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More than 200 civilians killed in Syria, says Observatory

More than 200 civilians killed in Syria, says Observatory

29 Apr 2016

Beirut: Air strikes on rebel-held areas of Aleppo killed 123 civilians including 18 children during the past seven days of intensified violence in the northern Syrian city, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said today.

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Hillary Clinton arrives in Turkey for key Syria talks

Hillary Clinton arrives in Turkey for key Syria talks

11 Aug 2012

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived on Saturday in Istanbul for talks on the conflict in Syria with Turkish leaders after Washington slapped fresh sanctions on Bashar al-Assad's regime and its allies.

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Hungary sets off migrant buses to Austrian <strong>border</strong>

Hungary sets off migrant buses to Austrian border

05 Sep 2015

Budapest: The first buses carrying migrants who have been stranded in the Hungarian capital set off for Austria and Germany early today after they agreed to receive thousands of refugees desperate to start new lives in Western Europe.

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India signs Paris climate deal <strong>along</strong> with over 170 nations at United Nations

India signs Paris climate deal along with over 170 nations at United Nations

23 Apr 2016

United Nations: India yesterday signed the historic Paris climate agreement here along with more than 170 nations, marking a significant step that has brought together developing and developed nations for beginning work on cutting down greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming.

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Barack Obama, Angela Merkel discuss <strong>Syrian</strong> <strong>refugee</strong> crisis

Barack Obama, Angela Merkel discuss Syrian refugee crisis

23 Jan 2016

Washington: US President Barack Obama has called German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis as part of his efforts to garner support for hosting a high-level summit on refugees at the UN later this year.

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Northeast's first 'smart village' <strong>along</strong> Indo-Bhutan <strong>border</strong> in Assam

Northeast's first 'smart village' along Indo-Bhutan border in Assam

15 Feb 2016

Barsimaluguri (Assam): Smart cities may be Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest mantra but a remote nondescript, insurgency-ravaged village in Assam along Indo- Bhutan border has earned the distinction of being northeast's first smart village.

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Canada to give UN USD75 million for <strong>Syrian</strong> <strong>refugee</strong> relief

Canada to give UN USD75 million for Syrian refugee relief

27 Nov 2015

Toronto: Canada's Liberal government has announced a USD75 million contribution to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to help fleeing Syrians, fulfilling a campaign promise from its recent federal election.

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Gaping holes <strong>along</strong> international <strong>border</strong>: BSF report

Gaping holes along international border: BSF report

05 Jan 2016

New Delhi: BSF yesterday submitted a report to the Centre about the possible route taken by the attackers of the Pathankot IAF base, claiming there was no breach in the fence but there were some gapping holes along the international border and malfunctioning of electronic surveillance equipment.

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Malala meets up again with <strong>Syrian</strong> schoolgirl campaigner in Britain

Malala meets up again with Syrian schoolgirl campaigner in Britain

22 Dec 2015

England: Nearly two years after they met in a dust-blown refugee camp in Jordan, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai welcomed Syrian fellow schoolgirl activist Muzoon Almellehan to her friend's new home in rainy northern England today.

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Intruder shot dead by BSF <strong>along</strong> Indo-Pak <strong>border</strong> in Pathankot

Intruder shot dead by BSF along Indo-Pak border in Pathankot

21 Jan 2016

Gurdaspur (Punjab): A suspected intruder was shot dead early today by BSF along the Indo-Pak border in Pathankot where the force is on high alert following the January 2 terror attack on air force base.

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