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One in three <strong>patients</strong> don't resume work after <strong>heart</strong> failure: Study

One in three patients don't resume work after heart failure: Study

24 May 2016

London: One in three patients who suffered heart failure and were subsequently hospitalised for the first time have not returned to work a year later, a study reveals.

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<strong>Heart</strong> attack <strong>patients</strong> getting younger, more obese: Study

Heart attack patients getting younger, more obese: Study

26 Mar 2016

Washington: Patients suffering the most severe type of heart attack have become younger, obese and more likely to have preventable risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes, researchers including one of Indian-origin have found.

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Eat barley to cut 'bad cholesterol', <strong>heart</strong> disease risk

Eat barley to cut 'bad cholesterol', heart disease risk

10 Jun 2016

Toronto: Consuming barley as food or in food recipes can significantly reduce the levels of "bad cholesterol" that are associated with heart disease risk, finds a new study, suggesting that barley has similar cholesterol-lowering effects as oats.

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Now, post-operative nursing at home for <strong>heart</strong> <strong>patients</strong>

Now, post-operative nursing at home for heart patients

23 May 2014

Kolkata: Ensuring continued healthcare delivery for heart patients after surgery, a leading private hospital here will roll out nursing services at home - a first for east India.

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Exercise May Help <strong>Patients</strong> With Lung Disease

Exercise May Help Patients With Lung Disease

05 Sep 2016

London: Increased physical activity among patients with a type of lung disease could reduce their risk of anxiety as well as depression, a study has found.

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Memory Of A <strong>Heart</strong> Attack Gets Stored In Genes: Study

Memory Of A Heart Attack Gets Stored In Genes: Study

17 Sep 2016

London: The memory of a heart attack gets stored in genes through epigenetic changes -- chemical modifications of DNA that turns our genes on or off, a study has found.

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Flu shot halves risk of stroke in <strong>heart</strong> <strong>patients</strong>

Flu shot halves risk of stroke in heart patients

24 Oct 2013

Toronto: The flu vaccine not only wards off serious complications from influenza, it may also reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by more than 50 percent among those who have had a heart attack, a new study has found.

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Viagra not helpful for <strong>heart</strong> <strong>patients</strong>: Research

Viagra not helpful for heart patients: Research

01 Apr 2013

A commonly used erectile dysfunction drug, sildenafil, is ineffective against heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, according to new research. The study's lead author called the results disappointing. Sildenafil, a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, had shown encouraging results in smaller studies and in animal models.

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Drinking from chemical-laden cans may raise BP: Study

Drinking from chemical-laden cans may raise BP: Study

10 Dec 2014

Seoul: A common coating used in soft drink cans could cause high blood pressure and put heart patients at risk, a new study has warned. The consumption of BPA, a chemical used as an epoxy lining for cans and plastic bottles, has been associated with high blood pressure and heart rate variability.

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Listening To Music Can Be Beneficial For Cancer <strong>Patients</strong>

Listening To Music Can Be Beneficial For Cancer Patients

18 Aug 2016

Washington: Listening to music can be beneficial for cancer patients as it leaves a positive impact not just psychologically but physically as well by alleviating symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue and boosting quality of life, a new study has suggested.

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