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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> <strong>Coconut</strong> <strong>Laddu</strong>  <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza Coconut Laddu Recipe

26 Apr 2012

Coconut laddo is a traditional dish and easy to cook, which create a unique sweet dish. In order to give an unique feel and taste to your laddus, add Rooh Afza.

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Indian scientists turn <strong>coconut</strong> oil into biofuel

Indian scientists turn coconut oil into biofuel

07 Feb 2015

Kochi: Scientists who have been running the four-stroke diesel engine of a light pick-up truck on coconut oil for the past one year have approached the union government to commercialise the biofuel.

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Eight oils that can heal your body

Eight oils that can heal your body

25 Mar 2015

New Delhi:   Using an adequate amount of the right kinds of fats and oils can play a pivotal role in slowing down the ageing of your body.Good fats provide the body with fuel alongside the feeling of fullness. These can also stimulate fat burning.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> and Gulabjaamun Mix <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza and Gulabjaamun Mix Recipe

28 Apr 2012

In order to give an usual taste and flavor to normal gulabjaamuns, mix few drops of Rooh Afza. This easy to cook yet tasty dessert recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth for sure.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Anjeer and Honey Ice-cream <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza Anjeer and Honey Ice-cream Recipe

30 Apr 2012

This is a new and unique flavor recipe. You can easily make it at your home. Fig and honey gives you sweet tangy taste.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Strawberry Milk Shake

Rooh Afza Strawberry Milk Shake

23 Apr 2012

The smooth fresh strawberry milkshake is quiet addictive. Liked by people of all ages alike, strawberry milkshake is a must try  summer drink. It is recommended for those who prefer sweet flavors. A few drops of Rooh Afza gives it a delicious and fresh look which will enhance your taste buds for sure.

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<strong>Coconut</strong> oil, daily exercise can beat high BP

Coconut oil, daily exercise can beat high BP

10 Feb 2015

New York: A combination of daily coconut oil intake and exercise training results in reduction in blood pressure and bringing it to normal level, says a research.

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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor plans new food apps, 20 more restaurants

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor plans new food apps, 20 more restaurants

23 Apr 2015

New Delhi: Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor is taking his kitchen savvy up a technological notch by launching two new mobile food applications. A book on curries and forgotten recipes is also on the agenda for the veteran chef.

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Cardamom (elaichi) Lassi <strong>Recipe</strong>

Rooh Afza Cardamom (elaichi) Lassi Recipe

25 Apr 2012

Any flavour can be added to lassi be it fruits or spices. To give a distinct but delicious taste to your lassi, you can add a pinch of cardamom powder and a little bit of Rooh Afza. Welcome your guests in this scorching summer with this easy beverage recipe

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<strong>Rooh</strong> <strong>Afza</strong> Mint Lemonade

Rooh Afza Mint Lemonade

24 Apr 2012

Mint and lemons make for a very refreshing summer-time drink. Mint lemonade is a must for picnics. Add just few drops of Rooh Afza to have  a different flavor.

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