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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> <strong>Coconut</strong> <strong>Laddu</strong>  <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza Coconut Laddu Recipe

26 Apr 2012

Coconut laddo is a traditional dish and easy to cook, which create a unique sweet dish. In order to give an unique feel and taste to your laddus, add Rooh Afza.

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<strong>Recipe</strong> for moving on from heartbreaks revealed

Recipe for moving on from heartbreaks revealed

16 Jan 2015

Washington: While we generally tend to avoid talks about a break-up, a new study claims that reflecting upon the incident can actually speed up the emotional recovery process.

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IED explosion outside Bengaluru restaurant kills woman, injures three others

IED explosion outside Bengaluru restaurant kills woman, injures three others

29 Dec 2014

Bengaluru: A woman was killed and three others were injured in a blast triggered by Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in front of a popular restaurant on busy road in the heart of city on Sunday.

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Andhra Pradesh sweet mart bags new Guinness record for 7,858-kg '<strong>laddu</strong>'

Andhra Pradesh sweet mart bags new Guinness record for 7,858-kg 'laddu'

12 Nov 2014

Rajahmundry: A huge 'laddu' weighing 7,858 kg, prepared by a shop owner from Tapeswaram in Andhra Pradesh, which was offered to Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi, has found a place in the Guinness World Records.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> and Gulabjaamun Mix <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza and Gulabjaamun Mix Recipe

28 Apr 2012

In order to give an usual taste and flavor to normal gulabjaamuns, mix few drops of Rooh Afza. This easy to cook yet tasty dessert recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Anjeer and Honey Ice-cream <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza Anjeer and Honey Ice-cream Recipe

30 Apr 2012

This is a new and unique flavor recipe. You can easily make it at your home. Fig and honey gives you sweet tangy taste.

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Add <strong>coconut</strong> in your diet for good health

Add coconut in your diet for good health

28 Aug 2014

New Delhi: Coconut has many nutritional benefits and now it has been revealed that this super food can help in curing various medical problems.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Strawberry Milk Shake

Rooh Afza Strawberry Milk Shake

23 Apr 2012

The smooth fresh strawberry milkshake is quiet addictive. Liked by people of all ages alike, strawberry milkshake is a must try  summer drink. It is recommended for those who prefer sweet flavors. A few drops of Rooh Afza gives it a delicious and fresh look which will enhance your taste buds for sure.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Cardamom (elaichi) Lassi <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza Cardamom (elaichi) Lassi Recipe

25 Apr 2012

Any flavour can be added to lassi be it fruits or spices. To give a distinct but delicious taste to your lassi, you can add a pinch of cardamom powder and a little bit of Rooh Afza. Welcome your guests in this scorching summer with this easy beverage recipe

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Mint Lemonade

Rooh Afza Mint Lemonade

24 Apr 2012

Mint and lemons make for a very refreshing summer-time drink. Mint lemonade is a must for picnics. Add just few drops of Rooh Afza to have  a different flavor.

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