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I see myself on top of the list: Navneet Kaur Dhillon

I see myself on top of the list: Navneet Kaur Dhillon

30 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Former beauty pageant winner Navneet Kaur Dhillon, who is making her Bollywood debut with ‘Loveshhuda,’ says she sees herself on top in coming years.

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'Hero'- <strong>Movie</strong> <strong>Review</strong>

'Hero'- Movie Review

11 Sep 2015

Mumbai: Why are remakes made? I would think to take a crackling story that can stand the test of time, and tweak it to fit into the current scenario, so that the new audience gets to enjoy it too. But the exercise seems futile if the remake is also stuck in the same time as the original was, or perhaps goes further back.

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Salman walked on busy streets of Mumbai!

Salman walked on busy streets of Mumbai!

30 Jan 2016

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Salman Khan's fans were in for a surprise when the superstar ditched his car and started walking from Hard Rock Cafe in Andheri to Yash Raj Studios nearby in Mumbai.

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 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2' - <strong>Movie</strong> <strong>Review</strong>

'Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2' - Movie Review

16 Oct 2015

Mumbai: The bad thing about this film is that it is misogynistic and chauvinistic. And the best part? It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that. Like Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011), the sequel too looks at women as nothing but a bunch of exploitative and irritating objects out to make life hell for men. Now, it is for us viewers to choose if we want to take offense or accept it as someone’s point of view since that someone has evidently, and unfortunately, not met a better breed of women.

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  'Welcome Back' - <strong>Movie</strong> <strong>Review</strong>

'Welcome Back' - Movie Review

04 Sep 2015

Mumbai: There is a convenient phrase traditionally used in Bollywood to justify every mindless movie that is churned out of the factory. 'Welcome Back' is a blazing example of the 'Leave your brains at home' variety, because five minutes into this movie, you would want your brain cells to take a break, as you are busy guffawing at the absurdity of it all. The good thing is that this film. like its original, is totally unabashed and unpretentious about its silliness and randomness.

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  'MSG 2: The Messenger' - <strong>Movie</strong> <strong>Review</strong>

'MSG 2: The Messenger' - Movie Review

19 Sep 2015

Mumbai: This is not a review of MSG2: The Messenger. Two reasons why it isn’t:

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 'Phantom' - <strong>Movie</strong> <strong>Review</strong>

'Phantom' - Movie Review

27 Aug 2015

Mumbai: There is a gripping scene in this film when one of the key characters desperately asks a few navy officers, "Do you remember that night of 26/11 when you felt the most helpless and vulnerable?" That line and the film brings back that dreaded feeling that most of us went through seven years ago. The night when terrorists blatantly entered the city to take us under siege and ended up killing thousands of citizens, and nothing was the same again.

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'Airlift' took artistic liberties with actual facts, says MEA

'Airlift' took artistic liberties with actual facts, says MEA

29 Jan 2016

New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs yesterday termed Bollywood film 'Airlift', which portrays the Kuwait evacuation of 1990 and its role, as 'great entertainment but rather short on facts'.

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'Fantastic Four' - <strong>Movie</strong> <strong>Review</strong>

'Fantastic Four' - Movie Review

22 Aug 2015

Mumbai: There has been more written about 'Fantastic 4' and its behind the scenes drama than the actual script of the film. Everything that could go wrong with a big Hollywood film, went absolutely, horribly wrong. From the director being a terrible choice, to the script not being up to the mark, to the casting being all over the place, to the shoot being a nightmare, and the reviews finally pummeling the movie to the ground, this project was doomed from start to end. So with such a background, how bad is 'Fantastic 4' really? The answer – it's pretty damn bad.

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 'We Are Your Friends' - <strong>Movie</strong> <strong>Review</strong>

'We Are Your Friends' - Movie Review

12 Sep 2015

Mumbai: A romantic drama centered around a young DJ, Cole (Zac Efron) who dreams about making it big on the electronic dance music circuit, this film has some great musical energy but the dramatic heft is just a little too off-key for comfort.

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