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Eating eggs won't risk your <strong>heart</strong>: Study

Eating eggs won't risk your heart: Study

12 Feb 2016

London: A high-cholesterol diet and eating eggs will not increase risk of heart attack, not even in persons inclined genetically, reveals a new study.

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Naveen Patnaik prays for Siachen jawan

Naveen Patnaik prays for Siachen jawan

10 Feb 2016

Bhubaneswar: As Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad's condition remained critical, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today joined the nation in praying for the fast recovery of the soldier who survived for six days buried under tonnes of snow in the Siachen Glacier.

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Proteins that control growth of <strong>heart</strong>

Proteins that control growth of heart

23 Jan 2016

London: Researchers have identified two proteins that can control the growth of heart and help in designing new strategies to treat cardiac failure caused by excessive growth of the organ.

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Relax! Coffee won't give your <strong>heart</strong> extra beats

Relax! Coffee won't give your heart extra beats

27 Jan 2016

New York: You have another reason to drink that cup of coffee. Researchers including an Indian-origin medical student now report that regular caffeine consumption does not lead to extra heartbeats, which may lead - in rare cases - to heart- or stroke-elated morbidity and mortality.

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Living in high-rise flats lowers <strong>heart</strong> attack survival chance

Living in high-rise flats lowers heart attack survival chance

20 Jan 2016

Toronto: People living on the upper floors of high-rise buildings may have a lower chance of surviving a cardiac arrest, a new study has claimed.

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New touchless device for improved detection of <strong>heart</strong> problems

New touchless device for improved detection of heart problems

09 Jan 2016

Toronto: Researchers at a Canadian university have developed a new touchless device for monitoring vital signs that could lead to improved detection and prevention of some cardiovascular issues, as well as greater independence for older adults.

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Wearable device to monitor <strong>heart</strong> functioning

Wearable device to monitor heart functioning

04 Jan 2016

New York: Using gold nanoparticles, South Korean scientists have created an ultra-thin and stretchable wearable device that can provide continuous heart rate monitoring.

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 'Swades' and 'Lagaan' fame actor Rajesh Vivek dies of <strong>heart</strong> attack

'Swades' and 'Lagaan' fame actor Rajesh Vivek dies of heart attack

15 Jan 2016

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Rajesh Vivek, mainly known for his roles in superhits like 'Lagaan' and 'Swades', died due to a heart attack in Hyderabad yesterday. He was 66.

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Reduce your sitting time to curb <strong>heart</strong> disease risk

Reduce your sitting time to curb heart disease risk

14 Jan 2016

New York: If you are suffering from obesity, reducing the time spent on watching television or playing computer games may be as important as doing exercise to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, suggests new research.

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Know health benefits of having green tea daily

Know health benefits of having green tea daily

22 Jan 2016

New Delhi: People have been using green tea as a medicine for decades due to its health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and preventing heart diseases. Green tea if consumed daily can prove beneficial for your body. Here's a list of health benefits of green tea that you should know:

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