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TV <strong>recipes</strong> not healthy: Survey

TV recipes not healthy: Survey

17 Mar 2015

New York:  If you source your recipes from TV, you are likely to weigh about 11 pounds more than if you watch cooking shows for entertainment and do not often cook, finds a study.

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'Magic <strong>mushroom</strong>' in Queen Elizabeth II's garden

'Magic mushroom' in Queen Elizabeth II's garden

12 Dec 2014

London: A mushroom with  hallucinogenic properties has been found growing at Buckingham Palace but no one suspects Queen Elizabeth II of cultivating the magic mushroom.

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Mushrooms may boost your immunity: Study

Mushrooms may boost your immunity: Study

18 Apr 2015

Washington: A mushroom species native to Asia may boost immunity when eaten daily, a new study has claimed.

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Six drinks to sip during this World Cup

Six drinks to sip during this World Cup

10 Mar 2015

New Delhi: Whether you're hosting a screening or crashing on a friend's couch to watch the game you don't want to miss a minute of the gripping World Cup match. To ensure you aren't in the kitchen putting together elaborate cocktails for everyone, prepare some easy-to-make cocktail recipes for that wonderful evening.

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Poisonous mushrooms could help cure deadly diseases

Poisonous mushrooms could help cure deadly diseases

05 Dec 2014

New York: Toxic mushrooms may hold secrets to tackling deadly diseases as researchers have discovered that the fungi could help in the production of medicines capable of curing disease without the patient suffering any side effects.

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How white mushrooms turn brown

How white mushrooms turn brown

10 Sep 2014

London: An enzyme called tyrosinase, which is formed prior to fungal spoiling, is responsible for mushrooms turning brown, says a study that looked into the mechanisms behind the ‘browning reaction’.

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Favorite dishes of top Bollywood divas!

Favorite dishes of top Bollywood divas!

09 Apr 2015

Bollywood divas, who are known for their apt bodies, fail to control their craving when it comes to their favorite dishes. They also have 'one favorite food item' they never get bored of.

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Lip-smacking <strong>recipes</strong> for Christmas

Lip-smacking recipes for Christmas

24 Dec 2013

New Delhi:  Winter is in full force and Christmas is also here. Time to cook with dairy products, dry fruits and meat.

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Try salmon <strong>recipes</strong> for fit body

Try salmon recipes for fit body

21 Jan 2014

London: A healthy and fit body has its own advantages and eating salmon can help in achieving one -- so you can try a few recipes to get into the right shape.

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Special easy-to-make <strong>recipes</strong> on Valentine's Day

Special easy-to-make recipes on Valentine's Day

13 Feb 2014

Mumbai: It’s that time of the year again when love is in the air and everyone wants to pamper that special someone. Pooja Dhingra, chef and owner of Le 15 Patisserie who is known for her melt-in-the-mouth delicacies, creates two easy-to-make recipes that you can whip up for your loved one.

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