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3D-printed <strong>heart</strong> models can treat <strong>patients</strong> better

3D-printed heart models can treat patients better

20 Nov 2014

New York: An experimental 3D printed model of the heart may help surgeons treat patients born with complicated heart disorders, a significant study shows.

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Genetic variants linked to memory performance found

Genetic variants linked to memory performance found

26 Nov 2014

Boston : Scientists have discovered two common genetic variants that are associated with memory performance. An international research team including scientists from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) found genetic variants near the Apolipoprotein E gene, known to harbour an increased risk of dementia (especially Alzheimer's disease), were associated with poorer memory performance, mostly so in the oldest participants.

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Gene that reduces risk of stroke identified

Gene that reduces risk of stroke identified

25 Nov 2014

London: Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have discovered a gene that protects young and middle-aged adults from strokes.

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Olive oil improves <strong>heart</strong> health: Researchers

Olive oil improves heart health: Researchers

21 Nov 2014

London: Regular consumption of olive oil can drastically improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiac diseases, according to a new study.

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'CHAMP' app to help infants with <strong>heart</strong> defects

'CHAMP' app to help infants with heart defects

20 Nov 2014

New York: A new app to directly connect infants who have had a critical heart surgery with doctors has been created.

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Feeling demoralised bad for your <strong>heart</strong>

Feeling demoralised bad for your heart

18 Nov 2014

New York: Vital exhaustion, the combination of fatigue, increased irritability, and feeling demoralised, may raise a healthy man or woman's risk of first-time cardiovascular disease by 36 percent, says a study.

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Emotional stress affects young women's <strong>heart</strong> more

Emotional stress affects young women's heart more

17 Nov 2014

Washington: Young women with heart diseases are more likely than men to have reduced blood flow to their heart if they are under emotional stress, says a new research.

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Asthma may significantly raise <strong>heart</strong> attack risk

Asthma may significantly raise heart attack risk

17 Nov 2014

New York: Asthma patients need to take extra care of their heart as researchers have found that the affliction, which requires daily medication, may raise the risk of a heart attack by 60 percent.

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Online tool to check risk of contracting <strong>heart</strong> disease

Online tool to check risk of contracting heart disease

15 Nov 2014

New York: You can now figure out how healthy your heart is by yourself, thanks to a new online tool that can estimate your risk of developing cardio-vascular disease (CVD) in the next 20 years.

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Spirituality may speed up <strong>patients</strong>' recovery

Spirituality may speed up patients' recovery

12 Nov 2014

London: Spirituality may play a huge role in a patients' recovery from illness when there is little hope, meaning and purpose in their life, a new study suggests. Researchers said the term 'spirituality' is now widely used to describe the qualities that give people hope, meaning and purpose.

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