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10 <strong>most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> <strong>pens</strong> in the world

10 most expensive pens in the world

01 Oct 2015

New Delhi: Pens have become a necessity and for those who have taken writing as an occupation, pens mean everything. Apart from the famous pen manufacturing companies like Parker, Cello, Reynolds, not much is known about the other luxury pens that have left people amazed, both by its look and style writing.

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Ten <strong>most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> military vehicles

Ten most expensive military vehicles

20 Mar 2016

New Delhi: With the new technology becoming an imperative factor in the defence sector, the modern warfare has become very expensive. Aiming to increase its strategic  power, every country wants to commission the best military vehicles in its arsenal, be it a fighter jet, a naval ship, or a battle tank.

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<strong>Most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> food prepared around the world

Most expensive food prepared around the world

04 Jan 2016

New Delhi: There are two types of person in this world, one is diet conscious, while the other one is foodie. A true foodie will not hesitate to explore different options no matter what it costs when it comes to eating. But, have you ever imagined how costly your food can be?

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London world's <strong>most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> city, Mumbai 17th: Study

London world's most expensive city, Mumbai 17th: Study

03 Mar 2016

London:  London has been ranked as the world's most expensive city to live and work in, ahead of New York and Hong Kong, according to a UK study that puts Mumbai at 17th.

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Varun Dhawan <strong>pens</strong> 'longest, <strong>most</strong> honest' post

Varun Dhawan pens 'longest, most honest' post

14 Dec 2015

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan might have shared many posts so far, but he has recently shared one of his longest and the most honest posts on the social media.

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<strong>Most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> phones available in India

Most expensive phones available in India

08 Dec 2015

New Delhi: The vast Indian tech market offers a wide range of smartphones with vivid prices. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Micromax, Motorola, Gionee have different devices which has captivated the smartphone industry.

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10 <strong>most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> cars in India

10 most expensive cars in India

03 Dec 2015

New Delhi: The automobile industry has been spreading its wings in India, as the vast Indian market offers a great deal of profit and resources.

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In pics: 10 <strong>most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> watches

In pics: 10 most expensive watches

01 Dec 2015

New Delhi: Watches are commonly used as accessories. It is available in market in various price range. Few watch companies manufacture exclusive watches for luxury product lovers. Its skyrocketing price will really sock you.

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Seven <strong>most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> homes in the world

Seven most expensive homes in the world

25 Aug 2015

New Delhi: Everyone in this world aspires to build a dream home of his/her own. Also, it is one of the most expensive expenditures one makes in lifetime. For many, major part of the savings are put together to build or buy a home. One the other hand, there are many who have built mansion-like houses that have become a dream for others.

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<strong>Most</strong> <strong>expensive</strong> cars owned by our favourite celebs

Most expensive cars owned by our favourite celebs

07 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Bollywood is definitely at par with the Hollywood when it comes to both cinema and class. The luxurious life of the Bollywood celebrities is something that we all envy of. Well, who doesn't want to be rich? Talking about rich, our favourite celebrities have amazing garages that anybody will fall in love with. The cars and bikes that we enjoy looking in the magazines are owned by these celebs.

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