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Be playful and win a girl's <strong>heart</strong>

Be playful and win a girl's heart

26 Feb 2015

London: Being playful is not just a gesture of friendliness, intelligence and a sense of humour it can also help you woo your girl and vice versa. According to anthropologist, Garry Chick from Pennsylvania State University, playfulness in adults is a desirable trait in sexual selection.

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Sauna bathing reduces <strong>heart</strong> related mortality: Research

Sauna bathing reduces heart related mortality: Research

26 Feb 2015

Helsinki: Frequent sauna use could reduce risks of a sudden cardiac death, research by the University of Eastern Finland has suggested.

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Young women ignore <strong>heart</strong> attack symptoms: Study

Young women ignore heart attack symptoms: Study

25 Feb 2015

New York: Driven by concerns of initiating a false alarm, young women tend to ignore or dismiss the earliest symptoms of an impending heart attack, such as pain, dizziness and delay in seeking emergency medical care, says new research.

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German nurse says 'sorry' for killing over 30 <strong>patients</strong>

German nurse says 'sorry' for killing over 30 patients

20 Feb 2015

Berlin: A German former nurse who has admitted killing over 30 hospital patients with lethal injections in a thrill-seeking game to try to revive them apologised on Thursday to relatives of the victims.

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Garlic extract may help cystic fibrosis <strong>patients</strong>: Study

Garlic extract may help cystic fibrosis patients: Study

25 Feb 2015

London: A chemical found in garlic can kill bacteria that cause life-threatening lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis, a new study has said. The study is the first to show that the chemical known as allicin could be an effective treatment against a group of infectious bacteria that is highly resistant to most antibiotics.

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New drug effective for hormone-resistant breast cancer

New drug effective for hormone-resistant breast cancer

23 Feb 2015

Washington: A new drug that works by blocking molecules responsible for cancer cell growth has been found to be effective for advanced breast cancer patients.

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Shun anger to cut <strong>heart</strong> attack risks: Study

Shun anger to cut heart attack risks: Study

24 Feb 2015

Melbourne: Intense anger could lead to an eight-fold increase in the risk of heart attack. A high level of anxiety also increases the risk by about nine times, says new research.

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Protein that keeps the <strong>heart</strong> beating identified

Protein that keeps the heart beating identified

21 Feb 2015

Washington: In a major discovery that may eventually help scientists treat heart problems that kill millions of people every year, scientists have identified how a particular protein plays a central role in the continuous heartbeat.

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Microscopic drones may prevent <strong>heart</strong> attacks: Study

Microscopic drones may prevent heart attacks: Study

21 Feb 2015

New Delhi: In what could be termed as a major medical breakthrough, scientists have been carrying out tests utilizing microscopic stealth drones, made from plastic-like material and about 1,000 times smaller than the tip of a human hair.

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Exercise lessens <strong>heart</strong> problems in the elderly: Study

Exercise lessens heart problems in the elderly: Study

19 Feb 2015

New York: Every minute of physical activity contributes to reducing risk of heart attack and coronary death in older adults with limited mobility, says a study.

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