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 Alia Bhatt's debut music album coming soon

Alia Bhatt's debut music album coming soon

30 Mar 2015

New Delhi: Bollywood diva Alia Bhatt, who recently garnered praise for her commendable singing skills in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania's  song 'Samjhawan', is now all set to launch her debut music album.

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'Dragon Blade' - <strong>Movie</strong> review

'Dragon Blade' - Movie review

28 Mar 2015

New Delhi: 'Dragon Blade' seems like an interesting project at the onset – a Jackie Chan movie, that is set in a historical backdrop, with big name Hollywood stars like Adrien Brody and John Cusack playing Romans.

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'The Gunman' - <strong>Movie</strong> review

'The Gunman' - Movie review

27 Mar 2015

Action/Crime/Drama Director: Pierre Morel Cast: Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Idris Elba, Ray WinstoneRating: 2 Star Weirdly, the film starts out at Congo, where Penn's sniper rifle expert character Jim Terrier takes out a major politician in charge of mining in the region. After completing the mission, Terrier is extracted from the region and given a new identity and life, which he spends helping African villagers have a better livelihood.

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'Run All Night' - <strong>Movie</strong> review

'Run All Night' - Movie review

27 Mar 2015

New Delhi: It doesn't really take much to get a Liam Neeson action movie every now and then. Sometimes there are even two or three of those each year. Liam Neeson himself is to blame because he started the trend with 2009's 'Taken' that launched the Luc Besson style cheap but highly profitable genre. While the original film was a breath of fresh air at that time the genre really has become a self-parody of sorts.

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'Insurgent' – <strong>Movie</strong> Review

'Insurgent' – Movie Review

21 Mar 2015

New Delhi: By this point the Young Adult genre has not only reached its peak, but also crumbled to its lowest, attempted a resurgence and then limped again.

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'Cindrella' – <strong>Movie</strong> Review

'Cindrella' – Movie Review

21 Mar 2015

New Delhi: Cinderella has been seeped into the world’s pop culture since the past 50 years or so. It was sort of the first story that ushered the ‘princess in a castle rescued by a prince’ genre onto the world. There have been countless plays, storybooks and film adaptations based on the story, and with the new film, Disney continues to establish their brand lives on forever.

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Gauhar Khan to work on <strong>Punjabi</strong> accent

Gauhar Khan to work on Punjabi accent

17 Feb 2015

Mumbai: Actress Gauhar Khan, who has signed a Punjabi movie featuring singer-actor Jassi Gill, says the latter is helping her learn some chaste Punjabi.

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'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' - <strong>Movie</strong> review

'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' - Movie review

21 Mar 2015

New Delhi: A couple of years ago, a wee little Brit comedy with a gigantic ensemble of the best British film and theatre actors charmed everyone who saw it. Director John Madden, coming off a tense spy thriller (The Debt) delivered an easygoing, lovely little comedy that was not much in depth, but incredibly hard to hate. Since the film made a ton of money, a sequel was inevitable.

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Karan Patel breaks up with Kamya <strong>Punjabi</strong>

Karan Patel breaks up with Kamya Punjabi

11 Mar 2015

New Delhi:  Kamya Punjabi and  Karan Patel's relationship has come to an end. Patel dumped Punjabi to marry Ankita Bhargava who was dating Aman Verma before.

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 My father is a die-hard <strong>Punjabi</strong>: Esha Deol

My father is a die-hard Punjabi: Esha Deol

07 Mar 2015

Mumbai: Actress Esha Deol, who has taken on the role of a judge on "MTV Roadies X2", says her father and Bollywood superstar Dharmendra is a "die-hard Punjabi", and so she chose to include a Sikh member in her team on the show.

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