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Committed to no first use of <strong>nuclear</strong> weapons, says Modi

Committed to no first use of nuclear weapons, says Modi

17 Apr 2014

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi ruled out the first use of nuclear weapons, seeking to calm concerns after his Hindu nationalist party vowed to revise arms strategy if elected.

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Iran official concerned for <strong>nuclear</strong> power <strong>plant</strong>

Iran official concerned for nuclear power plant

14 Apr 2014

Tehran: Iran's nuclear chief has raised concerns for the fate of the country's only running atomic power plant amid talks with the West about a final deal to curb Tehran's controversial nuclear program, a newspaper reported on Monday.

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Tobacco <strong>plant</strong> could be useful in killing cancer cells

Tobacco plant could be useful in killing cancer cells

07 Apr 2014

Melbourne: According to a study, a molecule found in tobacco plant's natural defence mechanisms could be useful in killing cancer cells in humans.  

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Haryana villagers visit <strong>nuclear</strong> <strong>plant</strong> in Uttar Pradesh

Haryana villagers visit nuclear plant in Uttar Pradesh

26 Oct 2012

Villagers whose land was acquired for setting up nuclear power project at Gorakhpur in Haryana visited Narora in Uttar Pradesh to see the operation of the functional nuclear plant there.

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 New highly radioactive leak at Japan's Fukushima <strong>plant</strong>

New highly radioactive leak at Japan's Fukushima plant

20 Feb 2014

Tokyo: The operator of Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant said on Thursday that 100 tonnes of highly contaminated water had leaked out of a tank, the worst incident since last August, when a series of radioactive water leaks sparked international alarm.

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Duckweed – a future crop <strong>plant</strong> for India?

Duckweed – a future crop plant for India?

31 Mar 2014

In our previous article we described the duckweed family of plants as a potential new crop for India. We mentioned that out of the 37 worldwide known species of this plant family four are very common in India: Spirodela polyrhiza, Landoltia punctata, Lemna aequinoctialis and Wolffia globosa. We also described that duckweeds are the fastest growing flowering plants and that the yearly yield is higher than any other crop plant. We should add that cultivation of most crop plants was optimized over several thousands of years by breeding and testing the best growth conditions.

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MFN talks postponed till completion of Indian elections

MFN talks postponed till completion of Indian elections

08 Apr 2014

Islamabad: Pakistan’s talks with India on the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status have been postponed till the completion of the general elections in India and installation of a new government in New Delhi, said reports on Tuesday.

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Radiation leak detected at New Mexico <strong>nuclear</strong> <strong>plant</strong>

Radiation leak detected at New Mexico nuclear plant

17 Feb 2014

Los Angeles (US): US investigators have been taking samples at a New Mexico underground nuclear waste site where airborne radiation was detected, though authorities stressed they had found no contamination.

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Reliance Power's Butibori <strong>plant</strong> becomes fully operational

Reliance Power's Butibori plant becomes fully operational

01 Apr 2014

New Delhi: Reliance Power on Tuesday said its 600 MW coal-based power plant at Butibori in Maharashtra is fully operational.

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 Mitsubishi Motors buys Ford Philippine auto <strong>plant</strong>

Mitsubishi Motors buys Ford Philippine auto plant

31 Mar 2014

Tokyo: Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp said on Monday it is buying Ford's shuttered plant in the Philippines to grow in market where car ownership is on the rise.

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