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  Knee replacement may be bad for your <strong>heart</strong>: Study

Knee replacement may be bad for your heart: Study

01 Sep 2015

New York: Knee or hip joint replacement surgery, known as arthroplasty, may put people at increased risk of heart attack immediately following the operation, warns a new study.

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Soda intake can increase fatal <strong>heart</strong> disease risk

Soda intake can increase fatal heart disease risk

01 Sep 2015

London: Drinking too much carbonated beverage can increase the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease, or out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) of cardiac origin, says a study.

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  20-minute walk cuts <strong>heart</strong> failure risk

20-minute walk cuts heart failure risk

17 Aug 2015

London: Moderate amount of physical activity, particularly walking and bicycling, can significantly lower the risk of heart failure, says a study.

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Indian-origin woman in UK jailed for sex assaults on elder <strong>patients</strong>

Indian-origin woman in UK jailed for sex assaults on elder patients

14 Aug 2015

London: A 25-year-old Indian-origin care home worker has been jailed for 10 years by a British court for sexually assaulting elderly patients, including a 101-year-old woman.

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HIV grows 'silently' in <strong>patients</strong>: Report

HIV grows 'silently' in patients: Report

05 Aug 2015

London: Casting doubts on finding a cure for HIV anytime soon, British researchers have found that the virus can grow 'silently' in patients who are thought to be responding well to the treatment. Advances in anti-retro viral therapy given to HIV patients over the past 30 years mean that most patients can have their virus suppressed to almost undetectable levels and live a long and healthy life.

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  Thinking skills linked to <strong>heart</strong> disease risk

Thinking skills linked to heart disease risk

07 Aug 2015

London: People with low scores on a test of thinking skills required to reason, solve problems and plan may be at higher risk of heart attacks or strokes, new research has found.

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Arthritis <strong>patients</strong> at high risk of surprise <strong>heart</strong> attack

Arthritis patients at high risk of surprise heart attack

05 May 2015

London: People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are at increased risk of heart disease and about a fourth of them are likely to have a surprise heart attack, a new research has found.

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 India to have online registry of hepatitis <strong>patients</strong>

India to have online registry of hepatitis patients

01 Aug 2015

New Delhi: An online registry will be launched soon to register the rising number of hepatitis patients in India, a leading gastroenterologist said here yesterday. The registry will be part of the newly formed Indian National Association for Study of the Liver and Current Perspective in Liver Disease.

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New hacks strike at <strong>heart</strong> of mobile innovations

New hacks strike at heart of mobile innovations

07 Aug 2015

Las Vegas: As fierce competition leads to rapid innovation in the smartphone market, hackers have pounced on cracks in defenses of developments on devices at the heart of modern lifestyles, experts say.

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Drinking from chemical-laden cans may raise BP: Study

Drinking from chemical-laden cans may raise BP: Study

10 Dec 2014

Seoul: A common coating used in soft drink cans could cause high blood pressure and put heart patients at risk, a new study has warned. The consumption of BPA, a chemical used as an epoxy lining for cans and plastic bottles, has been associated with high blood pressure and heart rate variability.

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