane crash

01 Jul 2015

Medan (Indonesia): The death toll in the crash of an Indonesian air force plane packed with military personnel and their families rose to 142 today, as witnesses described people fleeing the disaster zone covered in blood with their clothes alight.

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<strong>Missing</strong> instant noodles? These five easy Indian alternatives can repress your hunger for Maggi

Missing instant noodles? These five easy Indian alternatives can repress your hunger for Maggi

02 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Are you missing Maggi a lot? Last month, the favourite easy-to-cook and yummy-to-eat Maggi faced a ban when harmful ingredients were found in the instant noodle. Following Maggi, many other instant noodles, including Top Ramen and Knorr recently faced the ban and were shelved off from many Indian retail stores.

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22 killed, many others <strong>missing</strong> in massive Darjeeling landslides

22 killed, many others missing in massive Darjeeling landslides

01 Jul 2015

Siliguri (WB): At least 22 people were killed and many others were missing in landslides triggered by heavy rains in three sub-divisions of Darjeeling district since last night.

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Naval survey ship picks up signals from <strong>missing</strong> Dornier aircraft: Coast Guard

Naval survey ship picks up signals from missing Dornier aircraft: Coast Guard

13 Jun 2015

Chennai: A sonar-equipped Naval survey ship has picked up signals from the ill-fated Coast Guard Dornier aircraft that went missing with three crew members on board on June 8 along the Tamil Nadu coast.

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Search for Coast Guard Dornier <strong>plane</strong> enters fourth day

Search for Coast Guard Dornier plane enters fourth day

12 Jun 2015

Chennai: The search for the missing Coast Guard Dornier aircraft and its three crew members entered the fourth day today with INS Sandhayak, a hydrographic survey vessel of the Navy, joining the operations off the Tamil Nadu coast.

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