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High Court seeks info on <strong>security</strong> measures for nuclear scientists

High Court seeks info on security measures for nuclear scientists

26 Jun 2015

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court today sought to know from Maharashtra government if proper security measures have been provided to nuclear scientists at their workplace.

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Facebook reveals new <strong>security</strong> tool to remove malicious software

Facebook reveals new security tool to remove malicious software

24 Jun 2015

Washington: Facebook announced today it has been using a new security tool to help detect and remove malicious software for users of the world's biggest social network.

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Yahoo's Alex Stamos to join Facebook as chief <strong>security</strong> officer

Yahoo's Alex Stamos to join Facebook as chief security officer

25 Jun 2015

San Francisco: Alex Stamos, who joined Yahoo last year, said he will join world's largest social media network Facebook Inc as chief security officer next Monday. Stamos announced his move in a post on Facebook and also updated his profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Not alcohol, <strong>food</strong> gets this man drunk

Not alcohol, food gets this man drunk

17 Jun 2015

New Delhi: Mathew Hogg, the British resident, suffers from a very unusual problem called 'auto-brewery syndrome'. In this no matter what he drinks or eat gets converted into alcohol, keeping him in a tipsy condition the whole time. According to him, it's not a very good feeling.

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Bihar CM calls for investment in <strong>food</strong> processing

Bihar CM calls for investment in food processing

19 Jun 2015

Patna: Mentioning his dream of "one food item from Bihar in every Indian's plate", Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today exhorted entrepreneurs to establish food processing units in the state and promised all help, including subsidies to them.

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Two Indians among 26 killed in suicide attack in Kuwait mosque

Two Indians among 26 killed in suicide attack in Kuwait mosque

28 Jun 2015

Kuwait City: Two Indians were among 26 people killed in a ISIS suicide attack at a Shia mosque, according to Indian Embassy, which asked the Indian nationals to take precautions for their safety and security in Kuwait.

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Centre to bring four labour codes to protect workers

Centre to bring four labour codes to protect workers

27 Jun 2015

Hyderabad: The Union Labour Ministry proposes to come out with four labour codes in the areas of wages, industrial relations, social security and working conditions to strengthen safety and social security of workers.

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Modi a better 'salesman' than me, says Manmohan Singh

Modi a better 'salesman' than me, says Manmohan Singh

09 Jun 2015

New Delhi: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today paid a left-handed compliment to his successor Narendra Modi, saying the incumbent is a 'more adept salesman, event manager and communicator than him'.

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Centre mulls new snooping policy to balance <strong>security</strong>, privacy

Centre mulls new snooping policy to balance security, privacy

22 Jun 2015

New Delhi: The government is working on a new regulatory framework for lawful interception and monitoring of telephone calls and messages while safeguarding the privacy of users, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said.

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List of world's largest <strong>food</strong> items

List of world's largest food items

12 Jun 2015

New Delhi: Many people tend to dedicate their leisure time and potential to some strange things. For them size matters and in pursue of that they create some sort of record in  their subjective field. We share with you about some food freaks who created deliciously giant recipes to make incredible records.

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