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Pokemon-Searching Man Helps Save Stranded Woman In <strong>Uk</strong>

Pokemon-Searching Man Helps Save Stranded Woman In Uk

04 Aug 2016

London: A man in the UK has been hailed as a hero after his Pokemon hunting quest helped him save the life of an elderly woman who had fallen into a swamp.

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Attacks on France, Germany their own fault: Donald Trump

Attacks on France, Germany their own fault: Donald Trump

25 Jul 2016

New York: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump yesterday said that France, Germany and other nations hit by terror attacks recently had only themselves to blame "because they allowed people to come into their territory.’’

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Al Qaeda urges <strong>Muslims</strong> in India to mount lone wolf attacks

Al Qaeda urges Muslims in India to mount lone wolf attacks

04 Jul 2016

New Delhi: A regional branch of al Qaeda urged Muslims in India to revolt and carry out lone wolf attacks, a US monitoring site reported, few days after the rival jihadi movement Islamic State claimed responsibility for Bangladesh's worst militant attack.

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Tata Steel board put sale of <strong>UK</strong> steel business on hold

Tata Steel board put sale of UK steel business on hold

09 Jul 2016

Mumbai/London: Putting on hold its UK business sale amid Brexit uncertainty, Tata Steel yesterday decided to explore other alternatives including joint venture with German giant ThyssenKrupp AG.

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 Barack Obama 'confident' <strong>UK</strong>, EU can have 'orderly transition'

Barack Obama 'confident' UK, EU can have 'orderly transition'

08 Jul 2016

Warsaw: US President Barack Obama said today he was confident that Britain and the European Union could make an "orderly transition" towards new ties after Britain's vote to leave the bloc.

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Eid al-Fitr: The festival of love and oneness for all humanity

Eid al-Fitr: The festival of love and oneness for all humanity

07 Jul 2016

New Delhi:  There is a famous saying in Bengali which states ‘Boroh Mashe Teroh Parbon’, which means ‘we celebrate thirteen festival in twelve months and rightly so’. India is a land of festivals with diverse cultures and traditions. In India, each festival is celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm.

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<strong>Muslims</strong> urge to ban Donald Trump from <strong>UK</strong>, Israel

Muslims urge to ban Donald Trump from UK, Israel

10 Dec 2015

Washington: Israeli politicians and more than 370,000 Britons urged their governments yesterday to bar Donald Trump from their countries after the Republican Presidential front-runner said Muslims should be denied entry into the United States.

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Vijay Mallya spotted at book launch event in <strong>UK</strong>

Vijay Mallya spotted at book launch event in UK

19 Jun 2016

London: Declared a proclaimed offender in a money laundering case and wanted in India, liquor baron Vijay Mallya was spotted at a book launch event at the London School of Economics this week that was attended by Indian High Commissioner Navtej Sarna, causing flutters back home.

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Barack Obama Praises Indian <strong>Muslims</strong>' resilience

Barack Obama Praises Indian Muslims' resilience

26 May 2016

Washington: The US has been successful in engaging with India on tracking money used by radical groups to penetrate into the country, the Obama Administration has said as it praised Indian Muslims for demonstrating a great deal of "resilience" against overtures by terrorist groups.

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EU commissioner urges quick <strong>UK</strong> action to implement Brexit

EU commissioner urges quick UK action to implement Brexit

27 Jun 2016

Berlin: The European Union's digital economy commissioner said today Britain should act quickly to implement its departure from the European Union to limit uncertainty that is rattling investors.

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