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 Hegde wants <strong>debate</strong> on electoral reforms

Hegde wants debate on electoral reforms

17 Oct 2011

Team Anna member Santosh Hegde on Monday called for a wide debate on electoral reforms similar to the Lokpal Bill and sought to know why measures like 'Right to Recall' and 'Right to Reject' won't work in India.

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It's important to get Net neutrality <strong>debate</strong> <strong>right</strong> in India: Facebook

It's important to get Net neutrality debate right in India: Facebook

29 Sep 2015

New York: Social media giant Facebook has said it's important to get the debate on Net neutrality 'right' in India as the country is home to the world's largest population of the 'unconnected'.

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Supreme Court grants voters <strong>Right</strong> to <strong>Reject</strong>

Supreme Court grants voters Right to Reject

27 Sep 2013

In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court on Friday said that for a vibrant democracy the voter has the right to negative voting by rejecting all the candidates in fray by exercising the option of None of the Above (NOTA) in EVMs and ballot papers.

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Narendra Modi hails Supreme Court verdict on voters' <strong>Right</strong> to <strong>Reject</strong>

Narendra Modi hails Supreme Court verdict on voters' Right to Reject

28 Sep 2013

Hailing the Supreme Court verdict allowing negative voting, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has said that it is a step towards future electoral reforms to make Indian democracy more vibrant and meaningful.

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Aam Aadmi Party welcomes Apex Court’s decision on <strong>Right</strong> to <strong>Reject</strong>

Aam Aadmi Party welcomes Apex Court’s decision on Right to Reject

27 Sep 2013

New Delhi: The Aam Admi Party (AAP) on Friday welcomed Supreme Court's decision on right to reject in elections, saying it is the first step toward electoral reforms.

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Narendra Modi advocates for <strong>Right</strong> to <strong>Reject</strong> and compulsory voting

Narendra Modi advocates for Right to Reject and compulsory voting

30 Jun 2013

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday advocated for electoral reforms including introduction of Right to Reject and compulsory voting, saying these measures would bring good people to politics.

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AAP Defends Amantullah Khan, <strong>Reject</strong> His Resignation

AAP Defends Amantullah Khan, Reject His Resignation

11 Sep 2016

New Delhi: Strongly defending its MLA Amantullah Khan, the AAP on Sunday rejected his resignation which he had tendered after sexual harassment charges were leveled against him, saying the controversy surrounding him is his "family's internal dispute" which is being given "political colour".

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<strong>Right</strong> to <strong>Reject</strong> an interesting possibility: Quraishi

Right to Reject an interesting possibility: Quraishi

26 Dec 2011

Team Anna's demand for incorporating Right to Reject a candidate in the Parliament and assembly elections is an "interesting possibility", feels Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi.

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Talks With Whosoever Is Ready To <strong>Reject</strong> Violence: Mehbooba Mufti

Talks With Whosoever Is Ready To Reject Violence: Mehbooba Mufti

28 Aug 2016

New Delhi: Whosoever is ready to reject violence and help in restoring peace should be engaged in a dialogue to address the Kashmir problem, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said today while not being averse to involving the separatists if they are looking for a peaceful resolution.

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Anna Hazare to fight for <strong>Right</strong> to <strong>Reject</strong> after Lokpal

Anna Hazare to fight for Right to Reject after Lokpal

13 Dec 2012

Anna Hazare on Wednesday said he will re-launch his agitation in Delhi if the government fails to bring a strong Lokpal law before 2014 and he will then focus on getting 'Right to Reject' for the people.

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