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Keep yourself <strong>busy</strong> to boost mental health

Keep yourself busy to boost mental health

18 May 2016

New York: Are you over 50 and remain wearily busy? If yes, take heart. A new study says older adults with a busy daily lifestyle tend to have better mental functioning than their less busy peers.

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Exoplanet May Be Brimming With Oxygen But Not <strong>Life</strong>

Exoplanet May Be Brimming With Oxygen But Not Life

19 Aug 2016

New York: A Venus-like exoplanet may have atmosphere with oxygen but not life, researchers report, adding that their magma ocean-atmosphere model can help solve the puzzle of how Venus evolved over time.

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<strong>Life</strong> On Mars May Be Hidden Deep Beneath Surface

Life On Mars May Be Hidden Deep Beneath Surface

09 Aug 2016

London: Signs of life from under Mars' surface may not survive in rocks excavated by some meteorite impacts, suggest scientists, adding that life may be present deep underground.

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Let workers have quality family time: <strong>Research</strong>

Let workers have quality family time: Research

15 Apr 2015

New York: Supervisors who support the personal and family life of their colleagues and flexible work schedules can allow employees to spend more quality time with their families without affecting their work time, says a new research.

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Venus Could Have Once Hosted <strong>Life</strong>: NASA

Venus Could Have Once Hosted Life: NASA

13 Aug 2016

New York: Today's Venus is a hellish world with temperatures reaching 462 degrees Celsius at its surface and almost not water vapour, but for up to two billion years of its early history, the planet could have hosted life, a NASA study says.

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Ancient asteroids enhanced <strong>life</strong> supporting habitat on Mars

Ancient asteroids enhanced life supporting habitat on Mars

06 Apr 2016

Washington: Large comets and asteroids that bombarded Mars some 4 billion years ago likely enhanced climate conditions enough to make the red planet more conducive to life, at least for a time, a new study has found.

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Post 'Bigg Boss', it's a <strong>busy</strong> <strong>life</strong> for Andy

Post 'Bigg Boss', it's a busy life for Andy

13 Feb 2014

Mumbai: Wacky video jockey Andy says his life after "Bigg Boss Saath-7" has been "phenomenal" as he has been getting more work than ever.

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'Mid-<strong>life</strong> crisis' may be a myth!

'Mid-life crisis' may be a myth!

14 Jan 2016

Toronto: The 'mid-life crisis' theory which predicts that happiness declines the most from the early 20s to middle age may be a myth, a new study suggests.

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Smartphones can sniff out <strong>life</strong>-threatening diseases: <strong>Research</strong>

Smartphones can sniff out life-threatening diseases: Research

03 Feb 2015

Jerusalem: Researchers are developing a new technology that would enable smartphones to screen their users' breath for life-threatening diseases. A research consortium headed by Professor Hossam Haick of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is developing a product that, when coupled with a smartphone, will be able to screen the user's breath for early detection of diseases.

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Solar storms may have been key to <strong>life</strong> on Earth: NASA

Solar storms may have been key to life on Earth: NASA

24 May 2016

Washington: Powerful solar explosions on the adolescent Sun may have provided the crucial energy needed to warm Earth and create complex molecules necessary for life, despite the star's faintness four billion years ago, according to a new NASA study.

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